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  1. I considered at maybe a Topping D90 (no HT bypass though) or Gieseler DAC with a Halcro MC20 amp combo. Open to ideas to be honest.
  2. Hey @tripitaka, of course you can ask. I'm always open to being given more ideas and suggestions. 😊 Others in the mix would also include the Hegel H190 or the Moon 340i with the D2PX module but a little out my price range. Reasons for the Denon: - Reviews very well and SNA members rate it - Under-rated in specs and can drive almost any speaker with it's high current - Would love a DAC inbuilt for simplicity, with USB-B input - Need HT bypass
  3. Thanks! Gotta find one first at a good price. 🤭
  4. Yeah, I've decided to skip the deal. WTB ad is up. 🤞 To be honest, I was really in 2 minds. Amp is so new so should be ok now. Only 2 things that really had me thinking twice was who would I get to fix it if something went wrong later and the resale value if I get the.upgrade bug as I have been warned. 😅
  5. Haha.... being so early in my journey, I have no idea. I need these owners to get itchy for upgrades to sell me their amp. Lol
  6. The current plan is to keep it long term or my CFO will kill me. I have a set budget to get the amp and replacement front....and to be honest, I'm probably 10% over which isn't too bad lol The price doesn't really reflect it to be honest....which doesn't make the decision easier....just means I could get it sooner. I'll see what his lowest is....lowest low...
  7. It's so strange, i even downloaded the Korean manual and said 220V in specs. But photo of the rear at the plug does show its 230V rated....so same as the one sold in Aus which is 230V. Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm. 🤔😅
  8. I thought the same too. But the Oz and Korea are same voltage rated at 230V. Yeah. Just a matter of time...... it's my patience that is the real enemy. Lol. Hegel H190 would be great but much more $$$$
  9. Hi everyone, I'm in a quandary and would love your advice. I'm looking at starting my 2ch journey by getting an int amp. The cheapest (was a great deal) it has sold for is around $2000 in the classifieds. One advertised for $2900 was sold. Both Aus stock. Not that many pop up though. I can get one for an ok price (slightly less than the $2900), only 4 months old but has been bought in Korea. I'm in two minds because it won't be warranted in Australia. Korea warranty is only 1 year. Also have heard that it will be hard to fix by authorised repairers down the road as it will be considered as a grey import? Lastly, I think the resale value especially through SNA would be less being not Australian stock. On the flipside, I was really looking forward to hearing and owning this amp soon....so the impatience is shining through. Lol
  10. I jinxed myself. So excitement is now something else.......and definitely will test my patience. The amp I'm looking for is a Denon PMA-2500NE. Had a deal done but was bought from overseas. No warranty and would have had issues with finding somewhere to fix if something went wrong. Updated my WTB ad...
  11. Nearly had a deal done outside SNA. But unfortunately was bought from overseas.... Still looking.....
  12. I have some news everyone, looks like the integrated amp negotiation is back on track...deal made, just need to finalise. I'll provide more details when it's done..... don't want to jinx it beforehand. 😅 It's got good reviews and has the HT bypass I need....hope you all feel it's a good first step. I'll get the amp by next Friday if all goes according to plan....then at least I can compare with the same speakers. The amp I'm getting is not this one. But by looking at past classifieds for this, it is in similar $$$ territory. Hope my choice doesn't disappoint. 🤞 I'm sorry, your story made me smile....as in I have been there for other things outside audio. Wishing you the fastest non issue delivery. A bloody bluray arrived last week from the UK, ordered in March!!! 😔 I'm sure you're calling BS on me when I say I'll be happy with the int p and new fronts. 🤭🤣 That's what I'm doing with the int amp. I was close to pulling the trigger on some MKI VAF I66s..... but at least now I'll have a bit of time with the int amp.... appreciate that before getting the fronts..... but then again, I'm always on the lookout on the classifieds. Lol My 2ch music room like you said is compromised. Not being focused on 2ch until now, my audio cabinet is on the left to the side of the front left speaker, although not blocking the bottom drivers, it has to be contributing to reflections, speakers are rear ported & so close to a wall cavity for the ducts in the corner....front right has a shelf to the right which also has to be reflecting sound. Maybe I need to look into some wall baffling and the replacement fronts will preferably be front ported. Right now excited...... but impatient for Friday to come around. 😅
  13. I'm looking at the direction of a quality good int amp. I'm sold, buy a good one that will last years. 😎 Patience is so not me lol. I wish I had the amp and speakers NOW...i wish all those fantastic deals thru through the classifieds were magically available NOW. Haha. In all seriousness, I can't wait to visit the hugh end audio stores recommended to me....as soon as I can....Dan. I think the int amp I'm looking at is class A/B
  14. Yep, definitely will have HT bypass, another piece of great advice from another member. Can't believe how much I've improved the 2ch sound already with changing of speaker placement too, lasers, measurements, triangle. Strangely though, the vocals sound better when I sit 30cm more forward, especially female vocals, have played with a little bit with toe in... Moving from seated back and 30cm forward, I can hear the sound change....30cm forward, it's like she's there. 🤔😎 Wow, your system must sound really good...at least to you with such an amount of time spent improving. I was going to go down the path of a Topping D90 DAC going into a Halcro MC20 amp but think I've decided on the integrated for similar money.
  15. Wow, big kudos to you on both the patience and research front!!!! I wish I could hear really high end audio....understand where I really am with my current system...a 0.5 out of 10 maybe. Lol The fact that I don't recognise a lot of your gear in your sig shows there's lots for me to learn and appreciate. I have it a little simpler with a full digital source journey. 🤞
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