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  1. Thanks for that and I have heard that elsewhere. I must admit I did formerly find their reviews on the ball so it's sad. Having said that I am guessing from what little I have played with them that the Regas need a dynamic front end to show their good side and I suspect neither What Hifi nor an number of other poor reviews gave them that. I wonder in fact how many reviewers anywhere have a number of different systems to see what might suit their item under review best. I guess that's fairly impractical. Enjoy the cool weather while it lasts...
  2. Yes there were a lot of alternatives including for a short while the Fons. This probably would not have satisfied an importers ideas of reliable supply but I wish I had heard it compared to my old Linn
  3. I enjoyed reading the blog also @cafe67. Interesting memories from "Richard' who purchased an early version. Amazingly neither I nor my friend John who sold Hifi throughout all that period could remember this unit. Reading Richards memories, I personally would be on the same page as Mike Moore (the Source designer) in putting musical pleasure rather than accuracy as the main priority. However I think it's possible to get both or at least I am working towards that. I just posted a quick review of my experience with some loaned Rega rx-Five speakers that go a long way in my system towards integrating sheer musical pleasure with a lifelike sound stage and presence. For $3.5k speakers they have surprised me and I only hope the theoretically much better spendor D9.2's I have coming do as well or better.
  4. Spot on! That badge/promotional motto was probably issued by Linn before the Source and it would not surprise me if the creator of the Source used that line as a cheeky way to get at Ivor when he named his new competitor product! Again that's a nice lot of gear you have and I am guessing that where you live cranking it up would not be a problem. Cheers and thanks for that thought.
  5. Agreed! I just checked over your list of equipment - looks eclectic and hopefully sounds good. I notice your5 Gale 401A's. I wonder how they stack up sonically these days. Actually appropo of your quote from Siegfried Linkwitz, we had a client many years ago who purchased the Gale 401C's simple on the basis of how they looked with the chrome ends. He also had a front door around 10ft wide and house to boot and probably not much listening discrimination:) Cheers
  6. After a very exhaustive search I recently ordered Spendor D9.2s from CAV. Of course I wanted the one colour they don't import and rather than arriving mid December they seem to be lost somewhere perhaps coming via the NorthWest passage (Hello Gordon.... will they really be here next week). Rab at CAV immediately offered me Rega RX-fives as a temporary fix only to have me check out their reviews and see that What Hifi condemned them as not lively or exciting - a sine qua non for me. Imagine my surprise then when I set them up with my Supernait/NDS streamer/Marantz SA14se CDplayer-DAC and quite enjoyed the sound. Then imagine my further surprise when I switched to a more lively set of interconnects (Inakustik 1412?) and the sound really livened up. Now I think these speakers are actually a bit special and unlike the What Hifi review I think the main limitation is that the bass is a little slower than the mids & his which are very quick, transparent, dynamic, & real with quite a sweet musical sound nonetheless. Having said that, the bass is still very agile and tuneful. Also it's quite possibly my Supernait that is the culprit with it's relatively sloppy bass. I did find them sensitive to small changes in positioning in order to get the best out of them. I suspect the relatively small diameter mid & tweeter assist greatly in this and in creating the general transparency and spacious sound which is fairly consistent as one moves from l-r. the main defect I found is that the sound is best at Tweeter height - CORRECTION - much better sound with listeners head height just above the tops of the speakers where there is physical time alignment of the tweeter and Mid/bass unit. As a general comment/question I am curious to know how the relatively large diameter tweeters and especially mid drivers so prevalent these days are supposed to avoid the issues of phase cancellation as one moves l-r given that the larger drivers are closer in diameter to the physical wavelength of the frequencies they are reproducing. Perhaps I am in need of having my physics updated? The other consideration with the What Hifi review of these speakers is that perhaps they simply weren't well matched in the What Hifi review with the ancillary equipment or else some of the commentaries on their reviews going downhill are correct? I have no hesitation in recommending them for a listen and even if my Spendors don't arrive soon I am happy to listen to these a while longer. Cheers
  7. As the main Star Wars saga concludes, I came across this blast from the past (see photo which for some reason has rotated 90deg). This was very much in keeping with the cheeky Linn & Naim marketing at the time but timeless in its message nonetheless. The main difference for mine is that the Source these days starts at the mastering/file quality, pre the turntable / CD player.
  8. A couple of years ago I was on the lookout for a new CD/DAC. Always had English CD players as my sonic preference but Nick Familari suggested I listen to the then new SA14se, a modified by Ken release. What great sound and how well built and I now own & still love it. Preferred it to $10,000 units and it was $5000. Vale Ken and thanks........
  9. thanks Jventer and yes I am a little older. As for knowing my stuff, I may have some experiences that others havnen't but I am firmly in the camp that the best equipment for you is what produces the sound you like irrespective of what the 'experts' say. The rest other than features you might really need is marketing, sales pitch, & white noise....
  10. Thanks for the elucidation and the good wishes Willmax.
  11. I don't know that acronym but I am guessing W is for wife!
  12. Thanks Jventer, no Salisbury 79 refers to the year I visited the Naim factory in Salisbury England which is a great memory for lots of reasons. It's my view that Naim amps changed the whole genuine Hifi /musical sound reproduction world. There was a little amp called the NAIT which was 8w rms per channle and which wiped the floor with most amps at the time. SPendor was a different company then, The brand name continues but the new speakers are a very different beast although obviously I still think they are good:) The problem now is that there are so many brands & models chasing a not very large enthusiast market that may good products are not easily found much less listened to. Cheers
  13. Thank you David. I don't know about you but I go a long way back to when there were only 7 Naim products - 3 preamps, 3 poweramps and a very tiny external power supply for the NAP250. Boy did they ever develop that over the years. Now it's an unbelieveble plethora....
  14. Item: Pair of Spendor A9 speakers Location: Melbourne Price: $3000 - New price from memory was $8900, they are now discontinued with no direct replacement Item Condition: Used but in very good condition - see photos Reason for selling: Have moved up in the Spendor food chain and purchased D9.2's ($13,000 under the previous distributor and then initially $16,000 under the new distributor and now apparently $17,750 just over the course of this year - not happy Jan.....) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I would describe the sound of these as being more on the tighter, quicker and more detailed side I don't have packing but if someone who can't pick them up is keen I can give you dimensions for you to organise Pack & Send. I can deliver them to a PAck & Send depot near me Here is a review from What Hi Fi Spendor A9 review | What Hi-Fi? WWW.WHATHIFI.COM Best stereo speakers £3000+, Awards 2010. The A9 is another excellent Spendor speaker that couples unassuming looks with masterful performance Photos:
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