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  1. We've still got a Pioneer Kuro 50" and it is such a magnificent TV. We bought one of the last ones JB had in NSW then no more. I can't remember the model number. I have been shopping around for another tele (different room) and there are some really nice TVs on the market but there is just something so natural about the Kuro (perhaps something to do with the brightness and contrast settings all set to 11 in the stores). Funny story - I took it into a repair shop a year ago because of an odd random crackling sound behind the panel on startup, nothing wrong with the picture or sound. The repair guy was great - he tested everything and rang me back and asked "Do you use it much?". I replied "Not really" and he said "yeah so that's your problem". So we started to use it more and the crackling went away...
  2. I'm a brand newy!

    Cheers all. Gee you're a friendly bunch... after I looked back I didn't think anyone would bother reading my boring post!
  3. Hi all, Please be gentle with a virgin poster from Sydney! I've been poking around this site for a while now reading lots of interesting bits and pieces. Recently I started shopping around for a somewhat compact-sized system (due to room size), re-living some of my favourite 90s grunge tracks. I discovered some amazing sounding speakers and I really want to buy some (pre-owned is all my budget extends to). These speakers have a recessed horn tweeter and while the sound is "bright", I found it instantly appealing. I currently own 10yo Dali speakers paired with a very bulky Onkyo 5.1 amp; together they have serviced me well, but this is just for music in an alternate part of the house. I do love good bass though so I'm also thinking about a suitable amp that supports 2.1 (or 5.1) but doesn't risk making those speakers sound even brighter. By the looks of things, there are plenty of bargains on pre-loved amps that should be suitable (more research required on my part here). After reading the classifieds (WTB) rules I need a few posts up my sleeve so here's my first one. I hope to give back to the community over time (I'm no expert but I might just come in handy for someone else someday). Cheers.