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  1. Mikeyday

    Sony Bravia SXRD projector

    I tend to agree, I haven't seen the Bravia logo used on the projectors for a few years so maybe a HW10 or HW15?
  2. +1 for the Panasonic if you need an all in one, if not, as above, there are other choices. Instead of second hand, you could pick up a refurbished unit with 3 month warranty, Graysonline always have a few. Either a buy it now or risk the auction. Just search "Panasonic DMR" , that should bring up a few. I had to have an all in one for my room, got a then current model at a small fraction of the price through them. Mine came with the box and all packaging, stickers and accessories wrapped just like a new one. I have had it a couple years and no issues but I understand that some are not quite as perfect.
  3. Mikeyday

    Post some pics thread...

    Very nice, Funny, I almost posted this one from a couple days ago.
  4. Mikeyday

    outdoor system setup

    +1 for the Tropix, I have them above my spa for music when outdoor dining/parties and TV watching, although mine are run as zone 2 from a Denon x4100 in the family room. Sound is detailed and range is good for a sealed speaker of that size.
  5. PM sent regarding S5
  6. Sounds like a good idea in theory however there are the borders that would run through the picture at the moment, also the unnecessary up-scaling to what I think you will find is actually 8k (or a little less) I think. There is just something about having a projector, especially with an AT screen that just "feels" good.
  7. Mikeyday

    75" Recommendations

    Had an issue with mine a while ago, thought it was dead one day; I tried the Harmony remote, then the original remote but nothing! Was in the process of contacting the retailer for warranty when I though I would look a bit further. Pulled the power lead from the back and plugged it back in, tried it again, Nothing! Switched the power off at the wall and back on and it re-booted. Seems that there is an issue with switching in the power supply but has never happened again since. I did a quick internet search and found a couple others have had a similar experience, not sure of the cause but it seems that they had the same solution and no repeat issue.
  8. Mikeyday


    Unfortunately that is very true as well.
  9. I'm not sure what everyone else heard of the wedding, but this is what I heard.
  10. Mikeyday


    Funny isn't it, it never ceases to amaze me how some people vote like it is a football team, they talk historically as to what their party or the other party has done. Many people are not able to look beyond the party title, many not actually aware what left or conservative mean or should stand for and whether or not it will actually benefit them or the country in a current or forecast political or economic climate. The party name helps to create a halo effect for the leader from the fan base that they can only see the perceive good in their team's captain party leader and the opposite in the other. It is similar on both sides so these pretty much cancel each other out, leaving the swinging thinking voters to make the decision.
  11. Mikeyday

    Post some pics thread...

    This morning's walk photos: Nikon D5600 DX VR AF-P 70-300 lens, still enjoying how quick this lens is to focus: if only the operator was as good! I love living here; the lens doesn't capture a complete insight into the peaceful atmosphere away from the streets. It omits is the sounds of the birds playing, the creek trickling, the smell of eucalyptus and wet earth, and the chill of the morning breeze on my face.
  12. Mikeyday

    Off The Rails Cinema

    I went with the little Atomix as surrounds in the family room but in the theatre I have these as surrounds and rears. http://www.krix.com.au/dynamix-mk2/ Each to their own, some might not think so! but I was thinking more along the lines of http://www.krix.com.au/phonix-flat/ I agree, look around a bit more and listen to see what you like.
  13. Mikeyday

    Off The Rails Cinema

    I have often thought that that would be a good choice, I have 2 Acoustix Mk2 and a Graphix Mk2 as LCR with a TV in my family room but used 3 in-wall Symmetrix as LCR behind an AT screen in the theatre. Both are good for the purposes they are intended but I prefer the Acoustix. It is more money but because you are putting them behind an AT screen, have you considered Krix SX range? I tried to get a sample before I put my room together but couldn't find a supplier; like @Prof. have read some positive reports on this product but have also read that it just wasn't as good as the woven materials. I did get samples of many of the professional screen materials as well as other materials like spandex and shade screen fabrics. I was also impressed with the XD AT screen material but eventually went with an Oz Theatre AT screen. I noticed in your diagram that you have what looks like dipole surrounds images, I know that these are just images but I am lead to believe that if you intend on eventually going Atmos, the surrounds should be monopole or point source.
  14. Mikeyday

    Cheap Class D amplifier

    I bought one of these in a compact blue tooth amplifier with a 32V 5A external power supply for $116 and really wanted it to be as good as the reviews, and initially I was impressed with the sound for such a small amp but this was short lived. The blue tooth worked okay and although manually switching between sources was via a toggle on the face, this was okay as well for my purposes. The problem came after about 3 minutes of use when a high frequency sound started and slowly increased in volume until it was quite audible but in the LH speaker only and only on line in. After another few minutes the high frequency ring could just be just heard on the RH speaker. I tried several different line level input sources and many different speakers and locations as well as RCA cables but the problem was remaining with the unit. After a couple days of really wanting it to be good, I gave up as I could not put up with the "ring" so the supplier happily accepted it back with a full refund. Given that the problem seemed to not be there with blue tooth sources, I believe that the amplifier side of the product may have been okay and the problem could be caused by something on the input side of the board. Regardless, instead of trying another brand or replacement unit, I decided to upgrade my receiver for very little extra after selling and buying second hand. I may try playing with another one someday but it may be safer just to get cheap old receiver.
  15. Mikeyday

    spandex for AT screen

    I went through OZ Theatre Screens. The material that looked the best out of the non-professional materials was called SheerWeave 4500.