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  1. Thankyou for the modushop link. I will check it. I will never put both power supply and preamplifier into single case. Sorry, I didn't mention it clearly in my previous post. Two major factors attracted me to try this unit is i) Separated power supply ii) Left and right volume controls avoiding balance control. Love the minimalistic design for short signal path. I'm struggling to find a case for this preamplifier. Because the single PCB on which most of the components are mounted is 420mm wide. So the new case should have a minimum of 420+mm width available inside. Or else the next option is to separate the valves and big capacitors from the PCB, get them mounted separately inside. Then the remaining components needs to be incorporated into a more compact PCB layout. Doing this way it will be perfect. But my worry is the labour cost of a tech to get this done . What is your opinion on adding a relay based input selector to the unit? If it will degrade the sound quality anyway?
  2. I'm thinking about transferring the preamplifier and power supply into a new case. Thinking about the case in below link for preamplifier. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32794647874.html?dp=5306333fac8a28fce632a2a68c8cd3bf&af=879988&cv=47843&afref=&mall_affr=pr3&dp=5306333fac8a28fce632a2a68c8cd3bf&af=879988&cv=47843&afref=&mall_affr=pr3&aff_platform=aaf&cpt=1573176888062&sk=VnYZvQVf&aff_trace_key=74d106fedbff4ebabaaa6c7926fbf8f5-1573176888062-00406-VnYZvQVf&terminal_id=78b7bcbc3d7641258955c51983b85e10 Will be good if I can get all switches, inputs and outputs marked using laser engraving. The input selector looks odd in this one, so adding a relay based input selector will be good option to make things more straight forward. Will replace the existing volume pots with good quality ones.
  3. Unfortunately I don't have a turntable at present to test the phono as I have sold all of them. Thought of going for something special latter. My be this preamplifier is a very early one from the time he made some sample units and he didn't put any markings on case. Seller of this preamplifier said Trevor closed his shop but its still stacked with heaps of audio gears.
  4. Good buy for someone looking for an excellent preamplifier with limited budget!. I have listened to this set up and thats one of my favorite preamp.
  5. Thankyou very much for a detailed writing. I really enjoyed reading it. Seems like I should start with fixing power supply, new valves and checking capacitors. Also, I'm planning to move both the preamplifier and power supply to a new thick aluminium case with all switches and input/output marked using laser etching. I think replacing those volume pots with better ones will also benefit the sound. Thankyou very much for your reply Michael & Andy. There are no markings at the rear panel. I guess the input RCA jacks in gold colour near to the ground terminal is the phono input. Also, at the front panel one switch on top enables all AUX input together and second switch at bottom enables the phono input. Its confusing as there are no markings for the switches and input/output RCA jacks. Looking at inside I think two set of RCA jacks on the left side (in above photo) are two different outputs and all other ones are inputs. If so it should be three AUX inputs and one phono input. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyone of you remember how it is done with those switches and connections at rear?
  6. I was searching for a valve preamplifier to match with my McIntosh 240. Recently found this odd looking unit with someone I know . He was using it only very occasionally and was happy to sell it. Anyway I decided to give it a try. Seller said its a Trevor Lees Audio valve preamplifer. Unfortunately he don't have much detail info about this unit. - There are only very few switches on the front panel without any labels ( Separate volume controls for left and right channel & two switches with unknown functionality) - It seems like there are four AUX inputs and one Phono input. - Caps I could see are Sprague, Seimens, Wonder Cap (Ultima series with Danor). - Valves from right to left - Zaerix ECC88, Sylvania 6SL7, Zaerix 6DJ8, Zaerix 6DJ8, Zaerix 6DJ8. - Not sure which make is the volume pot. - It has got a separate power supply unit ( Power supply unit is a bit noisy when switched on ). Anyone else here using the same preamplifier (Will be helpful for me to gather more info on this) ? Pictures I tried connecting it to my McIntosh 240 and it sounds good. I'm sure it has got a lot of space for further improvement. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Item: Klipsch Quintet iii center Location: Cranbourne North, Melbourne Price: $30 firm Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + fees, bank transfer. Extra Info: Clearing storage shelves as I'm moving interstate. Photos:
  8. Item: Single KEF B110 SP1003 Midrange driver Location: Cranbourne North, Melbourne Price: $70 firm Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + fees, Bank transfer Extra Info: Its in like new condition, see the pictures. Clearing the garage shelves as I'm moving interstate. Photos:
  9. Item: Aaron Sub120 Location: Cranbourne North, Melbourne Price: $50 Item Condition: working perfectly Reason for selling: Moving interstate Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal covering fees or bank transfer. Extra Info: Working perfectly and it adds a big boost to the bottom end. Center dust caps not in good shape which doesn't affect the performance. Happy to demo. Photos:
  10. Really nice speaker stands. Would have definitely gone for these if I had suitable speakers. Add spikes at bottom and they are good ones for someone to experience the importance of good speaker stands. GLWTS.
  11. Thought of creating a video of this restoration. Couldn't cover all the process in the video. Was able to shoot some clips with the technician to make it different. Check it . .
  12. Here is a video of SX1250 in action. No dedicated DAC is used in this video as I have sold my Chord 2Qute and looking for something different to try.
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