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  1. sloper

    Sansui HiFi

    Ahhhhh Put the AU222 on the main speakers and cranked it up.🤩 This is a lovely little amp, do you think the wife will notice. regards Bruce
  2. sloper

    Sansui HiFi

    Goodaye all Bugger, got another Sansui last night. A AU222, wasnt working, but is now. 😀 Had to remove some crazy mods from the outputs and replace fuses. Cleaned switches plugged it in and it came alive perfectly and has been playing for the last hour on my test speakers. l can hear great potential in this little amp, l had said to the wife l was going to get it working and sell it for funds for the AU717. New caps would really make this thing sing. What to do. Like l really need another amp like a hole in the head. l'm not addicted l can give up anytime just need one more Sansui fix. regards Bruce
  3. Goodaye all Got a dead Sansui AU222 power switch, anybody know a good replacement? regards Bruce
  4. sloper

    Coral speaker identifcation help

    Goodaye Simon Yes l have better speakers in the house, as l said they sound ok. Really, l need another set of speakers like a hole in the head. Could set them up at mums, better than what she has. regards Bruce
  5. sloper

    Coral speaker identifcation help

    Goodaye all Recapped these today and have a hour on them. Not bad, quite pleasent sounding. Sound nicer on the Marantz amp than the Sansui. Put a mixed caps in it. Not sure what l am doing with these. regards Bruce
  6. sloper

    Mixed caps in Crossovers

    Goodaye all Got better things to do than to play with that crossover but will experiment on the new one. Yes l did parallel. Tolerence issue, sure maybe. Burn in, had a heap of hours, maybe Sonic differences in the caps, probable. Dumb luck then.😀 regards Bruce
  7. Goodaye all Ponder this, rebuilt a crossover last year and didnt have the right value poly cap for the woofer. So until l had the correct value l used a poly and a bipoler electrolite until l got the new poly. Got the new poly and put it in gave it a couple of hours and didnt like it base was off. So the mixed caps went back in and sound great since. Even the wife likes it. l know poly caps tend to make things brighter but this is base and sound better with the mix. Can anybody put a finger whats happening? About to rebuild another crossover for another set of speakers and am thinking of doing the same. regards Bruce
  8. sloper

    Coral speaker identifcation help

    Goodaye all Found it. 12SA-1 kit. Cabinets are very solid. regards Bruce
  9. Goodaye all Need help to identify these Coral speakers. Is a 3 way with twin tweeters Tweeter 2H-45 Mid 5M-12 5inch Woofer 12L-25B 12inch l thought they maybe BX muilti 1200 but they are a 4 way. All the drivers tested good, caps are original so l wont fire them up till there replaced. Are they worth spending a time on the cabinets? few scratches and a water stain. regards Bruce
  10. sloper

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    Goodaye all Some interesting selections, l will listen to anything once, if l like it great. Will hunt down some of your suggestions. But the best Album ever is Abbey Road. End of story. regards Bruce
  11. sloper

    Sansui HiFi

    Thats easy you start with 1 then 2 then 3 ect. One you have heard a restored/modded Sansui you will wonder why every one doesnt one a few, but dont say anything, its our secret. regards Bruce
  12. sloper

    Importing equipment

    Goodaye l have imported Car parts and a aircraft engine from the States. Car parts were easy had them dropped off at a mates in Longbeach and had them put into his container. The engine l use a shipping agent who took care of everything just paid them when l got it. So l think you will need a agent, you might find it will need fumigation if there is any wood. regards Bruce
  13. sloper

    Sansui HiFi

    l have 2 AU505's doing daily duties as well as a AU555, must get on to the AU717 and the other AU505. l think the AU505 sounds a tad better than the AU555. regards Bruce
  14. Goodaye all After l say this and l have been wanting to say this for a while, l am going to get my flame proof suit. The amount of money being spent here to get the last 5% is insane. Do you know how much a pedeatric wheel chair costs? and some of here people spend that much on power cable's and interconnects. l am off to get changed now. regards Bruce
  15. sloper

    Is a new amp needed

    Spend the money on getting the Sansui refurbished, you wont be dissapointed. regards Bruce