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  1. @PKay@DamonsHIFIfrom Stereophile magazine in 2005 The basic WallyTractor remains the same in 2005: In a departure from previous such devices, like the Dennessen Soundtraktor, Mobile Fidelity's Geo-Disc, DB Systems' DBP-10, and the boomerang-like Cart-A-Lign, each WallyTractor is individually keyed to the effective length (pivot to stylus) of a specific tonearm model. There's a Linn Ekos WallyTractor, a Rega RB-300 WallyTractor, an SME V WallyTractor, and so forth. BUT: But what about those tonearms whose effective length is unknown, or that have a limited range of cartridge adjustment? For owners of such products, a new WallyTractor is available—something closer to a universal model. For the same $149 as any other WallyTractor, Malewicz can now make you one that omits the overhang guide and substitutes a straight line for the arc described above, engraved with the appropriate rotational adjustment grids So who is right???? the stereophile article goes on to mention the overhang that can be keyed in if possible....
  2. This does not look like meringue ..is it licorice flavour?
  3. get another one and you can have them in stereo (LOL) or really quadraphonic - I think I even have a quadraphonic LP!
  4. Further information: Integrated Amp with Phono amp & Headphone out as well as tone controls! selling this for my brother who no longer uses his gear In good working condition From HIFIENGINE: Power output: 85 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.01% Damping factor: 100 Input sensitivity: 0.16mV (MC), 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 76dB (MC), 92dB (MM), 102dB (line) Channel separation: 60dB (MM), 60dB (line) Output: 150mV (line) Dimensions: 435 x 139 x 330.5mm Weight: 8kg
  5. wow you are brave opening up this can of worms.... like what is the best recipe for chocolate cake? I eagerly await the answers.... I know I was this past week trying to find out the dilution for Ilfotol and that led to many different answers ! so now what mixture of waters or chemicals or surfactants or even shampoo should one use? and btw Owen here has a recipe for his us cleaner.
  6. jriver is jobbyist software Roon is an ipod or an iphone ....game changer (in the way people will play their music) as @barbz127 noted it is attractive to non audiophiles. Mobile phones like the i10 or s10 cost well north of 1k but people buy a new one every 2 years. Whether the cost vs benefit suits a person is up to them to decide. Interesting how many people now cannot "live" without an iphone or even a $500 phone. I guess the nay sayers here never invested or believed in Apple.
  7. Really? No one wants this beautiful looking radio? This was the best SW radio one could buy anywhere in the world, back then. When working these sell for usd 350 to usd 480 !! check out https://www.universal-radio.com/used/sold198.html
  8. Squeezebox served me well for years - changed the way I listened to music - at least when I was being lazy and did not want to change CDs. What a revolution! Then I wanted to streamline things and moved to a Digibit server/player with built in hdd but that was not fast enough for the high res files I eventually moved to. Then came a number of Auralic Aries connected to my systems and a NAS. Till I discovered Roon and the Rock on a NUC which is, to me a second revolution (or epiphany) - no more wasting time putting music in the right or wrong place or in the wrong format, setting up things, tagging files, fighting with software or hardware - just plain old enjoying the music.
  9. not just software.... you get a subscription to a database that is updated continuously and there are no update fees for the software.To compare : Office 365 business premium is nearly aud200 per year with no end.
  10. I spent so much time tagging for jriver that when roon came into my system I continued the time consuming activity... then many months later I started to spend that time on listening to music instead... yes Roon is very much worth it (and I was skeptical of the cost before I tried it) as it makes the listening experience simply richer
  11. Well, I quite like the mqa albums on tidal I have listened to. Are they better than my flac 24 bit? Funny, never thought about that... guess I was just enjoying the listening... similar to drinking various scotches.
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