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  1. They make it too hard to buy legal copies and do the right thing, so............. l ripped all my CD's to my Pc regards Bruce
  2. sloper

    Vintage shootout.

    Goodaye all The TDL RTL3's were finished this morning, new caps and tweeters. There pounding out now, first hour was rough but now he sound great. Its a toss up if the Concerto's or RTL's sound better. regards Bruce
  3. sloper

    Vintage shootout.

    Sorry 2240 regards bruce
  4. Goodaye all last weekend we had a bit of a vintage shootout, this was brought on by demonstrating my Kef Concerto's to a potential buyer. Anyway the Amps. Sansui Au101, daily family room listener, been capped and modded. Sansui AU505, just finished capping and mods. Sansui AU505, my study amp, capped and modded a little differently, bit more base. Marantz 2240, just serviced. Speakers Marantz 920's restored Linerar Design K2400 recapped Kef Concerto's recapped. TDL RTL3 little unfair on these as they have a mismatched tweeter and the crossovers need capping. l have the ability to switch amps instantly for the connected speakers from my Ol dac. First up the Concerto's were connected to the Au505 and Marantz. Well the Concerto's came alive on the AU505 the base was clearer and tighter sounded great. Had to take a little base off. Then l switched to the Marantz, amazing sounded even better, just left it as it was. l had only used the Concerto's on a AU101 and the base was ho hum. Reconnected the 920's these are my favourite sounding speakers, l like them useing the AU505 amp but l can switch to the Marantz. So at this stage the Concerto's were no longer for sale. Then off to the family room. The Concerto's and TDL's connected to the Sansui AU101 sounded ok but the base was ho hum. The Linear design's sound great. The Sansui AU101 got kicked out and the new Au505 in its place. On the Linear Design speakers it sounded the same, may a little better on the base. Dragged out the Concerto's, base was tight and clean mid and hi's were perfect. l knew it was right when the wife says these sound better. So off to Fantastic furniture for some cheap side tables to bring the Concerto's to listening height. These also switch to the surround sound amp and you can hear a improvement in that too. Left the TDL's out for now as there is replacement tweeters on there way and new caps going in. The 920's stay in the study l dont want the heathens using them. As for the Concerto's there staying and may get a black vinyl wrap as the brown looks dreary. Linear designs go to mums for storage ( 2 cars there already) Sansui AU101 goes up for sale. So in daily duty we have 3 AU505's 2 with TU505 tuners a Marantz 2040, Marantz 920 speakers, 4 TDL Compact speakers, Kef Concerto's. Sounds great to me and thats the important thing. regards Bruce
  5. sloper

    Random cars of interest

    If you dont want American Muscle ther's always this.
  6. Goodaye all l look after a fleet of tippers and cranes trucks for a building supplies, basically the smaller truck the more useless a exhaust brake becomes. We consider 18 months out of a clutch good. Lazy axles are useless, l have seen trucks stuck of a driveway crossover. And if we can find a uniuqe and unsual way to break something we will. regards bruce
  7. sloper

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    l just got a pair local and they do punch above there weight. regards Bruce
  8. l got a pair of TDL RTL3 with a blown tweeter. regards Bruce
  9. Goodaye Hifi Shark and facebook grrrrr regards Bruce
  10. Found this and is meant to be a direct replacement. https://www.digikey.com.au/product-detail/en/peerless-by-tymphany/D19TD05-08/D19TD05-08-ND/6557405 But????? regards Bruce
  11. Goodaye all Where would l go to get Vifa D19 tweeter replacements? Found used stuff overseas but hesitent to buy them. Is there any new stuff that l should consider? regards Bruce
  12. sloper

    Kef ident and help.

    Goodaye all Recapped with 2 hrs on them, sound real nice on my Sansui AU101 however. The plan is for a Sansui AU505 to power them, l have already noticed that at world shaking volumes they loose it, yes proberly the power handling of the crossovers. Lots of goodies to order for the new crossovers as Zaph has suggested. As for stands l can build, wood, steel or can get stone cut. What shape? Granite or Marble stands, hmmmmm. regards Bruce
  13. sloper

    Kef ident and help.

    Thanks. Working on plan A New caps for the existing crossovers, just to listen. Then Plan B build new crossovers. These will be going into the family room and will serve dual duty. Music through one of my Sansui AU505 (recapped and modded of course) and home theater with the Sony thing. l would like to put then on low stands to save them from a crazy wheelchair driver. Whats the thoughts on adding a fuse on the input to a crossover, l can see one of my children pushing the Sony hard into these speakers. regards Bruce
  14. sloper

    Kef ident and help.

    l'll layout the crossover before doing anything just in case l can get it to fit. regards Bruce
  15. sloper

    Kef ident and help.

    Goodaye all First off thanks Trevor. Going to leave the original crossovers in place for looks. Cut hole in the back which will be filled by the new crossovers and new terminals. l'll use poly caps on the midrange and tweeter but use a bipolor electrolytic on the bass speaker. Looking at the drawing the componets were measured values so l assume the 50uf cap was a 47uf and the inductors ??? or 0.150mH wound down? Any thoughts on stands? l can make whatever l need. regards Bruce