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  1. Goodaye all It's not the end of the world, just run Win7 until your PC dies, easy. Then make the switch. Keep your security software up to date and clean backups. l use 10 at work and 7 at home, prefer 7. l think MS are thinking everyone will ditch 7 and go onto 10 straight away, l think they will be in for a shock. Looked at Mint but unfortunatly its a Windows world. regards Bruce
  2. Goodaye all Reading this and am a little confused of the benifit of this on home networks. limiting devices comunication too each other on a gigbyte network, make that much difference? The fact the router has to do more processing negate the benifits? regards Bruce
  3. Well it does if its free. regards Bruce
  4. Goodaye all Need to raise my Concerto speakers from 400mm to 500mm off the floor. Currentley they are sitting on a pair of cheap side table's. No spikes, there will be a new vinyl floor soon. l could go two ways, steel, stone or combination. Solid stone would weigh 128kgs each. Filled steel tube on a steel plate or slab of stone. Reinforcing the floor is no problem. Going to build a new entertainment unit in the future steel frame stone shelfs and sides, maybe. So will need to match. l can do whatever l need for the stone and steel at work.😉 Need some idea's and thoughts. regards Bruce
  5. Normal in a first world country? And how does more pressure on the grid help? As l said we need a big shakeup. regards Bruce
  6. There needs to be a big shake up in infactstructure, how many years now have we been having Load shedding on hot days? regards Bruce
  7. Goodaye all Everybody wants to be green but loose sight of the fact of how to get there. The electricity infastructure has to be changed/upgraded to allow mass charging of EV's. Charging stations need to be common and fast. Batteries still have a long way to go and need to be still cheaper. l think in about 10 years when the current crop of EV's need new batteries we will see what happens. Lithium batteries are a difficult to recycle. Dont get me wrong l think EV's have a place and will become dominent just not as soon or easily as everyone thinks. Me l'll generate my own power, use rainwater around the house and fill my recycle bins. Hope that makes up for all my cars and the fact l rain down lead when l am flying. regards Bruce
  8. Goodaye all Drives me nuts, the variations in CD recordings varies so much. l tend too buy old CD's and scrounge friends collections for old stuff. (yes its the backup copy). Op shops and beleive it or not car swap meets, l tend to attend a few.😀 Have the remastered version of Sgt Peppers, l found it base heavy and go back to my 80's recording. But the new mastering of Abbey Road is perfect. regards Bruce
  9. l will have to admit l find l fall into this catagory. But l am a bit of a troglodyte and cherry pick modern tech. regards Bruce
  10. Well l had a smile on my face the other day. Walked past my 14yo sons room and l heard Jimi Hendricks playing, then on the return The Doors. Just have to teach him to make sure they are played LOUD. l know 3 of my children have ratted files off my music servor. There education continues. regards Bruce
  11. Item: Kef Factory Concerto's Location: Mooroolbark (Vic) Price: $300 Item Condition: Used with new crossover caps. Reason for selling: l was going to use these as a basis for transmission line speakers but am rearranging my equipment and l wont be using these anymore. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Pair of factory Kef Concerto's All drivers work and the crossovers have been recapped. The crossovers are inside the cabinet roughly, for testing and burning in, need to be fixed better. Cabinets are still solid, but have some scratches, grills are ok but there is one small hole. Banana plug inputs. Pickup from Mooroolbark Vic Will of course demonstrate. Selling for what they owe me $300 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. No worries, l am at Mooroolbark on the other side of Melbourne. l recentley recapped a pair of factory Concerto's, run them in on my Sansui AU70 and AU717, prefered and felt the speakers sounded better on the lower power AU70. After putting some 100 so hours on them l dont think they sound as good as the kit Concerto's l have even though there capped the same and have the same drivers. It might be a case of try a few different amps to see what you like. regards Bruce
  13. Goodaye l have no problems driving Concerto's with the Sansui AU555 or AU505. Both can make your ears bleed. You have to remember there are more things than stated output wattage to consider. If your not far l could drag out the AU717 regards Bruce
  14. Goodaye What area are you in? l have a Sansui AU555 you could try. regards Bruce
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