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  1. nice amp. i am looking to replace my current amp driving the dynaudio emit20. has anyone tested this combo? thanks
  2. How to stream stereo to WiFi

    How about this if your amp support rca out? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-4G-Audio-AV-Sender-IR-Remote-Wireless-Extender-Transmitter-RCA-Receivers-/121258378909
  3. Hi all, It's John from Melbourne. Great forum and learn heaps. Thanks to all who shared their experience. I ended buying a stereo system from my initial search for a TV sound bar. Was looking at Sonos playbar + sub for my AV. They aren't exactly cheap so I though I should buy entry level stereo system and double them up for use with my AV. After some research, I went with Dynaudio Emit m20, Cambridge CXA80 + BT100, REL T9 sub, Soundstyle Z1 stand, Chord clearway speaker cable, and eBay Bada power conditioner. While the system is still breaking in, I am enjoying the system and looking forward to hear them after breaking in. I listen to music mostly from Spotify, streamed via bluetooth. I found out that iPhone does not support aptx and am now streaming via bluetooth from my Mac which supports aptx. Definitely makes a difference. I ordered a USB cable to connect my mac direct to the amp. Not sure if it will make a big diff, but hey at $10, no harm trying. Looking forward to learn more from the forum Cheers!
  4. DynAudio Emit M20 views?

    I also found this article on setting up and tuning the sub. Seem rather technical but worth sharing. http://www.avhub.com.au/features/hi-fi/how-to-set-subwoofer-controls-page0-405267 I think I'll just start tuning with ears and if I cannot get it right, I may order the CDs mentioned.
  5. DynAudio Emit M20 views?

    @Lightmaster Thanks for the advise. I think i'll put some floor slider under the stand to be able to move them easily. It's rather heavy Will give it a jig tonight
  6. DynAudio Emit M20 views?

    Finally set up the amp and speakers. Haven't fiddle with speaker placement yet. Maybe this weekend. Any recommendations? If I leave it close to the wall as pictured, is it best to have some sound deadening materiel place on the wall behind? @Lightmaster I will be installing the REL T9 tonight. Did you wire the supplied speakon connector to the CXA80 speaker B connection? And do you wire based on the attached diagram? Thanks in advance and apologies for the newbie questions. Cheers, John
  7. DynAudio Emit M20 views?

    That's great to hear. I'm planning to add sub as well down the road. As for speaker cables, I ended up with Chord Clearway. I have never used this cable before, so I am hoping it's decent enough for the setup.
  8. DynAudio Emit M20 views?

    Hi Jean, I am new here. I have recently purchased CXA80+BT100 and Emit20 bookshelf thanks to your review I am wondering how long did it take for yours to run in? Or is running in not a thing anymore? What's your latest opinion on your setup if you don't mind sharing? I am thinking of getting a decent CD player to play some of my CD from back in the days. Wondering what would be a good one without eating too much into my budget. Can't wait for my system to arrive.