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  1. Item: ATC SCM100 ASLTs Location: Toorak, VIC Price: $30,000 neg. Item Condition: 10/10 Reason for selling: Life (house bought, now need landscaping, minor renovations etc.) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Courier/insurance at buyers cost. Extra Info: Hi everyone! All of the info is in the link from a few months ago. The market downturn worked in my favour to buy a house, but the tenants move out soon and some extra money would be nice when I move in. Nothing to be sad about, I'm happy to say goodbye to these beauties and begin the next chapter! Pictures:
  2. ClassicalGuy

    Getting Qobuz... to stream 24/192 FLAC

    I hope it's going well! Please make any additions if you think you can explain anything better than me, I just wanted people to know it's possible because it's pretty cool getting this music at high resolutions (currently listening to The Traveling Wilburys in 24/192). A few weeks in and everything is still working for me. I haven't had an issue via computer, iPad, or iPhone. I've also logged in through Audirvana and no problems there either.
  3. ClassicalGuy

    Getting Qobuz... to stream 24/192 FLAC

    --- UPDATE --- So the answer to this is probably obvious to some, but it wasn't to me, but I did get it working. Step 1 - Use a proper VPN, not a web-based one. I used the free Tunnel Bear 500mb account. Step 2 - Set VPN to England. Step 3 - Make a new account (if you've tried and failed, you need to make a new account because Qobuz tracks where you initially make the account). Step 4 - Set up the trial or just subscribe, I used PayPal which had caused a geoblock issue before but not using this method as it turns out. Step 5 - That's it. Once it was set up, I turned the VPN off, and the account works perfeclty on other computers, ipad, iphone etc. Streaming 24/192 no trouble at all, even without NBN. There's not a whole lot of 24/192 to be honest, but there is a huge 24/96 catalogue covering every genre. Having done a lot of A/B testing from Tidal to Qobuz, to my ears and in my system, the 24/96 sounds wider and deeper than 24/96 MQA unfolded by Roon. Even without directly A/Bing, playing tracks I know well sound noticeably better through Qobuz. I'll give it a month or so to really be sure, but at this point I'll be saying goodbye to Tidal and won't resubscribe to Roon unless they have introduced Qobuz integration.
  4. ClassicalGuy


    For HDTracks, I use Opera as the web browser as it has a built in VPN (you have to turn it on in settings but it's there) - it'll get you by all of the geo-locks. This isn't one off either, I've been using it for a few years and buy an album every week or two. It doesn't fix the pricing increase on hi res, but does at least give you access to their full catalogue.
  5. Hi all, I’ve noticed that Qobuz is now streaming hi-res (up to 24/192) in FLAC and this seems much more interesting to me than MQA. For the record, I like MQA, but 24/192 FLAC is more appealing (especially as I don't have an MQA DAC). I know people have touched on this in years gone by, but has anyone had any luck subscribing to Qobuz recently? I used a VPN to make the account no trouble, but paying seems more difficult as Qobuz knows my VISA is based in Australia and PayPal seems to do something similar. Any experiences or suggestions would be appreciated! Cheers
  6. ClassicalGuy


    @Isalurch No, ordered specifically for me.
  7. ClassicalGuy


    @AJL999 Hugo TT is amazing. I've had Rotel separates, borrowed some Berkeley gear, a DAVE and the Hugo TT is great. I've no reason not to use a DAC/pre because I'm not into CD/SACD/vinyl right now. Until that changes, I won't be adding a dedicated pre. This was all of course about climbing the hi fi ladder, but, sometimes plans change a bit.
  8. ClassicalGuy


    I regret just looking at this post, but if selling these can make a real dent in a deposit, it'll be worth it. After 10 months, they continue to surprise me daily. Sounds I've never heard in recordings, voice and instruments more realistic than I've ever heard, and even at low levels you can feel the reverbaration of drums. Even my wife LOVES these speakers and she doesn't care about hi fi. But, I'm from Queensland, Melbourne real estate is crazy, and we're both getting to that point we're if we're going to have children it has to start pretty soon.
  9. Item: ATC SCM100ASLT Location: Toorak, VIC Price: No longer for sale. Item Condition: 10/10 Reason for selling: Buying a house – alas, my 1-bedroom apartment isn’t suitable for married life. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale are my ATC SCM100 active loudspeaker (350w per channel) towers. They were ordered in August 2017 and delivered on 22 December (it was a very merry Christmas). TNT delivered them into my apartment (see photographs) where they were unpacked and that’s where they’ve sat since. Thus my 10/10 rating, there’s not a mark, not a blemish, they’ve just never been moved so no opportunity for a mishap. I don’t have the crates as the ATC crates were made to be completely disassembled around the speaker (it was all nails and glue, no screws) so I sacrificed the crates to make sure the speakers were unpacked with zero risk. I of course have the manual, spikes, speaker grills etc. I won’t talk too much about sound, ATC has a cult following and I get an email from fellow SNAers about once a month who’ve seen that I own them from my signature. Certainly they deserve a better room than my concrete cave, and better electronics than my Hugo TT, but even in my far from ideal scenario the sound is astronomical. Pictures:
  10. Is the MQA update via firmware or does it have to go back to the dealer? Also, Are you using a USB to SPDIF/AES converter? If so, what have you been using and how has it been working out? Cheers
  11. ClassicalGuy

    SOTM + Clock or Berkeley USB/SPDIF

    Thanks, you've both confirmed everything I've read about clocks, including the quality of the SOTM clock upgrade. The thing I find weird about clocks is manufacturers tend not to talk about them unless they sell them. I'm sure the Berkeley DACS or maybe even the converter has a clock in it, but they don't talk about it. I would like to know the specifications of what's going on inside their products but they don't really talk about it. Knowing the SOTM does the job and has a well-regarded clock makes it hard to pass up.
  12. I’ve decided to give a USB to SPDIF/AES converter a go – partly because of the possible SQ advantages but also because I dream of trying one of the Berkeley DACS one day. At first, I thought the SOTM (dX-USB HD) for $650 was well priced compared to the Berkeley which I think is about $3500. But then I saw about getting the SOTM with the clock upgrade. I’m not an engineer, but I know clocks can improve things a lot (DCS and Esoteric reviews for example) and the SOTM with the better clock upgrade is $2000. Nowhere near Berkeley money, but enough for me to go ‘if the Berkeley is that good, I’ll just hold off a bit and go for that instead’. Thus, does anyone have any experience with either of these? The SOTM with the clock upgrade etc? I can’t see anything about the Berkeley having a clock? Is there something else that might be better? Cheers
  13. Stunning! My ATC actives changed my life - even in my small, cramped, and acoustically terrible listening space, every detail in every genre of music I try is pristine and clear. A great saving for anyone in the market too, from my experience, dealers don't tend to budge much on ATC RRP.
  14. ClassicalGuy

    Magico dealers in Victoria

    Yeah, I might send them an email tomorrow. Just wondered if anyone knew the answer off hand because I suspect there aren't too many dealers handling them.
  15. ClassicalGuy

    Magico dealers in Victoria

    Hi all, Does anyone know who deals in Magico in Victoria? I see from the Magico site that Absolute Hi End is the importer, but Absolute's website doesn't indicate (please correct me if I'm wrong) what of their many brands are sold at which of the many dealers they supply. Reports about the A3s just seem very interesting, and much more attainable than M3s right now!