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  1. apple tv all the way... turn down the sensitivity on the remote..
  2. Just grab a newer model wiz online. Usually cheaper to install your own storage device though.
  3. All of our music is digital - whether it be Bluray, flac, x264 or MP3. Will using a DAC for all music sources help? 2 subs in use, a Klipsch Ref 12" and a Klipsch 10" both located behind our couch due to space. I am planning on adding dynamat to the Klipsch Horns on the mains and center. The speakers were 6 years old before I introduced the Rotel power amp to the configuration. I was shocked at the performance increase after adding the power amp. At the time listening to music with 2 channels seemed very flat. The horns in the mains could have been blown then? I have just purchased a larger center Klipsch 504c to replace the 450c and will be limiting the Onkyo to 3/4. Crossover was set as suggested - it was when playing music / concerts that we always had issues. Vocals always only came through the centre instead of the mains which just doesn't sound right to me. Do I have the wrong power amp for the speakers.
  4. Are these speakers overpowered by the rotel? Instead of repairing the centre I was thinking of getting the 504c instead. I did have a lock on the onkyo at 85, but if the source is bad or wrong mode sellected than any speaker is going to get damaged? My wife loves Adele live at Royal Albert Hall, and Fatboy Slim - Live at Brighton Beach...
  5. How do I know when the amps are clipping? I assumed adding a power amp would minimise over driving. Or are the speakers not suitable for the task at hand.
  6. tl:dr One of my darlings has blown the tweeters / horns in my mains, as well as one of the woofers and tweeter in my centre speaker. Speakers: Klipsch Rf82 mkii ref set. Amp/Receiver: Onkyo Tx nr 818. Pamp: Rotel rmb 1075. Mains and back on Pamp. Centre and rear surrounds on Receiver. Been quoted at 350 for the centre and 177 each for the mains ( Looks like the power amp has to go
  7. Seriously interested.... Powered by MaxPower
  8. yes, that's how it was setup, although the pre out labelling and instructions in the manual / setup menu was not clear. Powered by MaxPower
  9. thanks for all the advice. apparently the onkyo sends signals to the speaker out and pre out simultaneously - so set the onkyo speaker settings for fronts to bi-amp and guess what it worked. Sounds much better by a thousand degrees. Rotel is now bi-amping my mains and running the centre. A pre amp would be nice but out of my price range. The onkyo is also triggering the rotel on and off via zone3 trigger after the onkyo has powered on by my harmony remote. Also due to my youngest children both units are housed in a closed section of out HT cabinet. The back area has been totally removed and 2 server fans running of a 5v psu via a triggered switch hopefully will keep them both cool enough. Powered by MaxPower
  10. i will try that when i get home, set to bi-amping and see what happens. Powered by MaxPower
  11. im not bi amping on the onkyo anymore, but on the rotel. selecting bi amp on the onkyo disables pre out Powered by MaxPower
  12. yup. I presume its something todo with the pre out settings. Not at home at the moment but the external amp settings didn't have just simple front. There were front wide and front high which i presume is for 9.1 settings. Since I am only using a 5.1 system none of those options seems right. Powered by MaxPower
  13. So added the rotel to my setup which includes klipsch rf82 mkii 5.1 setup. Was hoping for some nicer, louder sound. Very disappointed. i have 4 channels on the rotel powering the mains, and one channel for the centre. Onkyo powers the rear surrounds. Movies are fine - I wouldn't say its any better than the onkyo on its own which surprised me. I would have thought of a big increase in overall volume. The 2 or 2.1 channel by far is the worst. The onkyo is only sending signals to either the highs or lows on the mains. On the pre out setup on the onkyo for the mains i have tried front wide, front high etc, doesn't seems to allow me to set for both. When bi-amping from the onkyo the mains are connected to front and front surround. I have connected the corresponding pre outs to the rotel but can only get full sound from the fronts when I select all channel stereo or another full channel dsp setting. Anyone using the onkyo for pre duties and have better luck? Powered by MaxPower
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