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  1. Mikeyday

    Post some pics thread...

    A bearded dragon, defending its self from the camera lens.
  2. Mikeyday

    Post some pics thread...

    Someone wasn't happy having a camera lens shoved in their face this morning. Spotted on my morning walk.
  3. I didn't read this before, so you have tried "-". And, yes, the Denon x4100 is listed under Bravia Sync devices. It would be very unlikely but it could be a faulty or not compatible HDMI cable, unlikely because it is the second one that you tried but if all settings are okay, it seems possible. Different scenario but I recently had an issue maintaining a stable audio connection (drop outs) between a Sony 4k player and the AVR, I tried several inputs and 1.5 metre 4k HDMI cables and eventually tried a longer one, it turns out that that combination of player and AVR didn't like 1.5 metre cables no matter the price yet a cheap 5 metre cable worked fine, go figure, I now have a 2 metre cable. Such is the nature of HDMI handshakes. Can you borrow another cable to try?
  4. No, you are correct, I just checked my 2 units and there will be an "X" under HDMI when you set it HDMI control and you will still have the optical inputs as digital options (although I also have coax), ARC is not an option under digital but rather just the X for the HDMI connection. Try with no digital source assigned, as in "-" I have no issue with ARC working, it was just that it was a pita with the handshake issues and randomly reverting to TV speakers and disabling ARC at start up when the TV felt like it. You were correct in being concerned regarding HDMI cables, I recently helped someone setup a soundbar system and couldn't get HDMI ARC working although the CEC worked to control on/of, volume and such. It turned out to be an old HDMI cable that wasn't compatible. $4 later at Officeworks solved the problem. (I am not recommending this cable) After you try for a couple days and get tired of the problems (unless you do succeed) I recommend sticking with optical for TV and go out and buy a universal remote, depending on the other equipment that you have, a $69 Harmony 650 might be good enough.
  5. I was recently talking to a service technician/complaints handler for an organisation I won't mention the name of and he said that they had a lot of complaints regarding the HDMI CEC from the latest Sony TVs into several of the receivers that he represents. I wouldn't give up just yet (although I did after a couple days) Just because you set the TV is set to audio system means absolutely nothing so I found!! If using CEC and there is the slightest handshake issue the TV will revert to TV speakers. If you are not able to select ARC on the Denon input, something may not be setup quite right. Although these are slightly different models, I will run through the process here and see what I get as I am sure that when you enable CEC, you get the option of Opt1, Opt2 or ARC regardless of the signal (I could be wrong).
  6. Actually, I checked the Denon and if you have "TV audio switching" in the HDMI control set to "on" it does automatically set ARC for audio if it gets a signal.
  7. Okay, I had my own issues with a Sony X90E and a Denon X4100 trying to use the ARC for audio; it worked fine but was not stable and the TV kept reverting to the TV speakers so I went to optical for TV audio and disables ALL CEC functions. Make sure that you have the HDMI cable plugged into the ARC HDMI input on the TV, mine is HDMI #3. Not sure on the menu of the Denon X1400 as I had an X2200, have an X4100 and an X4300 however, you have to assign the inputs for TV audio, it may not be assigned as ARC by default, especially if you are using optical okay at the moment. If all of this is okay and you still have an issue, I'm not sure.
  8. Mikeyday

    Sony Bravia SXRD projector

    I tend to agree, I haven't seen the Bravia logo used on the projectors for a few years so maybe a HW10 or HW15?
  9. +1 for the Panasonic if you need an all in one, if not, as above, there are other choices. Instead of second hand, you could pick up a refurbished unit with 3 month warranty, Graysonline always have a few. Either a buy it now or risk the auction. Just search "Panasonic DMR" , that should bring up a few. I had to have an all in one for my room, got a then current model at a small fraction of the price through them. Mine came with the box and all packaging, stickers and accessories wrapped just like a new one. I have had it a couple years and no issues but I understand that some are not quite as perfect.
  10. Mikeyday

    Post some pics thread...

    Very nice, Funny, I almost posted this one from a couple days ago.
  11. Mikeyday

    outdoor system setup

    +1 for the Tropix, I have them above my spa for music when outdoor dining/parties and TV watching, although mine are run as zone 2 from a Denon x4100 in the family room. Sound is detailed and range is good for a sealed speaker of that size.
  12. PM sent regarding S5
  13. Sounds like a good idea in theory however there are the borders that would run through the picture at the moment, also the unnecessary up-scaling to what I think you will find is actually 8k (or a little less) I think. There is just something about having a projector, especially with an AT screen that just "feels" good.
  14. Mikeyday

    75" Recommendations

    Had an issue with mine a while ago, thought it was dead one day; I tried the Harmony remote, then the original remote but nothing! Was in the process of contacting the retailer for warranty when I though I would look a bit further. Pulled the power lead from the back and plugged it back in, tried it again, Nothing! Switched the power off at the wall and back on and it re-booted. Seems that there is an issue with switching in the power supply but has never happened again since. I did a quick internet search and found a couple others have had a similar experience, not sure of the cause but it seems that they had the same solution and no repeat issue.
  15. Mikeyday

    Post some pics thread...

    This morning's walk photos: Nikon D5600 DX VR AF-P 70-300 lens, still enjoying how quick this lens is to focus: if only the operator was as good! I love living here; the lens doesn't capture a complete insight into the peaceful atmosphere away from the streets. It omits is the sounds of the birds playing, the creek trickling, the smell of eucalyptus and wet earth, and the chill of the morning breeze on my face.