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  1. Gday, I have just recently purchased a Primaluna CDP and PreAmp, my question is: Should I look at dampening the tubes, and if so, should all the tubes be dampend or just some of them? Very new to the Tube world, so any advice would be appreciated. I have located some Teflon rings, that look interesting. Cheers Andrew
  2. Gday Simon, how do I private message you? Fairly new here.... Cheers Andrew
  3. Item:Primaluna Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:Wanted to buy, Primaluna Dialogue Premier PreAmp and Dac. Can paypal or bank transfer. Cheers Andrew Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Wanted-Primaluna Dialogue Premier pre amp, and DAC. Can bank transfer or Paypal. Cheers Andrew.
  5. I'm sure the repair will give you more service. Re looking for new speakers, I find the researching, reviewing and auditioning very much exhilarating and exciting...... Plenty out there, even some extremely well made Australian speakers... Cheers Andrew
  6. Just a correction on my last post, I upgraded to Q Acoustics 2050i's. I own a set of 2020is, but I use them as surrounds.....
  7. I had a pair of Jamo D4e's years ago, actually my first speakers that I purchased when I started my hifi journey, that did something similar to yours. That gave me a reason to upgrade to a set of Q Acoustics 2020i's. I should say, the Jamo's served me well, and I well and truly got my money's worth from them. Cheers Andrew.
  8. I wouldn't know if they can still be sourced... I was just thinking about whether the sonic signature would change? Cheers Andrew
  9. Gday, wouldn't it be better to source original woofers from Duntech, if possible? Cheers Andrew.
  10. Gday Tony, I will check out those links you sent. I will probably look at tube rolling after I've had a chance to get used to the sound and character of Primaluna Premier cdp. I should atleast give the tubes Primaluna supply, a chance. I dont imagine they would include inferior tubes. Thanks for your input. Cheers Andrew
  11. Gday(Tony??), thanks for the input. I'm very early in my journey down the tube/valve path. I've been doing a lot of research/reading regarding tube rolling,nos etc.... One thing I have learnt is, it's somewhat expensive to tube roll, espeacially if I look at nos. There doesnt seem to be any reviews or tests on which tube/valves might be or are suited to a particular brand/product. Seems like it can be hit or miss. I will continue to read and research, and take on any brands or types of tubes people recommend, such as yourself. Thanks for your reply Cheers Andrew
  12. Gday SteveCM, thankyou for your informative reply. I found very interesting and thought provoking. I dont currently use any, but I might try out some xlr cables... My current rca and speaker cables are NB cables, which I'm very happy with. I dont think they do xlr cables, so I may end up on a similar path you have found yourself on. I also use a true 75ohm coax Canare cable fro my cxc to the Parasound. Once again, thanks for the time you took to reply. Cheers Andrew
  13. Just me, but maybe just saying, "Show some pics of the setup, " would come across better....
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