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  1. Goodaye all Would love to go for a drive in the Grp3 to a country pub, have a ice cold Carlton Drought and let the wife drive home. regards Bruce
  2. What Camaro, cant see it. regards Bruce
  3. Goodaye Dont need to think about, thanks. Seen whats left by oil extracters in sumps and hydrualic tanks, they dont get everything. Back in the 70's they pushed extraction systems for servicing, no one does it that way any more. Also found a tube from a oil extracter in a sump. All you are taking out is fresh oil all the time. Yes l have a extracter and use it on a hydraulic tanks that the roll over protection blocks access to the sump plug. But if your happy thats all that counts. regards Bruce
  4. l would be more worried about using a oil extractor, doesnt get all the contaminants out. And the dip stick may not be at the lowest point of the sump. Modern oils are designed to run 20k, but l half that to 10k. 1500 ks is to early, if you feel do filter and oil at 5k. regards Bruce
  5. Goodaye all As stated oils aint oils. Being around the automotive and heavy equipment for years there's a heap of things to take into consideration. Whats the ambient tempatures the car is expected to operate in, Australia is quite unique in operating ranges. Type of engine chains, most modern engines use oil pressure to provide tension on the timing chains. How many k's has the engine done, more wear larger clearences means lower oil pressure, more likley to leak and the ability of oil getting past the rings and valve guides. Use of a thicker oil would prolong engine life here and reduce emissions. Petrol or Diesel, no way would l use either oils in the other without good reason. Diesel oil is high detergent and cleans the engine internals, too well for petrol engines. Petrol oil in diesels gums them up. The only real difference in synthetic and mineral oil is where they come from in the refining process. Always look for the SAE and check if thats whats specified for your engine. Synthetics are a waste of time in pre ULP engines. Do not use high zinc oils in ULP cars clogs up the cat. Keep in mind the recomended Manufacture Brand is because they won a contract based on price and specification. Always change the filter, not always specified at a service, neither is a air filter. Now for my tricks and exceptions. Change a petrol engine to diesel oil a few weeks before you want to do a engine rebuild, cleans up the internals and makes the dismantling easier, may start blowing heaps of smoke. Older modern engines, use next higher weight oil. With old diesels about to be traded, use heavy petrol oil, gums them up stops oil leaks and cuts down smoke. Add one cup of kero before oil change and run for 15mins before changing oil. Use a quility filter and know how many microns it is. Oil sampling is a waste of time for the average car. Now lets talk zinc. Back in the 80's the oil companies were preparing for the introduction of ULP. Zinc destroys catalytic convertors so the had cut it down but zinc improves the shear (wear) of the oil component boundry layer. They didnt make this well known. All of a sudden camshafts and lifters began to fail in new cars, many were repaired under warrenty. New rebuilt engines were taking off cam lobes. No one reilized why. New procedures were developed to run in cams so they wouldnt fail as quickly. 5000rpm on a new 308 WTF. (even fluted lifters to get more oil on the cam) Fast forward a couple of years a few of us went back to adding zinc to pre ULP cars and just run the engine in normaly without haveing a new engine screaming for 15mins. l get mine from the US when required. l have never taken a lobe off a engine l have built or installed. Now what oil do l use. Penrite HPR in the pre ULP cars l own, this has the highest zinc level of any modern oil. HPR 50 in the Chevs and HPR60 in the Grp3 In the VZ's l use the Penrite synthetic 15 weight oil Do them every 6 months regardless, get 20lt drums and dont pay much for it. regards Bruce
  6. Goodaye all Used to buy mixed boxes of wine from wine market until they closed. Need to find a similer supplier. Always found they were good value with some real Gems. Proberly selling stuff a little cheap, maybe thats why they closed. Used to spend up when Penfolds was on special. Need to replace what we have drank during ISO. Down to our last 70 bottles. regards Pi$$pot Bruce
  7. Goodaye all Delt with a bit of rust over the years in cars. Citric acid will work with bare metal, if there is paint or it wont work. Get every bit of oxidization out of the surface. Wash really well and paint asap. l use a 50lt plastic tank and parts l put in take about 1-2 days, l have heard of people forgetting about it and finding very little left. Also have used phospheric acid at 90% leaves a really good blackened surface. Most rust converters have different percentage of Phospheric acid. Molassus also works but never done it that way. regards Bruce
  8. Its the snoring when she falls asleep that bothers me. regards Bruce
  9. Goodaye all At the moment should l drink? Water (have to boil it at the moment) Corona"s ( might catch some horrible disease) Both could kill me. Bugger it l'll open ANOTHER bottle of red wine. That will only make me seedy tomorrow. regards Bruce
  10. Goodaye all After many years good service my FiiO portable flac player is dieing. Is there any any particlar brands to look at or keep away from? Thinking of a FiiO M3Pro??? Hate doing the ISO walk without music. regards Bruce
  11. Does indeed. regards Bruce
  12. Goodaye all Well on the NBN, was pretty painless just had to change the IP address of the TP link router. Using the Optus one as a gateway, cant configure it to do much else. Only on 50Mbs at the moment has to wait a couple of days to be switched over to 100Mbs. Line tested good for that speed. Landline even works. This is of course famous last words. regards Bruce
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