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  1. Item: Chord Hugo TT Location: Ivanhoe, VIC Price: $2,500 (firm) Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Full system change Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Extra Info: My beloved ATCs have sold so now it’s time to say goodbye to my Hugo TT. Bought from a fellow SNAer with a meticulous setup, at my home it has also been in a child/pet free environment. There’s no marks or scratches anywhere, I marked it as 9/10 only because it is not new. It is in absolute perfect working order and sounds phenomenal. I no longer have speakers to demo this, but it does work perfectly as several fellow SNAers have heard in the last week or two. Happy to post at buyer’s expense and insurance cost.
  2. Hi all, I’ve noticed that Qobuz is now streaming hi-res (up to 24/192) in FLAC and this seems much more interesting to me than MQA. For the record, I like MQA, but 24/192 FLAC is more appealing (especially as I don't have an MQA DAC). I know people have touched on this in years gone by, but has anyone had any luck subscribing to Qobuz recently? I used a VPN to make the account no trouble, but paying seems more difficult as Qobuz knows my VISA is based in Australia and PayPal seems to do something similar. Any experiences or suggestions would be appreciated! Cheers
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