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  1. Thanks for putting me strait. All l can recall is mates in the 80's swearing about how good there preamps were. None of them were using them into power amps. regards Bruce
  2. So a pre is only of use in front of a power amp only. That explains a lot. Tanks Bruce
  3. No worries Marantz DS920's and Kef Concerto's (modified) Sansui AU70 AU717 AU505 Usally through a Topping D50 Dac Thats the stuff l listen too a lot. regards Bruce
  4. Goodaye all Reading some posts about pre amps and my head is about to EXPLODE. l always took preamps as a signal conditioner and leveler for the amp especially with phono/tape inputs. Right??? Now l see pre amps are making improvments to DAC's, how?? Signal levals from a DAC should be strong and correct. Is it crappy modern DACs with poor signal outputs out of modern equipment?? l struggle with this. Now to be positive, l can see some benifits. Optical isolation between equipment. No noisy pots. No relays. Able to switch inputs. l use a Topping DAC via optical straight into my Amps l cant see a benifit in noise levels signal strength to be gained. l do switch inputs via a switch box, l cant hear any difference between this and direct. However on this l can see a benefit maybe had here but as l said l cant hear a difference and neither my teenage sons. Can somebody is explain how a could benefit my system? PS: Dont want to offend anybody, get nasty l just want a reasonable explanation before parting over my hard earned cash. regards Bruce
  5. l'm sure many have seen these. l can report the improvement in Bass and with that l really enjoy the Sansiu for music and the surround sound perfect. 47kg each all up. Starting to look for a new old Amp for this room so it will need a new rack and new speakers. Better get the welder out. regards Bruce
  6. Or point me in a direction. regards Bruce
  7. Did it up bog stock sounded very nice. Beginning to think would should add capacitor coupled amps to this section.😀 regards Bruce
  8. Goodaye all Can l sit on the fence? Love my Sansui AU717 SS sounds detailed and fresh. Love my Sansui AU70 tube sounds detailed and warm and has a bonus room heater. So it comes down to mood. l can listen to Ultravox through either and so do the neighbors. Had a AU101 l was playing after l overhualed it yesterday playing on my main speakers l think its the best of both worlds Capacitor coupled solid state. Just as well l have a few of its big brother then. regards Bruce (fence sitter)
  9. Tweeter Vifa/Tymphany D20TD New or tested Used regards Bruce Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. Specs l found said 88.5 as a against 89 on the Tannoy. Thanks for your help. regards Bruce
  11. Goodaye all Think l answered my own problem, a few years ago l had to replace a tweeter in my TDL's before with success. Couldent pick the difference. The Tymphamy Peerless D19TD-05 was he recomended replacement. Sure enough its 8ohm 1000 to 20000hz and the SP is close enough. So unless l have missed something l think a pair of these should do??? regards Bruce
  12. Maybe another to consider. https://www.daytonaudio.com/product/59/nd16fa-6-5-8-neodymium-dome-tweeter-6-ohm Used Tymphany D19TD-05 before with success. As for fixing them it gets more than the speaker could be worth. regards Bruce
  13. Ok a bit more info. Crossover Frequency: 2.7kHz regards Bruce
  14. Have had a look around and found these. https://www.altronics.com.au/p/c3010-20mm-0.75-inch-20w-mylar-dome-tweeter-speaker/ http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com/dayton-audio-nd20fa-6-3-4-neodymium-dome-tweeter Being a little smaller l can fit them in the bezal easily. Power handling could be a worry on both. 1 is 6 ohm the second 8ohm. regards Bruce
  15. Goodaye all Got a pair of Tannoy Mercury for the decking system but has blown tweeter's. Can anybody reccomend me a good cheap tweeter to replace them with? Its a 1 inch 8 ohm. Cabinets are mint and should do well on the outside system and the price was right. regards Bruce
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