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  1. Put it on the DBT for a quick test. Bulb lit up dim and then nothing, not sure if it was the amp or bulb. No magic smoke leaking out. It can wait. l have other AU505's l can use.? Finishing up a Sansui AU2900, AU417 and a spare AU505. Figure if l flip the lot l can get a Alpha in the door without any grumbling. regards Bruce
  2. l work on the principle that if amp cant handle air straight from my compressor to blow it out its too fragile and needs repair. It gets soaked with contact cleaner and then blown out, contact cleaner is used on the pots again after the air. A good scrub if required. You would be horrified what l do to the work computers. regards Bruce
  3. Its the Australia TAX, been happening for years on all goods. regards Bruce
  4. Gooodaye all Love my Kefkit Concerto's, do about 10hrs a day either in stereo use or surround sound. Vinyl wrapped and on very solid, heavy stands, look quite modern. Found l liked a mixture of electrolitic and film capacitors to get the value's required. With the straight film caps they were a bit bright. The stands improved the bass nicley. l would find it hard to better them. Butt..... l do want a Sansui Alpha and l doubt they would handle the power. The Concerto's are capable of shaking the house with a little Sansui AU505
  5. l only use flac and wav files, gave up mp3 years ago. They are on my main pc and feed my DACs via a optical link, backed up on other PC's that l also use to play in the garage and family room. l have 2 Fiilo players that do all formats and use those in the car and walking. The old Sony MP3 players are use to test unknown eqiupment. Keep flacs on the phone but the playback sucks. Crappy DAC l think. l use a FM transmitter in the cars. regards Bruce
  6. Goodaye all Just picked up another Sansui AU505 to do up. First thing l noticed was the earth pin had neatly been cut off the 3 pin plug. A former owner proberly had a earth loop going on. Either that or they were a thrill seeker. Had packaging tap to insulate the low voltage feed from the transformer. Fuses are intact . Apart from that its a pretty clean unit. This is going to be fun. Gotta stop buying Sansui amps. regards Bruce
  7. l would be worried about the exhuast fumes on this one. regards Bruce
  8. l vinyl wrapped a pair of Concerto's a couple of years ago with the car stuff. Still looks as good as new and was easy to do. The firm that does the sign writing on our trucks will do anything. Saw a white car they did to matt black, couldnt tell. Will be doing large areas of my plane when l am finished. regards Bruce
  9. Goodaye all Whats the thinking on using pads or paste on output transistors? Just finished the driver board on a Sansui AU2900 had a couple of pads missing as well as a lot of parts. In the past l always used paste for CPU's regards Bruce
  10. Had a unusual one on Saturday, update loaded and HDMI output to one of the screens looked washed out. Swapped screens, found it was the onboard HDMI output, no amount of adjusting would sought it so through a video card l had here in and all fixed. Not sure if it was the update with a dodgy driver or failing HDMI port. Never liked onboard video anyway. regards Bruce
  11. 1 New 8" speaker Boxed marked CW2110 Speaker marked 20-733B-1 Cant remember where l got it from, was in my mysterious trunk. Pickup Mooroolbark or Doncaster East Vic regards Bruce Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/food-warnings/urgent-recall-issued-for-bright-brewery-pineapple-dream-beer-over-explosion-fears/news-story/a212695f420297fb5666f7476c743adf The Cans are exploding in protest.? regards Bruce
  13. Glad to see people happy with there setup. Minor fiddles proberly ok. regards Bruce
  14. Goodaye all Are you happy with your setup or are you a fiddler? After reading another thread l had to ask the question, are people chasing a unicorn or just have to much money and bored? Me l am very happy and dont plan any changes at the moment. Hey l got vintage Sansui, l pity those who dont.? (Vintage stuff is a habit with me) regards Bruce
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