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  1. "A superbly made product that produces superb sound" - Michael Fremer, Stereophile Stereophile Class A Recommended Component Current model - rrp $7990 The manual, alternative impedance cards and extra high quality resistors are included. Use the preselected impedance jumpers or make your own custom jumpers with supplied cards and resistors. Review: "The Audia Flight Phono combined pitch-black backgrounds and world-class dynamic presentation with a clean, ultrafast top end and a taut, well-extended bottom end." Stereophile Class A Recomm
  2. Charisma Audio Reference Two Cartridge Brand new Never used Never installed Specifications: Output Voltage: 0.38 mV at 3.54 cm/sec Coil: Special iron crossed-coil with extremely high purity and ultra fine single crystal copper Cantilever: Ruby Stylus: Super fine line contact nude diamond Vertical Tracking Angle: 20 degrees Internal Impedance: 12 ohms Recommended Loading: 100 – 1,000 ohms Dynamic Compliance: 15 um/mN Frequency Response: 20 – 25,000 Hz ± 1 dB Channel Balance: better than 0.5 dB C
  3. These puppies punch way above their level ---plus I am able to hear my music on in bed and my wife does not hear it, even when loud - she complains even when in the next room if I am using my LCD-3s!
  4. I too had this and a Qutest but the Hugo2 won and I sold the Qutest Great headphone amp in it - esp with Focal headgear though it handled my LCD-3s really well and the HD800s but really love it with my Focal ..... and as a DAC it is a mean beast - compared to various others eg my Dave and the Hugo2 came out hitting heavy and swinging as hard as its big brother (not to mention the size and price savings) - I am sure I will cop flack for this comment but that is the way I heard it.
  5. Bargain price for a really neat streamer- these have been selling from $600 to $700 on Ebay !!!
  6. Apologies this was meant for another post
  7. HAving been asked : the cartridge mounted on the arm when I took the pics was an old MM type SHURE M95EH - I wanted to hear what this sounded like on this turntable with this arm. I found it in my box of stuff still all new, having bought many years ago to put on a turntable for my mother but alas it never happened. I did also test an Ortofon VMS20 Mk2 but then broke the cantilever after I took it off the headshell on my workbench. Sad ..but old and had its time. It was interesting to compare these to all the newer and exxy carts I have had and have.
  8. Wow ..heard these at a friend's house (I will not tell him how much these are selling for here!) - what a great buy for someone ...
  9. Stereophile Class A Turntable 2020 - same on as reviewed by Michael Fremmer. I love this turntable but I am getting too old to keep getting up Dual motor Belt Drive. With Reed Suede Record Mat, Reed Model 2g Wenge 10.5 inch Tonearm and an SBooster Linear Power Supply (AU plug) The tonearm length and colour as well as the type of wood can be changed by using a different wand. Cartons, packing, cartons, accessories and manuals included. If I have interest in both items separately then I will sell them as individual items.
  10. People have asked me as to whether this is Mk1 or Mk2 . Please note that the Mk2 version is only cosmetically different (Now finished in Lunar Grey to match the rest of the CX Series 2 range) and sells for $1099.
  11. Further information: Transport in immaculate condition. Purchased to rip my CD collection (approx 500 CDs). Owned since new and kept it just in case I went back to CDs. Complete with box and remote.
  12. This unit has two separate MC input boards Decided to sell after all
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