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  1. Goodaye all Just a couple of pics of the dirt in a old Akai system l use in my office at work. Pulled the cover because the left channel was weak. Blown out and some contact cleaner and its all good. Not quite the worst l have had, a computer form the office was worse. With the level of dirt, l do blow it out with compressed air. Havent lost a PC yet, never use the CD/DVD drives they dont work after a couple of weeks. l do work in a Building and Garden supplies so we do have a bit of dirt. Whats the worst working one have you guys had? regards Bruce
  2. Goodaye Its still a BC550 just a different package. It took me 4 goes to get the pots of a AU222 clean once. Check for cracked/dry solder joints with a magnifing glass. Still could be a noisy transistor. Amp was singing after l finished. What area are you in? regards Bruce
  3. sloper


    Pending pickup.
  4. sloper


    Item:Torridal transformer Price Range: 0 Item Condition: used Extra Info: Was going to build something but too many projects. Came out of 1kva UPS 0-14v 0-28v 0-53v Pickup from Mooroolbark Vic, dont want to post as it is heavy. regards Bruce Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. Goodaye all Had one of my AU505 next too my AU70 a little while ago, they sounded so similar. You can hear that Sansui got the tube sound in there early solid states right. Both are clear and detailed and with the right speakers can shake the house. l have got to the stage where l cant justify another Amp, but a Alpha would be nice. My garage system would put most to shame. AU505. TU505 and TDL Compact studio's in each corner. Every one enjoys it then.🤩 The AU717 is still on the bench. regards Bruce
  6. I am yet to meet anyone who owns just one Sansui. Regards Bruce
  7. l could use a turntable for my mother. regards Bruce
  8. Surerly if you put digital through a tube amp it has to sound the best.🤪 Its up to the indervidual and the sound you like against convenience. Some like putting a big black thing on a turntable, some a silver disk in a slot. Me l like to press buttons and enjoy. regards Bruce
  9. Proberley as simple as a cap. regards Bruce
  10. Wouldnt be any Jap utes or SUV's at the Bathurst 500, but would be at the Bathurst 1000. regards Bruce
  11. Did l say these are my current rides, there isnt enough room on this forum for all the Holdens in the past. 1940 Chev Sloper Holden designed and bodied. 1970 HG Prem 1972 LJ GTR Torana 1984 VK Grp3 2004 VZ Calias 2006 VZ SV6 Wagon. And a 57 Chev Garage space is a premium. regards Bruce
  12. Well l drive through Park Orchards most days. regards Bruce
  13. What about Sloper's from the 30's and early 40's Designed by Holden and about 70% content. Has Holden ID tags, sill plate says Holden and a Holden badge. regards Bruce
  14. Goodaye all Pulled the trigger on the AOC E2470SWH 23.6, got a pair at $155 each. Ooooo, ahhhh very nice. Had to lower the brightness a bit, whites are very white. Couldnt bring myself to look at Dell or HP, to many nightmares about there older stuff. regards Bruce
  15. Goodaye all l predicted this when manufacturing stopped, was a bit quicker than l thought. Historic racing has been gaining for years, looks like now thats the only place you will see a Holden racing. V8 Supertaxies have left the average punter behind in favour of corporate greed. l did my bit for Holden, did you? 1940 Chev Sloper Holden designed and bodied. 1970 HG Prem 1972 LJ GTR Torana 1984 VK Grp3 2004 VZ Calias 2006 VZ SV6 Wagon And another GM Product 1957 Chev wagon. And thats just what l own at the moment, been many Holdens in the past. We we looking at a brand new VE sports wagon a few years ago, was going to send it to HDT for treatment. Couldnt get a wheelchair in the back.😒 Tried to sell us a truck thing so walked out, and looked for a low kms VZ wagon, the last of the big wagons. regards Bruce
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