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  1. Second in line if first buyer falls through please. I can pick up and in Melb SE suburbs. Cheers
  2. Haha I thought the same for a sec, the price is $4k. It's not meant to be the res even though it is 4k res as well.
  3. That extra 'zero' would be nice if it were real 😉
  4. Item: Martin Logan Balanced Force 212 Subwoofer with Martin Logan PBK kit Location: Melbourne (Dandy ranges) Price: $4.2k ---> $3.8k (RRP $8k not including PBK kit) Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: Not using and taking up space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 2 years old, purchased from Big Picture People Narre Warren. Plenty of reviews online about this subwoofer. It has 2 x 12" drivers opposing each other to cancel out vibrations. The outcome is clear, low distortion and clean bass. The customization for best in room response from the amp is second to none with low pass filtering, phase alignment, gain and when measuring with the PBK kit can give close to perfectly flat frequency response. This sub looks amazing especially in piano gloss black. Can ship however it does weigh 65kg's... I have all boxes and accessories for it. See specs and pics below. Specs: BalancedForce 212 System Frequency Response 18–120 Hz ±3dB; Anechoic through LFE effects input 20–120 Hz ±3dB; Low Pass Filter Frequencies 30 - 80Hz Phase 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° 0° 25Hz Level Control ±10dB at 25Hz ±10dB at 25Hz Power Control On, Auto (12V Trigger), Off On, Auto (12V Trigger), Off Room Correction Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) Ready (Sold Separately) Woofers Two 12" (30.5cm) cast-basket, highexcursion, aluminum cone with extended throw driver assembly, sealed non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format Amplifiers 2 x 850 watts (3,400 watts peak system total) 850 watts (1,700 watts peak) Inputs RCA: Left, Right and LFE. XLR: Left, Right and LFE. Speaker Level: Left and Right banana jacks. 12V Trigger: 3.5mm Mini USB (for PBK) USB (for crossover & firmware updates) RCA: Left, Right and LFE. XLR: Left, Right and LFE. Speaker Level: Left and Right banana jacks. 12V Trigger: 3.5mm Mini USB (for PBK) USB (for crossover & firmware updates) Output (RCA) Multi Out (for multi-sub connection) Multi Out (for multi-sub connection) Input Impedance RCA: 10,000 Ohms XLR: 15,000 Ohms per phase Speaker Level: 10,000 Ohms per phase (20,000 Ohms red to black) Power Draw Typical: 250 Watts Idle: 30 Watts Typical: 125 Watts Idle: 15 Watts Weight 140lbs. (63.5kg) each 96lbs. (43.5kg) each Overall Dimensions HxWxD ( 57.4cm x 57.4cm x 58.2cm) Pictures:
  5. Item: PS Audio P5 power regenerator in black - AUS sockets Location: Melbourne (Dandy ranges) Price: $2.5k Item Condition: Good 7/10 - Works perfectly, has swirl marks and a slight chip out of the back edge top section, I've never noticed it due to where its located in rack and where chip is. Front panel is in great condition. Will take pics tonight. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Great power conditioner/regenerator. Look up on Google for rave reviews and customer feedback. I loved it for my front end equipment, however now I'm using my P10 for the front end equipment as I've plugged my amps straight into the wall since moving house. There are two houses on the service providers step down trannie and now I can't hear a difference between my amps plugged into the wall or P10. Pick up only as I don't have the box. Pictures: To be added tonight.
  6. Item: Wireworld Supernova 7 optical cable 1m Location: Melbourne (Dandy ranges) Price: $200 inc shipping Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used this with my PS Audio DSD and have now moved to USB. Add 2.7% if not using Paypal "send money to a friend". Pictures:
  7. Item: PS Audio BHK Signature Preamplifier (silver) with Tungsram PCC88 tubes and stock tubes Location: Melbourne (Dandy ranges) Price: $6k ---> now $5k Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: One of the best pre's I've owned before the new addition. This unit is also a limited edition pre, signed in gold by Bascom.H.King himself (see photo's). It will come with a box of old tubes x 20 (not tested) as well as an NOS set of Tungsram PCC88/7DJ8 tubes (~150 hours), the stock tubes (~150 hours) and a pair of NOS GE ECC82/12AU7 tubes with D ring getter (~20 hours). The BHK was just edged out in a couple of areas by an AVM PA8 pre which costs twice as much with additional input and output cards. This and the user adjustability of the new pre being upgradeable with new modules such as tube output, tuner, tone control, phono and dac cards as time and money permits has led me to sell. Read the reviews and hype on google for more info on the BHK, it is a very detailed and dynamic pre with a midrange that keeps up with pre's twice as much. One of the areas the BHK kept up with the AVM. That and the fact it has HT bypass, dual outputs and 5 inputs all user adjustable and the tube rolling for different flavours of sound is why I purchased and loved it. Will come with all accessories, boxes and manuals. Can ship if there is interstate interest after cleared funds via Paypal (as friend) or add 2.7% via Paypal (when paying for an item or service). Shipping is at your own risk and I'll ship as per your request. Otherwise cash on pick up preferred. Specs from the website: Zero-loss vacuum tube input stage User accessible switch allows both 12 volt and 6 volt tubes to be used Differentially coupled balanced MOSFET output stage All through hole construction (no surface mount parts) PRP resistors in signal path 5 RCA Single ended inputs 5 XLR balanced inputs Single ended and balanced outputs Single ended and balanced outputs can be used together or separate Fully balanced input to output High current oversized power transformer Fully regulated power supplies using BHK designed MOSFET discrete voltage regulators Full BHK designed zero feedback, discrete MOSFET headphone stage Remote control Front panel standby button for vacuum tube stage -3dB greater than 200kHz Volume and balance through a revolutionary new combination of gain and attenuation control Two output DC control triggers Easy access to tubes if you want to roll with different ones Each input can be configured as a HT bypass Pictures:
  8. Thanks Marc, happy to negotiate extra inputs and outputs via pm once I know what the unit currently comes with? Your asking price states as configured but doesn't stipulate what that configuration is.
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