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  1. Wii games wanted

    PM sent regards Bruce
  2. I never accept parts are not available, they are always hiding somewhere. Could be $$$$$$. Bits can be modified and made by people who know what there doing. Put a brand new gearbox in a 78yo car earlier this year, all orginal NOS. regards Bruce
  3. Wii games wanted

    Might be able to help you with games and l think a homebrewed Wii. Just go to wait till the eldest son gets home, regards Bruce
  4. Reverb, natural vs DSP

    Sitting behind me at my desk is a Marantz 2245 and Sansui AU505 connected to Marantz DS920 speakers. My choice is which amp. Steaming out of the PC is no DSP l feel the amps add there sound and depending on how l feel to which is used. l do use DSP for the Home theatre setup. regards Bruce
  5. ABC to dismantle sound libraries

    Goodaye all Can l ask who has access to the sound libary? regards Bruce
  6. Goodaye all Got some Jenson DX5 mid size floor stander speakers, l hate the base. There's no info on them and Wayne D might think they were a prototype from years ago. The cabinet is mint, well built and looks great, has two 6.5' drivers and 2" tweeter and ported at the base. Volume is about 34lt. Do l play with what l suspect is a crappy crossover. or Put new speakers and crossover. regards Bruce
  7. Goodaye all A mate lost his home due to a lightning strike over the New Year, wouldnt have mattered what surge protection he had it burnt to the ground. The best Protection is Insurence. Which he had. regards Bruce
  8. What speakers

    Not really looking for scratch builds, l have a car and plane on the build. Budget for these would be $1000 as l would cringe every time the wheel chair goes past. The walls need repair often. I could be getting a pair of mint Tannoy's in the future. regards Bruce
  9. What speakers

    Goodaye all Starting to look around for some floor standing speakers for my family room the old Linear design are starting to show there limitations. They have to serve duel systems, the Sony digital surround sound thing and or a Sansui AU101 or AU505 amp for music. Currently l use a AU101 that kicks butt on he Linear's but is a tad bright but very detailed. l was thinking Kef Concerto's or Contana. What else should l consider?? l like vintage stuff. Dont mind doing some work on them but l really do have too many projects at the moment. l dont have huge wattage to drive them. Should also say l dont want to spend a fortune as they could get bashed by a wheelchair. The Marantz 920's stay in the study. Still think the Sansui AU505 and TDL speakers in the garage sound the best. regards Bruce
  10. Disaster with my Sansui AU505

    Managed to get all the parts required for the damaged one NOS, as l stated its got a bent chassis but sounds magnificent again. Restoring a second one as you cant have too many Sansui amplifiers. Just have to finish the recap and add some mods. regards Bruce
  11. Disaster with my Sansui AU505

    Goodaye all Its alive, 2 off them. Well first off the damaged AU505 is singing again, lots of bits, swearing and so on, sounds as good as ever. Bent volume pot shaft managed to be repaired, the chassis has a 3-4mm bend in it, beat the top cover straight again. Looks ok. The second AU505 has a new volume pot, matched transistors on the amp board, new transistors and caps on the tone board. As soon as l get more caps the rest will be finished. This will be the keeper. Also have one working TU505 with a second at a repair shop. Thinking of getting some KEF Concerto's for one of them. regards Bruce
  12. New caps for crossover

    l have used Jantzens from Speakerbug with great results, didnt care about the postage, the advice was worth it. Used some Jaycar X caps, did the job well also used some Panasonics l couldnt get them out quick enough sounded shocking. Replaced them with Jantzens, sounded awesome. Shhhhh dont tell the wife l am about to order more caps from Speakerbug. (The Sansui 505 will live again) regards Bruce
  13. How many times has a cd failed to install on your computer??? You make it sound like huge chunks of data goes missing. If your paranoid rip/copy the cd to the computer and use a external dac. flac or wav will do. l used to hear supplemental high freqencies from ultrasonic welders, doubt if l could now. regards Bruce
  14. Goodaye all l thought the selection would be easy, which one do you like the sound of and suits your budget. regards Bruce
  15. Time for a new PC - Suggestions and advice welcome

    l have seen RAID systems fail by stupidity and machines being totaled. Stupidity, ignoring HD failures till data was lost. Totaled machine's, fire, theft and a axe through a machine. l mirror data on a extra HD in my PC, my backup PC and two PC's offsite that l control. l have also seen a cloud system fail and l dont trust goverment agencies. Am l paranoid. regards Bruce