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  1. I have a Cambridge audio cxn v2 and wish to connect it to a rega elex r. Not sure how to connect from dac to amp. Should I be doing coax or RCA ? What is better ? 2nd part of question from what I understand anything connected to Cambridge audio cxn v2 via USB is upscaled. Is this a different connection. Thanks to whom replies. All running into paradigm studio 40s speaker and no sub at this point
  2. I have a primare a30.7 matched with Martin Logan's 60xt for hi-fi. I'd like to know or seek recommendations on a better stereo amplifier if anyone has some recommendations. Much appreciated ! P.s also using my anthem avm60 dac
  3. I'm looking at purchasing a rega brio with Cambridge Azur 851n so I can stream music. Are these a good combo from anyone's experience
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