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  1. Further information: Trevor Lees audio valve preamplifier in excellent condition. Serviced by Trevor Lees Audio five months back. - Valve preamplifier with three AUX input and one photo stage. - Phono stage is currently configured for high output MC cartridge (As told by Trevor, it can be altered to suit MM or low output MC ) - Power supply unit is totally separate box with two separate tranformers, one for valve filament and other for high voltage. - All high quality components inside (Sprague / Wondercap / Seimens capacitors) - Valves : Zaerix ECC88(1), 6DJ8(3), Sylvania 6SL7. - There is only limited switches in front panel: for selecting four inputs and separate L&R volume control. - Power supply transformers are not super quiet. Checked this with Trevor and he said its normal for that power supply unit after comparing with another unit he has got. I was using this with my McIntosh 240 power amplifier. This is perfect for those who are looking for beautiful valve sound. My original plan was to transfer everything into a new modern box and mark all controls by metal etching. But my other restoration projects are sucking more $$$$ from my pocket. *Prefer local pickup and it can be tested if you can bring a small bookshelf speaker (Crossovers of my speakers are undergoing some work now). *Can ship this unit. But I may need one week time to post it as I'm working full time and going through a tight timeline. *Melbourne Buyers - Can bring it with me as will be visiting Melbourne once the SA borders are open. Video: Photos:
  2. Further information: Unable to enter zero dollars in price field. Its free for someone who would like to bring their unit back to its full glory. Local pickup only or I can bring it with me when I drive to Melbourne when the SA borders are open. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Interesting thread. Rob seems like a nice man. Two of my units are currently with RV HiFi, Melbourne. There is a biiiiiit delay so far ... hope they will be ready soon... I'm looking into the quality of his work. Will definitely post my feedback here once it is done.
  4. Model 1060 is known for its signature sound..good unit. GLWTS
  5. Recently I was helping someone to jump into this hobby and building his initial vintage setup. Was able to find a top of the line Marantz unit at a very decent price for him. It needed some work and I told him to take it to a well known technician in Melbourne. This person whom I was helping was a very beginner in audio and had very little knowledge in this area. The experience he had there with the tech was extremely disappointing. ( *** I don't want to name and shame the tech here ) It is a top of the line Marantz Integrated amplifier. The tech was speaking to my friend in a way that he did a mistake by buying it and promoting the units the tech has got up for sale!... huh. In my opinion these things happen everywhere. If I'm meeting new technician usually speak with them as if like I have got no idea about this. And that is one of the best way to understand how tricky they are.
  6. Marantz 2325 is beautiful sounding unit.
  7. Its a pain finding a good tech. Either you will end up dealing with someone who is not straight forward or who don't know what he is doing. My experience with Dallas Clarke is really good. He is someone with solid knowledge and does a quality job. Sometimes it may take a bit long time but IMO its worth waiting. Of course not cheap !
  8. Beautiful unit !. As it is from you, I'm sure it will be in better than brand new condition. GLWTS.
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