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  1. I have the LCR 750 front X 3 and sur55T surround X 2 in a set, if interested PM me. Cheers, Rori
  2. Mine are 82kg each. Going off the example above with (load C green), blue can do up to 85kg Inc the weight of the podium stand itself. If they're 15kg each then 70kg would be the most weight for them. What do you mean add more? Where do they get installed on the platform?
  3. Thanks mate. Looks like my speakers will be a bit too heavy for these.
  4. I still am unsure on the load rating of the speaker platforms? What load rating are they? Cheers, Rori
  5. https://audioinfluence.com.au Some good brands such as AVM, JBL, Revel, Isoacoustics, etc on this site with 15% off store wide. Not a huge saving but some gear that doesn't normally get deals should have. I say should because I've not actually bought anything yet. Just letting others know!
  6. I have a black Plinius M14 phonostage with 54 or 60db gain selectable. PM me if this interests you.
  7. Have a black PS Audio DSD dac that was a Perfectwave MKii upgraded with the DSD kit, so only the bridge 1 in it. Also a few lines in the screen, apparently a $250 fix by Magenta Audio. PM me if you're interested.
  8. Would Holton Audio's Ex Nihilo Monoblocks interest you?
  9. Thanks Cam. Is that the same for the nuts and washers? Just plain? Did they show any signs of rust over time? Yeah will do. Cheers
  10. Hey Cam, Did you paint the threaded rod, nuts and washers or purchase them black? If purchased, could you please let me know where from?
  11. Happy to consider silly-ish offers people, send me a PM.
  12. Yeah that'd be good if you could split. Send a price via PM for 300 please mate.
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