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  1. I didn't say NS10 is better than NS1000M, different speakers. For me NS1000M/NS1000 is just an average speaker and I won't buy another one ever in my life. Like I said they were never used in any of the famous studios as far as I know.
  2. I have tried my level best to like them... Gone through all different experiments than you could imagine. For me, they are nothing special. Also, I don't think any famous studios used NS1000M, but I know hell lot of people who used NS10 as near field studio monitors.
  3. I remember, NS1000/NS1000M were my dream speakers once. Now I'm not a huge fan of those speakers. But audio is always different to different ears so I respect the view of people who love those speakers. I have had a chance to compare NS1000M speaker against a good number of other speakers in parallel, and my opinion remained the same. Exactly as mentioned by few above, 'There is no flesh in the sound'.
  4. Item: Luxman L58a Location: Cranbourne North, Melbourne Price: $1900 Item Condition: Mint condition Reason for selling: Moving interstate, downsizing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + fees, Bank transfer Extra Info: Classiest Luxman ever made. Duo-ßeta circuit plus high fT Mos-Fet power transistors !. Also Fet input stages, DC structure all over, 300mA (!) of bias for Class A 99% of the listening time, SEPP Fet bootstrap cascode equalizer circuit for low distortion and higher slew-rate, film caps, DC Servo on the 2nd Beta loop, low open-loop gain, buffer amplifier before the Lux NF tone controls, power caps bypassed by film caps (again), low-impedance and fully-regulated preamplifier section and constant-voltage regulated pre-driver and output stages. Grab this before my mind changes Any questions? , msg me. http://www.thevintageknob.org/luxman-L-58A.html Photos: Video: Both the music is played without a separate DAC as I have already sold my Chord 2Qute. Played using spofity.
  5. Nice to meet all Tannoy owners under one thread ! Here is a video of my Tannoys, Tannoy Arden with HPD385 drivers. Amplifier used here in this video is a Luxman L58a. Crossovers are original one but recapped. It is HPD385 drivers which made me to fall in love with Tannoys ! .. No other speakers impressed me this much for the money I can afford. All Tannoys I have tried so far is all HPD385 drivers but different cabinets. Tried them in custom cabinets made by Krix Australia, in Original Berkeley and Arden cabinets. I would like to try the 15" Gold drivers, different cabinets and do some experiments with crossovers in future.
  6. Thankyou everyone, from your posts I realised the unit is missing the front panel Anyway, I have contacted Trevor. He was happy to give all info about this unit and get the unit checked. Met his brother Chris in Melbourne....Yes, Trevor Lees Audio office store is still open in Hawthorn near Glenferrie. station. Chirs helped me to get the unit fully checked and serviced. Also provided a front panel for both the preamplifier and poser supply. They have got one more same unit sitting in their storage. So if anyone interested do contact Trevor or Chris. Compared the sound from power supply and found its same on both the units and he said its normal. At home it was a bit noisy because there was no bushes at the bottom. Chris suggested I can try 12ax7 valve in the place of 6SL7 by using adaptor to get it fitted. I think it will be good if I'm replacing those two volume pots with good ones. I'm planning to stay with this case for now and plan for a new case slowly in future. Will post photo of the unit here And it sounds nice.
  7. Hi Steve, Sorry for the late reply. The whole restoration of my unit was done by Dallas, Clarke Audio in Melbourne. If you are from Melbourne, Rob at RV HiFi does a neat job and takes care of the vintage units well. I was not that confident to do it myself, especially when the unit is very special. Also, after replacing this light housing there will be a slight difference in the blue light shade when comparing the light from left hand side small housing even if you are using same globes and new vellum papers. I believe this is because of the difference in the reflection of light. The new case being in white colour reflects more and other small old case with age is in slightly yellowish reflects less light. So I will recommend to get the small housing painted in a similar finish.
  8. I will be driving a three tonne truck from Adelaide to Melbourne in the last weekend of January probably on 25th evening or 26th morning from Adelaide. There will be plenty of space available in the truck. Happy to help if anyone would like to transport anything from Adelaide to Melbourne or to the towns in between. Its great if you can contribute something towards the expense depending on the volume of item, anyway no demands.
  9. KEF 104/2 performs really well in this video, but I'm sure HPD315 drivers has got more potential when paired with good cabinets and crossover tweaks.
  10. I really like your comparison ''Test driving a car in a car park'. But, seriously how many of us get chance to test drive cars in a track and compare.... which will reveal the true potential of a car rather than driving on normal road?! How many of us are fortunate enough to have a dedicated listening room with proper room acoustic treatment?! Test driving a car in a car park also sometimes gives some sort of idea to someone who are capable of extracting it to some extend from a limited space available. In my opinion, the same is applicable here also. It won't be representing the true potential of both the speakers and there are a huge number of factors to do with that. But it will definitely represent the tone character of both the speakers which will be helpful to a number of people. I think we should appreciate his effort and time he spent to make this video, and see what we can extract from it..... together with identifying the limitations. Good job @Willmax keep going ....
  11. Item: Dali Ikon 7 Speakers Location: Cranbourne North, Melbourne Price: $800 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: my permanent speakers are Tannoy Arden + moving interstate Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal(Covering fees), Bank transfer Extra Info: Really smooth and natural sounding speakers in my opinion. PM me if you have any questions. Fluid-cooled soft dome tweeter enhances power handling and control of coil movement. A rigidly braced rear chamber protects the ribbon from the influence of the bass drivers. Three identical bass/midrange drivers incorporate dual-magnet motor systems to prevent distortion by establishing a stable, focused magnetic field. The front-mounted reflex port beneath the woofers allows placement of the speakers flush very close to the rear wall. Photos: Video
  12. You are welcome to collect it anytime before Feb 2020. I usually help with packing and posting but unfortunately now I'm a bit busy with preparations of the move and few other things. So prefer a local pickup. It seems like you are in Victoria. May I know which suburb/town?
  13. Item: Belkin PureAV speaker cable Location: Cranbourne North, Melbourne Price: $100 Item Condition: Very good condition. One banana plug needs replacement to make it perfect. Reason for selling: Moving interstate and clearing. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer. Extra Info: These cables served me really well in my home theater system for the front floorstanding speakers. One banaplug is broken, still it can be used. Photos:
  14. Item: Dali Ikon vocal2 MK2 Location: Cranbourne North, Melbourne. Price: $350 firm Item Condition: Like new Reason for selling: Moving interstate Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (Covering fees), Bank transfer Extra Info: Its in brand new like condition. https://www.dali-speakers.com/discontinued/ikon-mk2/ikon-vokal-2-mk2/ Photos:
  15. Item: Klipsch Reference Series RF52ii Speakers Location: Cranbourne North, Melbourne Price: $700 firm Item Condition: Like new Reason for selling: Moving interstate Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (Covering paypal fees), Bank Transfer Extra Info: These were the main speakers of home theatre setup. I'm the first owner and has taken care of them like my baby. No scratches, marks or any damages. They are equally good for both stereo and multi channel setup. Unfortunately I'm not able to add more photos because of the space limitation here. Photos:
  16. Talked to Trevor and finally met Chris from Trevor Lees Audio at their office in Hawthorn, Melbourne. - This unit has got 3 high level(AUX) input and one MC phono input. - Input impedance is set at the terminals with a fixed resistor ( Can be anything from 10 ohms and up to suit the cartridge. .3mv and up is a suitable output for the MC stage) - Two switches on left are for selecting the input. Centre position is off, up and down positions on each selects different inputs. - 12AX7 valve can be used instead of 6SL7 valve by using an adaptor. - Originally there is a front panel and it is missing in the unit I have. They may have the front panel in their storage. Will get this unit and power supply fully checked and serviced by Trevor Lees Audio
  17. Melbourne has got some really good techs. But this person was very near to me and all the good techs whom I already know where too far in the other end of the city. This person setup his business few months back only, said he was working with another firm in Pakenham before and decided to start his own business. Sure, I was one of his first very few customers. Initially I gave him some small jobs and small units. There were some signs of poor knowledge about vintage units...the whole electronics itself. But its my bad, I failed to analyse him well from those incidents, lesson learned. Also I referred few of my friends also to this person and now most of their units are also in trouble, few of them got lucky. Anyway, this unit is in safe hands now and I will get it done properly.
  18. Update: This unit has gone into some trouble. Latter I inspected each board and found extremely poor soldering work and wrong voltages set inside the unit (biasing & voltage stablizer board) by Adrian at Analog Audio Solutions, Cranbourne North. Also, it looks like wrong replacement transistors he put into the unit. Sourcing the replacement components and soldering work was given to Adrian and he did it in the worst way. It was a waste of time and money. I'm a bit disappointed as it was my favorite solid state unit and wanted to keep it life long. Told him to take care of it like a baby. But it ended up in the worst. All the cosmetic work and cleaning was done by myself except electroplating. When trying to fix, he made scratches on the copper plated areas also . This is what happens when the unit goes to someone who don't understand the value of vintage gears and how much we love them. Anyway I will get it all fixed properly as I love this unit like anything. Now the unit unit is with someone else to get it checked overall and fix it properly to bring it back to life. Alert : Stay away from Analog Audio Solutions if you love your units. He has gifted troubles to the units of a few people I know also.
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