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  1. I thought it was all snake oil till I tried it. Never heard the bass so prominent and the clearness in voice wow. Biggest change I ever heard. Gene de la salla from audioholics convinced me it was snake skin oil till I heard it for myself
  2. Thanks for the reply and I've done alot more research. Soundstage is fine. Your comment is correct about the power chord which gives a better result than the conditioner. I found the isotek power chord valued at 250 gave me a nice 3d soundstage and the cable which is grey and blue plugs valued at 550 gave a very narrow soundstage and I didn't like it. So there u from powerchords have moreeffect than conditioner alone
  3. I have a primaluna Dialogue HP power amplifier, I recently plugged it into a isotek Aquarius power conditioner and the amp seemed to produce clearer sound and much tighter bass. The only issue is that the sound was to clinical and lost that sweetness that tube amps create. I am using the primaluna kt120 tubes. My question is do you guys recommend or disagree with a power conditioner with these units. Any advice is appreciated and many thanks in advance
  4. Sorry to hear about the tough times. I genuinely hope you sell them and get your price. Best wishes...
  5. I have a matrix element m, which is roon ready. Can I use roon or do I still need a computer or laptop to run roon. I also don't have apple. All my computer's and phones are Android based. Any help much appreciated
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