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  1. A couple of years ago I was on the lookout for a new CD/DAC. Always had English CD players as my sonic preference but Nick Familari suggested I listen to the then new SA14se, a modified by Ken release. What great sound and how well built and I now own & still love it. Preferred it to $10,000 units and it was $5000. Vale Ken and thanks........
  2. thanks Jventer and yes I am a little older. As for knowing my stuff, I may have some experiences that others havnen't but I am firmly in the camp that the best equipment for you is what produces the sound you like irrespective of what the 'experts' say. The rest other than features you might really need is marketing, sales pitch, & white noise....
  3. Thanks for the elucidation and the good wishes Willmax.
  4. I don't know that acronym but I am guessing W is for wife!
  5. Thanks Jventer, no Salisbury 79 refers to the year I visited the Naim factory in Salisbury England which is a great memory for lots of reasons. It's my view that Naim amps changed the whole genuine Hifi /musical sound reproduction world. There was a little amp called the NAIT which was 8w rms per channle and which wiped the floor with most amps at the time. SPendor was a different company then, The brand name continues but the new speakers are a very different beast although obviously I still think they are good:) The problem now is that there are so many brands & models chasing a not very large enthusiast market that may good products are not easily found much less listened to. Cheers
  6. Thank you David. I don't know about you but I go a long way back to when there were only 7 Naim products - 3 preamps, 3 poweramps and a very tiny external power supply for the NAP250. Boy did they ever develop that over the years. Now it's an unbelieveble plethora....
  7. Item: Pair of Spendor A9 speakers Location: Melbourne Price: $3000 - New price from memory was $8900, they are now discontinued with no direct replacement Item Condition: Used but in very good condition - see photos Reason for selling: Have moved up in the Spendor food chain and purchased D9.2's ($13,000 under the previous distributor and then initially $16,000 under the new distributor and now apparently $17,750 just over the course of this year - not happy Jan.....) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I would describe the sound of these as being more on the tighter, quicker and more detailed side I don't have packing but if someone who can't pick them up is keen I can give you dimensions for you to organise Pack & Send. I can deliver them to a PAck & Send depot near me Here is a review from What Hi Fi Spendor A9 review | What Hi-Fi? WWW.WHATHIFI.COM Best stereo speakers £3000+, Awards 2010. The A9 is another excellent Spendor speaker that couples unassuming looks with masterful performance Photos:
  8. Just saw that I need to post before I can advertise and even though I have posted once before it seems to have forgotten me... So here we go, I am in Melbourne, used to be involved in audio sales/service, used to always prefer Naim amplification (not so sure any more), and visited the Naim & Linn factories in 1979 (hence my user name). My favorite Store in Melbourne is CAV and in Sydney is Castle Hill hifi where I find Goran possibly the best HIFI person I have ever dealt with. I am very fussy about what I like in sound but it's not at all linked to'faithful & accurate' reproduction whatever that is. I love my sound lively & dynamic but not tiring. I currently have a NAIM supernait 1 which I prefer to 2 & 3 on my current system. I have a NAIM ndx streamer DAC but I use my Marantz SA14se CD/DAC as my DAC as I prefer it on my current system. hats off to Rab at CAV for having the patience to get me to the stage where I picked that and I am really happy with it. I recently purchased one of Gary Cawsey's better power filters and even though his stuff seems to be out of favour these days at around $800 I found it worked great in my system and was much better value than the more currently fashionable products. Speakers wise I for years had some JBL/LE8t custom speakers from my former place of employ which I greatly improved via a number of ways including getting the somewhat legendary Doug Tipping to custom make me a new X-over a few years ago which really livened up the sound. Nonetheless after 39 years faithful service I finally moved them on to a happy new owner and purchased a pair of Spendor A9's second hand. These did enough for me to finally decide on a new pair of Spendor D9.2 which I am waiting on and hope will deliver what I want. The A9's are what I wish to sell. Oh and I also have a NAIM Superuniti in my office which I love driving an old pair of Boston A40's Cheers!
  9. Firstly can I give an alternative point of view on the top end being overpriced these days. Having been around for a long time in audio is my observation that it's more that the bottom end quality and just a little higher have not increased and sometimes have decreased in actual dollar terms over many years. With the advent of clever mass produced basic electronics it doesn't take much to purchase a system that also by contrast to 30 years ago does not have any crackles or hiss in the sound and essentially sounds far clearer and more detailed if possibly not as musical. By contrast top endish products are still by and large handmade and painstakingly designed for a very limited market which greatly increases cost and amortisation per unit for design and other costs as well as means the componentry is much more expensive than in a more mass manufactured product. it is also true that never have there been so many of these wannabes who as Sir Triode correctly says often don't stay in the marketplace for long leaving no support even if the equipment was quite good. Being a hi-fi retailer was never easy (and I did used to work for a high-end one years ago) but now it must simply be masochism for most. A huge part of this problem is that too many customers are happy to go to the retailer for a demonstration but then complain about the prices compared to an online supplier who hasn't spent any time or devoted any resources to the customer. The same customers glibly often say they would buy from the bricks and mortar retailer if they were cheaper but they missed the point that the online seller will always be able to sell for less than the bricks and mortar and still survive in business because their costs are much lower. This of course leads to the situation where I Myself am trying to really improve my system (and I agree with Stump that if I had $10 million I would spend $1 million on the system if I enjoyed it more than anything cheaper). As it is I am finding it incredibly difficult to find a store that will do a good demonstration (although I have found a couple which unfortunately don't stock most of what I want to listen to even though they carry the brands). On the other hand the store which has the most equipment that I would like to listen to are virtually 'boxes out the door' type retailers who essentially ask if you're going to buy something on that day if they take the time to demonstrate. This is simply not the way I can buy relatively expensive audio. The irony here is that this store seems almost the most successful of the retailers that are left so I think that tells a story about why anyone trying to run an idealistic retail store these days would have to be a wealthy person wanting to be less wealthy at the end of it. In another example I am interested in Spendor speakers but I'm told by the importer I will have to fly to Queensland to listen to his range of product!? It seems to me that never have there been so many different product ranges on the market at the mid to high end chasing so few potential customers which is crazy. Apologies for the long post but it's my 1st so I wanted to get a few things off my chest. cheers
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