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  1. According to the FM curve, if you heard a flat in room response speaker, it would sound bass shy because of the lack of ear sensitivity to bass, so why would you say a flat FR would sound better?
  2. I have read that before, I think that's one of the reasons why a flat measuring speaker does not sound particularly good or bass shy.
  3. End game complete

    Killer system.
  4. Watch out, there is a new series coming. The CM is being discontinued to make way for the 700 series.
  5. @tianyu Hope you enjoy the JBL, I am sure they are great. Re the 800D3 bass, I think if the room is rather small or smaller, the bass can get overwhelming. You really need a good 11-13 feet from the speaker plane (baffle plane) as well to ensure good coherence with the 800D3. As for me, I went back to the 802D3, the 800D3 even for a treated smaller/mid size room like mine was not the perfect fit. Overall, the bass was just a little too much and I preferred the more balanced sound coming out of the 802D3.
  6. Hello Tanny I have not tried the 80xD3 with tube amps, but I have had tube amps (Cary 211FE) that I used on the previous version of the 802D2. I liked it but there was definitely a drop off in bass reproduction. I would suggest making sure that you are OK with that character. The voices were ethereal however, on tubes. I have settled for tube preamplification with SS amplification as my defacto choice of attack. Re the interconnects, I believe good interconnects can save you money on speaker cable, that's definitely true. Congrats on a fine system
  7. Thanks msetjadi! I am hoping to work on the room over time. Complete the treatments, get diffusers. Work on the rack system. Complete my Audioquest Loom some day. Lots of work, but that's the best part..... it's a work in progress. I'm probably 60% there.
  8. Yep. Better results every time.
  9. Understood. I guess what I meant was I was skeptical of all power related products. Then I was proven wrong by my AQ Wel power cords (and NRG10 power cords). And then I was again proven wrong when I tested the PS Audio P5 against the wall.
  10. Sorry the room is messy, that's the problem when you have toddlers running around. The dimension of the room is 18x15. My next step is some diffusion. What you see is the ceiling cloud system, the bass traps along the front wall, the side walls are treated. What you don't see, monster bass panels to the rear wall where the seat is, single seat, single ottoman.
  11. I was very skeptical of power conditioning, then I stumbled onto a good deal on a PS Audio P5. I a/b'd it against the direct plug to wall... wow, no comparison, the P5 really does work. Sounds better, denser, more palpable. I can see where some might think that the dynamics are squashed, but to my ears, it sounds warmer and better.
  12. I have the 800D3 inhouse and am running it through its paces. If it does not thoroughly spank the 802d3 in my room then it will go back to the dealer and I get back my 802D3.
  13. B&W CM1 repair in Brisbane

    Yes replace the driver
  14. B&W CM1 repair in Brisbane

    Did she pop through the dustcap or the Kevlar itself?