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  1. great little phono that wipes anything in this price class
  2. GREAT MAD price for the Audia Flight house sound : detailed delicate at the same time as powerful and dynamic - I find my AF always comes up with what is needed for a particular piece of music.
  3. absolutely grand - always wished I could afford one of these when I had r2r gear
  4. Well I just got the AnalogMagik Package incl the Art Phono USB interface Talk about frustrating - minor changes to the Azimuth make big changes to the numbers and I cannot get them close to each other nor both over 30dB yet using a high end cart ...it would be good to read somewhere what the different numbers and graphs mean - there is all this information but no explanation . Maybe this would help
  5. Jules: sorry for the ignorance but what is it or better still what are they ?
  6. What an unbelievably wonderful restoration. Well well done!
  7. THe pics show a 120V model...is that correct?
  8. Really good cart Sweet spot for the money Bargain at the price
  9. Aha ---coool I have use dit once but forgotten about it Apologies and have a good rest of the Easter break
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