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  1. Thanks for the tip! @sakabatou Cheers, Sig
  2. Item: Sennheiser HD800S Price Range: Negotiable based on condition etc. Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for some Sennheiser HD800s Headphones. Let me know if you have a pair you would sell. Thanks, Sig
  3. Love my Gx300’s. I also had a pair of gx100’s & it was hard to tell a difference between them except some extra SPL on the floor standers. I highly recommend these, the ribbons have great detail & the bass Extension is better than some much bigger speakers. I don’t think you could beat these at this price, especially with those gorgeous stands. good luck with sale. I’m tempted myself for the second system! Sig.
  4. I love mine!! Great speakers. Wish my room was as nice as yours! Wow 👍🏻 glws
  5. Bump, Cash waiting.. Anyone??
  6. Awesome to have you on the forums mate I often wonder what it would be like to have a wife who encouraged such endeavours. Probably would end in bankruptcy haha.
  7. Item: Mcintosh MC2105 2 channel power amplifier Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Hey Everyone, I am currently looking for a Mcintosh Mc2105 to go with a C28 Preamp I have. This baby deserves its partner! would also consider other Mac SS amps. let me know what you have! Sig. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. Hey Guys, found a vintage Soundcraftsmen MA5002 in need of some TLC. still works and sounds surprisingly good for its age but definitely could use some work inside. theres some rust & some of the solders are looking pretty average. also I’m sure there’s some parts out of spec & after some reading there’s some big improvements to be had from updated caps. Looking for recommendations for reputable people to restore this baby to its prior glory I’m located in Queensland but I can arrange safe shipping interstate if local repair not possible. Cheers, Sig.
  9. Agreed, great buy for the money.. Surprised they are still available! GLWS
  10. @TDX, if you turn off the Hugo first. then turn on the Hugo TT from switched off while holding the X-PHD button (second silver button in from the left side) the Hugo should light up blue on the volume wheel indicating the “line level output” is enabled. Hope this helps
  11. I’ve decided to keep it for now, thanks for the enquires EDIT: After buying more Hifi stuff recently, I need to move this to acquire some funds back (before wife kills me) Updated with another price reduction.
  12. i'd go either SS or tubes. I previously had an MC275 IV which was wonderful and would fill the purpose.. But this time i wanted something with VU meters, i'm a sucker for them aesthetically I'd also consider a Luxman 507 / 509 integrated. Cheers, Sig
  13. Beautiful, im a sucker for sonus faber cabinet aesthetics 😍 GLWS
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