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  1. That's an interesting idea, I'll look into it and possibly get onto you through PM if that's ok? I've got a rippa 2 channel system I also use for HT with matching surrounds and centre, was thinking possibly to get rid of my pre and DAC and have a higher end processor do the duty of both movies and 2 channel music. Wouldn't mind ditching the centre channel and getting some rack space back!
  2. Wow Cheers for that link, mind blowing! Looks like I won't be getting an RMC-1. I wonder how the Trinnov would go with the same tests...
  3. What DAC do you have? I was thinking the higher end of HT processors such as Emotiva RMC-1 or even higher again like the Trinnov or the likes.
  4. Has anyone dropped their high end DAC for a high end HT processor with awesome 2 channel capabilities and happier for it? Not only for the simplification of the system, but the wallet will most likely be better off too. What's everyone's thoughts? If you did, what was your DAC and what is your new HT processor? Cheers!
  5. Not a bad idea Snoop! Cheers @Stereophilus let me know when it's on, I'll make my way down if I can.
  6. Only hifi shops and shows hear and there. I don't want to waste hifi shops time too much knowing I'll be going second hand either. That's the negative to going my route I guess. You go off people's opinions and hope it'll match your equipment and system when you put the hard earned down. Still, it's the way I prefer at this stage.
  7. I'll take a look, however I've heard they're on the warm side? I have a PS Audio DSD ATM and it is also on the warm side which is good, but I'm thinking I need something more neutral due to my speakers being fairly warm and full bodied in their own right to take my system to the next level.
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