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  1. The 101 and 505 's l have done cost about $100 to $130 to recap including putting new transistors on the tone board. As for the power amp side just what transitors are required and original ones used. They cost a bit more. l also do some suggested mods. Worth every cent.? regards Bruce
  2. l have used Truscots in Croydon for repairs l cant manage they have one of my Sansui tuners at the moment. regards Bruce
  3. sloper

    Spending money on older cars.

    l thought you said old car. l just sold my Brock Magnum for much more than it owes me, purchased 2 VZ'z and still had change. Dont worry l still have lots of old cars. l am currently building a mew engine for this one. regards Bruce
  4. sloper

    WTB TDL Compact speakers

    Goodaye all Chasing another pair of TDL Compact speakers. Preferably in Melbourne. regards Bruce
  5. sloper

    A self rewarding hifi purchase

    You work for the wrong company then. regards Bruce
  6. Its very addictive. l Started with AU101's got another two, all capped and modded. One 101 sits in the family room and sounds magic. Then l moved onto a AU505, then another and another. 2 are capped and modded the third will probely get done sooner rather than later. To keep the piece l let one 101 go and will let another depart as well. NO l'm not addicted l could give it anytime.........eh maybe. If your in Melbourne your welcome to listen. regards Bruce
  7. You need a Chev station wagon then. regards Bruce
  8. sloper

    Shared room help

    Goodaye all Using some non ported Linear Design K2400 speakers (have 2 12" in each cab). On a Sansui AU505 amp and Sony STR DH540 surround sound for TV and video. Cant do a thing on the floor as a wheel chair needs to get around. regards Bruce
  9. Goodaye all l have a shared family room which l want to l want to treat to improve detail. Bass is ok, so l doubt l need base traps. Mid and highs are very bright, and sometimes seem out of phase, so l suspect l am getting reflections. Speakers are in close to wall and l cant move them. Lounge/ listening position is against a wall. but is in a good equalateral triangle 3m. Cant do anything on the sides, very large window (with curtins) and kitchen area. Its L shaped. So all l can see available for treatment is the back wall, roof and behind the speakers. l have read lots of information on room setups but they don't seem to take real world situations very well. l was thinking Polymax panels for reflections on the roof and back wall to reduce the standing wave. regards Bruce
  10. sloper

    Vintage HiFi

    Goodaye all Nearly finished shifting gear around the house and garage. A Sansui AU505 and TU505, Marantz 2240 and Marantz 920 speakers. All switchable depending on mood. The garage has a Sansui AU505, TU505 and 4 Compact TDL speakers. Family room has a Sony HT digital thing and a Sansui AU101 big Linear design speakers. All sound a little different Hmm the decking maybe???? regards Bruce
  11. sloper

    Wii games wanted

    PM sent regards Bruce
  12. I never accept parts are not available, they are always hiding somewhere. Could be $$$$$$. Bits can be modified and made by people who know what there doing. Put a brand new gearbox in a 78yo car earlier this year, all orginal NOS. regards Bruce
  13. sloper

    Wii games wanted

    Might be able to help you with games and l think a homebrewed Wii. Just go to wait till the eldest son gets home, regards Bruce
  14. sloper

    Reverb, natural vs DSP

    Sitting behind me at my desk is a Marantz 2245 and Sansui AU505 connected to Marantz DS920 speakers. My choice is which amp. Steaming out of the PC is no DSP l feel the amps add there sound and depending on how l feel to which is used. l do use DSP for the Home theatre setup. regards Bruce
  15. sloper

    ABC to dismantle sound libraries

    Goodaye all Can l ask who has access to the sound libary? regards Bruce