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  1. In order to put the debate about the virtues of various types of frequency equalisation into perspective, I thought it might be useful to break it down to the fundamental issues behind each of the 3 very different approaches: (1) Additional circuitry in the signal path It's indisputable that the more the bandwidth is split into narrow sections, the more the user is able to home in and manipulate the "offending" frequencies. The development of crude tone controls into graphic equalisers and then parametric equalisers, finally moving into the digital domain, illustrates thi
  2. I'm afraid you may be right Dan! By then there will probably be more Twenty 5.26 owners ready for an upgrade. I know that the 25.26 (and lesser models) have been popular, so there should be plenty of candidates. Unfortunately I can't afford the luxury of waiting so long.
  3. Thanks todagt I absolutely agree, having compared them with lesser series PMC. The leap to the Facts is not subtle, it's staggering!!!
  4. Further information: These have been with me for longer than usual and not disappointed in any way. In fact (no pun intended) I'd go so far as to say that they have surpassed my expectations, even for a speaker with RRP of $28K - especially with their effortless control, timing, extension, spectacular vocal definition and transparency. Knowing that they borrow key components from the flagship model Fenestria, they are closer in performance to the flagship than the Twenty 5.26 is below them. This 3-way model features two 140mm super-long-throw Fact bass drivers, hand-built ferro-fluid cool
  5. I'm only talking about values. Luxman have always been marketed as a premium brand, with their turntables selling for more than older Regas. The rarity factor as well as different styling should also add value, even if manufactured for them by Rega.
  6. No worries Zsolt. Personally I can't understand why this combo hasn't sold yet. In terms of value, it has the brand pedigree of Luxman and a classic arm, with a superior and much more expensive cartridge than any I've seen on other examples of this model, which typically are advertised at a higher price than this. On top of that, it's been serviced and set up by Melbourne's, if not Australia's, leading turntable technician! Am I doing something wrong? A member once suggested that my photos could be improved. I haven't gone to more trouble than using my old iPho
  7. Hi Zsolt the Hun Thanks for the offer, but it would be sacrilege to split the combination, particularly after so much care has been taken to fine tune it. Rick's setups are far more precise than streetfront dealers or typical audiophiles can achieve without outside help, from my experience.
  8. Further information: A superb example of this rare model, with classic looks but serviced and upgraded to current audiophile standards by turntable maestro Rick Powell. Adjusted for optimum performance with correct VTA, azimuth, overhang, offset angle, tracking force and bias correction under test conditions. Refurbishment of all electrical contacts and cabling, horizontal and vertical relocation of the arm via the locking collar and realigning the bearing has resulted in the best performing example of this combination you will find. It will certainly surpass more expensive units that are
  9. The logical approach is to first conclusively answer the question of whether to pursue a preamp with separate DAC, or a DAC that can double as a preamp. In your likely price range, this is a no-brainer. The cost of a preamp, extra pair of interconnects and power lead good enough to satisfy you will be prohibitive unless you're lucky enough to find some give-aways! Provided that the DAC interfaces well with your power amp and has appropriate inputs, the more direct signal path will also be a tremendous advantage for information transfer. So your two remaining questions should be which
  10. Hi Guys Just a couple of observations regarding your opinions of the overall tonality of Vitus amps and Vienna Acoustics speakers. Having played with many Vitus amps and a couple of VA models at home, including Beethoven Baby Grands, I've found that neither brand is lacking in warmth. I'd go so far as to say that warmth is one of the stronger points of VA speakers. Although Sonus Faber is known for this quality, you may be disappointed if you're expecting Olympicas to have more of it. What they will have is a bit more top end detail, whereas the VAs are MORE forgiving. New SF i
  11. Item: Pair of metal speaker stands for heavy floor-standing speakers Price Range: Market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Ideally black powder-coated steel, 200-300mm high and at least 300mm wide or deep with spikes. Sand-fillable would be an advantage but not essential. The perfect stands would actually be triangular and truncated at the long axis, but I don't expect to be so lucky. Please let me know what you have and I'll see if they might suit. Home-made or imperfect finish could still be ok. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible.
  12. Thanks for all the messages. I promise to get back to everyone tomorrow if possible. Although my preference is obviously to sell as a system, there's been nothing but lots of interest in separate components. If no-one comes up with my asking price for the combo by then, it looks like I'll be negotiating separate prices. Cheers George
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