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  1. Goodaye all No old original drivers, new caps. Got about 20hrs on them now sounding better. Found a set of complete Bailys down the road. Do l sell these and get those??????? regards Bruce
  2. Goodaye all Got a pair of non working factory Kef Concerto's with the Idea of using them as Bailys in the future. Needed a driver and the mids had there terminals hanging off. (Thankyou to a SNA member for parts, donation to SNA made.) Fixed the terminals with nylon screws and some new tabs, capped the old crossover's and fired them up. Yuk, sounded awful nowhere near as good as my other Concerto's. Let them run late last night and most of the day so now have 15hrs on them. Wonderful now, sound nealy as good as my Kefkit set. These hadnt been used for years going by the dirt and proberly like me are bit slow to get moving. (3rd hip replacement) The new caps were a mixture of poly's and electro's done my way. Bit disapointed on how Kef insulated there terminals. So yes the 15hrs of burn in has made a difference for the better. Now all need to do is get onto the Baily cabinets and build fresh crossovers. regards Bruce
  3. Goodaye all Cant give a reasonable answer on why we tend to use plastic over metal apart from being conductive. regards Bruce
  4. Should have said l had the Bluestone slab sealed. regards Bruce
  5. Goodaye It took 4 goes to clean switches and valve sockets when l got it. Its something l expect to do. Have used filters on those types of fans with mixed results. regards Bruce
  6. Goodaye all Very pleased with the results. The case Temp in the with the fan running is 49.4c after running 3hrs Without the fan 63.7c after 3/4's of a hour. 15 mins with the fan back on and its already dropped to 55.9c l did put the foam gasket in place, fitted really well. This really should extend its trouble free life and allow me to use it on those hot days of summer. regards Bruce
  7. Goodaye all l did one of these 6 months ago, wasnt working at the time. Really great sound out of a small amp. Young kid bought it, loves it. Should have kept it as it sounded better than the AU555 l have here. regards Bruce
  8. Goodaye all Just a update been running for a hour or so and the amp seems a little cooler. There is quite bit of air flow from under the amp escaping from the sides, did expect this and have a cunning plan. To the left in the final picture there is a brand new Topping D50, it came well packed in foam about the size of the fan. The plan is to use this foam as a gasket and force all the air into the amp. Will try it later. PS The guy at work who works the stones mouth dropped when l asked do you think we could do speaker cabinets. 😀 After he picked up his mouth he said yes. regards Bruce
  9. Goodaye all Got my cooler for my Sansui AU70 Tube amp set up. My idea was to flow some air from the bottom through the amp via the vent holes. l had a Bluestone slab cut at work, used some scrap aluminium and a 12v Silent fan that flows 37cfm. It has some 20mm feet siliconed to the bottom to get the air from underneath the slab. After checking rotation and that it is silent at 12v l ratted a power adaptor out of the dreaded trunk. So the AU70 sits nicely on top of the slab. Will get some temps when one of my boys bring home the laser gun from work. regards Bruce
  10. Thanks. When you see the Brocks tomorrow tell em Sloper sends he's regards. regards Bruce
  11. Trick is to have Chevs and Holdens. regards Bruce
  12. Goodaye Pete l have in the past used quality electrolytes of the same value, what brand of film caps do you use? regards Bruce
  13. Goodaye Replace the tone board transiters, not hard but worth it. regards Bruce
  14. Thanks will have a look. regards Bruce
  15. Goodaye all l have a large garage with benches and 3 large tool boxes already. l dont do electronics in my garage but my study which l have set up a corner. Still dont like the idea of a metal toolbox and still havent found a larger plastic cantelever type. Still keep looking. regards Bruce
  16. Goodaye all Need a new toolbox to keep my electronics tools and stuff in. Had a cheap plastic cantalever tackle box which lasted years and would prefer to stick to a plastic cantalever type but cant find a suitable one. What do other people use? l have a old Sidchrome metal one here but electronics gear in metal just doesnt feel right. regards Bruce
  17. Goodaye all Just received a D50 and am very happy, it replaced a a JDS labs El dac. Bass is a tighter, and sounds clean and crisp. Once again its connected via Toslink, the cable clicked in nicely. l see it as good value. l did consider the D70 but decided to leave it until there are more out there and there are more user opinions. Probley get a minor revision anyway. The El dac is off to the garage where it will still get lots of work. regards Bruce
  18. Goodaye all l custom make my own keeping them as short as possible. The longest l have is 12m, between DAC and Amp. Dragged a DAC out one day and used a 60mm cable, preferered the 12m one. Wasnt the same DAC so was a little unfair. regards Bruce
  19. Thankyou. Thought so. regards Bruce
  20. Goodaye all Looking at some old speaker brochures and it refers to say "50w Program" Is this refering to RMS, Peak to Peak or ???? regards Bruce
  21. Burnt 6 music cd's last month to fill the CD stacker in the car. regards Bruce
  22. Goodaye l have a Fiio M3, few years old now but still going strong. Sounds great and was good value. regards Bruce
  23. No the one's l was didnt have drivers, regards Bruce
  24. Goodaye all Saw somewhere a pair of empty Baily transmission line speaker cabinets but cant find it again, did anybody else see them? regards Bruce
  25. Goodaye l have a 2240 which l converted to LED, easy enough. There are people in the US who do "kits" to do caps and relays. l find it has a nice warm sound. regards Bruce
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