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  1. Thanks JJ, I've got some of that self adhesive speaker sealing foam that's about 2-3mm thick, but it compresses fairly easily. I'll try that also. Cheers.
  2. Hi JJ, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I was seriously considering that. But I can get the ATN95EX for under $40 and the AT95E cart I pretty good. I'd like to keep it in service if I could and use the additional $$ on more discs to spin for now. Eventually, yeah, a cart upgrade is definitely on the cards, so the AT100E will be on the shortlist to be the new pickup (or may splurge on the 120), but for now that lil AT95E is just crying out to be used. BTW, my TT is a PL-518x, a great solid unit, but on the lower end of the budget scale so I can't justify with the minister of finance throwing too much $$$ at it. Thanks again.
  3. Ha ha, thanks guys. Got the gennie prepped... But if we get Oz's biggest battery, we'll be right Don't get me started on the whole power crisis issue... With the whole tram thing, again, governments and their infinite wisdom... we had trams, but they are soooo 19th century, so lets rip it all up... hang on a sec, they are a good idea, lets spend 10x as much to re install it again... Oh well, I'll just keep paying my taxes and watch it gets used in weird and wonderful ways And keep grooving to the music
  4. Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I wanted to reach out to any of you happy modders out there that can hopefully shed some insight... After an accidental incident a member of my family had with the needle on my TT, I need to order a new stylus (needle arm snapped off completely off the cantilever) I currently am using a AT95E cart, and since I need to replace the stylus, thought I'd get the ATN95EX dark red stylus over the standard ATN95E green one. The only difference I can see is (apart from being a few $$ more) is the diamond tip is smaller on the EX being 0.3 x 0.7 compared to the stock 0.4 x 0.7 on the green E, so hopefully this should translate into better tracking and 'sound'. But, whilst I wait for this, I thought I should see if I can do some quick mods to improve the cart... so after googling on the interweb there are quite a few 'experimentalliers' that have tried different ideas to squeeze more audio joy from the AT95E with varying amounts of success. Im not too keen on the whole making up custom wood frames and sticking tape, blu-tak, etc on the outside of the cart as Im trying to keep the 'factory fresh' look, and as the TT is a bit of a show-piece, the MRS wouldnt be too keen on a cruddy looking 'thingy' stuck on the end of the tonearm... So, I read about potting the cart with wax or lipstick, etc, to help deaden resonances. And with the term 'simple' attached in the sentence, this caught my attention. But how? Is it filling the internals of the plastic mount that the cart body screws into (there are a couple of voids that could be filled), or somehow filling the internals of the cart body itself? If its the latter, I cant see how this would be 'simple' as the cart body is housed in a 'one piece' pressed metal enclosure, with only a seam on the top, which I would be very hesitant about trying to pry open to reveal the guts. So has anyone done this 'potting' technique? Could you please explain what is involved, and probably more importantly, was it worth it? Did it bring more life into the AT95E? And any other simple mods worth trying? (another one I think I read was blu-tak between the cart body and stylus) Not too keen on filling the needle tip (another mod I read about) too delicate for me to attempt... Eventually, I'll probably upgrade to a AT100E cart as at least then it opens they way to more stylus options later, but for now, if I can squeeze some more out of the AT95E... Sorry for the long thread, I do tend to dribble a bit when trying to explain something. But looking forward to any helpful advice. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the welcome peeps. Going to enjoy sifting through the forum
  6. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster I grew up playing my dad's Denon system and listening to his vinyls from the 60's and 70's. But by the time I could afford my own system, CD's were all the rage, so went the digital path. It was a fun ride, evolving into multi channel HT and ever increasing digital media (mostly compressed) But after listening to some black spinners again, Ive got this itch to go back to my roots. This site has been a wealth of information, so I though *** would be a great forum to join up with Ciao from the land of unreliable power...
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