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  1. Did u check his website? audiomagic...your speakers are there ...
  2. Great little phono - had one as a back up unit and it is hard to go wrong compared to anything else at this price point
  3. lol ...rather ageist....60s and no loud music?!?!!! great speakers !!!!!
  4. Thank you to everyone who replied - they are spoken for and I have PMd the wait list
  5. ok got a few replies and have to sort them out - so unless I add something here I would say they are gone to one of the people who sent me a PM
  6. Item: Goldring/Lenco G88 Plinths from Moldova one in Ebony and one in Satin walnut Location: 2107 Price: NIL how about a $20 donation for each one to SNA ? Item Condition: MINT Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Abandoned project Premium birch ply - two available - one in ebony had the tt and arm screwed onto it to check - the other is virgin and is in walnut colour (which is still in a box) - the walnut one has had bolt receptacles (?not sure what they are called ) put in it by a cabinet maker They are too far too heavy to use as door stops and a shame to let the dogs chew them or use as fire wood ...not sure if they are toxic when burning Photos:
  7. T500RS - PlayStation®4 Games list Your racing wheel is Force Feedback-capable on PlayStation®4 (*) with: - ASSETTO CORSA - DAKAR 18 - DiRT RALLY™ - DiRT RALLY™ VR - DIRT RALLY 2.0™ - DiRT® 4 - DRIVECLUB™ - DRIVECLUB™ VR - FARMING SIMULATOR 19 (no FFB on this game) - F1 2015 - F1 2016 - F1 2017 - F1 2018 - F1 2019 - GRAN TURISMO® Sport - GRAVEL - Nascar Heat Evolution - Nascar Heat 2 - Nascar Heat 3 - PROJECT CARS - PROJECT CARS 2 - SEBASTIEN LOEB RALLY EVO - THE CREW™ - THE CREW™ WILD RUN - THE CREW™ 2 - V-RALLY 4 - WRC 5 - WRC 6 - WRC 7 - WRC 8
  8. t500RS sells for $799 at Pagniani F1 wheel sells for $319 to 339 at Pagniani and scorptec Ferrari 458 Challenge Wheel sells for $165 at Scorptec stand - hmmm $99? on ebay
  9. I called the Melbourne store about the Aeon flow headphones they have and asked for a price and he quoted full rrp so I asked if the price was right as theirs do not come with the deal for a free Arcam amp ...and the guy said he knew nothing about an amp deal ! Theirs have no amp deal because they are no longer official resellers and he feigned he did not know about the amp deal from the new Oz distributor... hmm either dishonest or they do not have much product knowledge... which was it?
  10. compatibility on ps4 as follows https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/t500rs-en/
  11. Just realised the warranty is extended by Chord on registration even for subsequent owners so this has effectively a 5 year warranty --- or is it 3 years because the Qutest is part of the Hugo range?? https://chordelectronics.co.uk/warranty-policy/ Typically for accessories, it is 30 days, one year for portable products, thee years for transportable products and five years for desktop and full-size components. This is in addition to your statutory rights. Warranty policy: Your warranty will begin from the initial date of purchase from an authorised Chord Electronics retailer and is transferable to a new owner
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