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  1. Further information: (** Turntable shown in the photos is for demo purpose only. Not included in this sale ) This beautiful plinth came with the Thorens TD124mkii which I bought almost a year ago. Unfortunately it won't fit in my audio rack properly and I don't want to change my audio rack which is custom built by myself. The plinth frame is made using some hardwood and the platform where the turntable sits appers like a good quality chipboard. The top cover with clear acrylic can be kept open while using the turntable. I prefer local pickup as I don't have
  2. Someone is going to be really lucky to own them at this price tag! 👏👏
  3. Rasberry Pi + Allo Digione Sig has made it easy for me, don't have to connect the laptop to play music.
  4. You don't need a rack. They themselves built a rack... huge !!!.... Tuff to beat those VUs
  5. Having listened to this speakers many times in person, I can guarantee that the new owner is going to enjoy them and fall in love with Tannoys. GLWTS!...
  6. Received my SX1250 back after fixing the issue. While replacing the transistors in power stabilizer board the previous tech put low voltage wrong ones and it kept blowing. Anyway the second tech did an amazing job even though it was a long wait for me. He has gone through all the work done by previous tech again, fixed bad soldering done by him and also cleaned the switches by dismantling them. Here is videos of the unit singing today... ... Now its in better than brand new condition....
  7. Sorry for the late reply. The transformer and old capacitor cans are not electroplated, it is just copper finish paint. All other metal parts in copper colour are copper plated.
  8. Thankyou , McIntosh 240 is a special one for me. It always stands separate from all other units I have compared. There is some sweetness in listening to MC240, it delivers a fast and never fatiguing sound. Even though 40WPC valve unit enough and more, when compared to AU20000, SX1250 & Marantz 2600 I can feel the increased output power in sound from those bad boys ... I think the real comparison of Sansui AU20000 should be made to Pioneer SX1250. SX1250 is fully recapped and in better than brand new condition. AU20000 is with all original 40+ years electrolytic caps...
  9. Back into using Tidal after a gap. Feels like there is a great improvement in the quality when compared to when I used it a year back.
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