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  1. Hi soundwise, Is this still available?
  2. FS: Burmester 011 PreAmp

    Hi Mohammed, What happened to the remote? Do these normally come with a remote? Cheers, Rori.
  3. I think it should be left as is except Commercial Classifieds should go back to being separate. Also, trying to poll won't work for people choosing 'should be left as is' because the second point requires a field selected however is not applicable. Cheers, Rori.
  4. Vacuum State preamps

    Thanks for the info Prof. What did you buy that was better if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Vacuum State preamps

    Hi prof, Sorry I'm very late to the party here, but have just read amazing reviews on the vacuum state RTP3D and now knowing it was originally Aus made has certainly got my attention. I'm looking for a high end tube pre and came across this page, wondering if you ever got around to hearing or building this pre and if the kit is still available? I'm a novice with electronics however and may need someone to build it if the kits still exist. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance for your time. Rori.
  6. Thanks Juddy. What did you upgrade to if you don't mind me asking? Must be one serious projector!
  7. Thanks Al, appreciate the information!
  8. Hi Juddy, Can this do native 4K content? I don't get what it means when it says 4k capable due to e shift technology. The older JVC projectors could only upscale FHD content to 4K with e shift due to the limitation in connections as I understand it, however these new projectors have the required connections so I assume it does 4k natively as well as e shift if that's what you prefer. Is my understanding correct? Cheers, Rori.
  9. SOLD: FS: Siemens Ecc88 gold pin tube

    Hi, If the other pair is still available I'll take that pair please? Rori.

    @digitalhome Sorry mate I'm struggling to figure out what the 'presence' speaker terminals are from the Yamaha website. Are they the height speakers? Same goes with the pre-outs. The specs state that it can do 11.2 channel so I assume the 'presence' speaker/pre outs are for the heights? Have you tried this and can confirm? Cheers, Rori.
  11. TAD Reference 1 Mk2

    Haha I would have thought these are some of the best speakers money can buy!? What other 'pretty good' speakers are you keeping?
  12. Is this still available?