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  1. Goodaye all l custom make my own keeping them as short as possible. The longest l have is 12m, between DAC and Amp. Dragged a DAC out one day and used a 60mm cable, preferered the 12m one. Wasnt the same DAC so was a little unfair. regards Bruce
  2. Thankyou. Thought so. regards Bruce
  3. Goodaye all Looking at some old speaker brochures and it refers to say "50w Program" Is this refering to RMS, Peak to Peak or ???? regards Bruce
  4. Burnt 6 music cd's last month to fill the CD stacker in the car. regards Bruce
  5. Goodaye l have a Fiio M3, few years old now but still going strong. Sounds great and was good value. regards Bruce
  6. No the one's l was didnt have drivers, regards Bruce
  7. Goodaye all Saw somewhere a pair of empty Baily transmission line speaker cabinets but cant find it again, did anybody else see them? regards Bruce
  8. Goodaye l have a 2240 which l converted to LED, easy enough. There are people in the US who do "kits" to do caps and relays. l find it has a nice warm sound. regards Bruce
  9. Goodaye all Have used this many times with great success. Unstopplable copier. https://www.roadkil.net/program.php?ProgramID=29 Dont be afraid to leave it run over night. regards Bruce
  10. Goodaye all We didnt get a record player till l was a about 10, a secondhand AWA Stereogram. Dad would get stuff from the 30's and 40's as well as some classical. Mum would get James Last, Burt Bacharach. Dont mind Burt but Dads stuff l have no intrest. Remember one night when my uncle and aunt were over a transformer burnt out. The smoke and smell was horrible, had to open the house up in the middle of winter. Can still remember that smell. And my father paid a fortune to have the thing fixed. regards Bruce
  11. Problem is some people dont put oi[ and water in there car. regards Bruce
  12. Maybe rock solid when there';s someone looking after it. Wasnt my insterlation. One was a small business and one a home owner. Also had a clubs hosting and cloud service shutdown because the server was too old, they didnt tell anyone. Just switched it off and didnt transfer the service over. Cancelled our business with them after that. regards Bruce
  13. Goodaye l use old pc's for data storage, l use 2 TB drives as its a convenient size for price. Tend not to use them as NAS or Severs just machines copies of my data. l use Synback you can to up to mirror, backup manually or automaticaly. My main PC has 5 HD's, 1 Data, 1 copy of data and 2 HD with Media files. The second machine has 3 HD's, 1 data backup, 1 Media files. The garage system 3 HD's, 1 data backup, 2 Media. There all set using sycnback, mirroring and backing up. And to top it off my sons PC in his sleep out has a HD l put in for another copy of data. l run a hard wired gigbyte LAN and mixture of i7's. i3's and core duo's. Had a machine fail a couple of weeks ago, new HD, load image and its all good. Just jumped on another PC to access the image, Not a fan of raid, l have seen a couple of big failures. Hard drives die, but kept working till a 3rd HD failed. Very expensive data retreivial. And a fire which destroyed everything. Missed one PC that just acts as a media centre that lives in the US.😯 regards Bruce
  14. Goodaye l have a 12m long interconnect using Altronics W3000 cable and Amporal connectors. Works fine. For a test one day l moved everything and used a 1m cable, no disernable difference l could hear. Cost less than $100 l use W300 and Amporal connectors for all my interconnects. regards Bruce
  15. At this stage to get a truck there in 12hrs 50% of the load is batterys. Freight costs go up. Yes electric is the future, but batterys still have a long way to go. And with the way we build infrastructure its 50 years. And dont get me started on Ubers electric flying taxi. regards Bruce
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