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  1. Goodaye all Are you happy with your setup or are you a fiddler? After reading another thread l had to ask the question, are people chasing a unicorn or just have to much money and bored? Me l am very happy and dont plan any changes at the moment. Hey l got vintage Sansui, l pity those who dont.😁 (Vintage stuff is a habit with me) regards Bruce
  2. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184677154214 For a Sansui diehard. regards Bruce
  3. Goodaye all Got a Bowers and Wilkins B&W LCR6. series 2 (Made in England) Fitted in well and sounds great. Bass is very clear. So its all English speakers for the Stereo and Surround sound. The old Jenson is going to have the drivers swapped around, bass and midrange are the same, so maybe it wont make the noise due to the freq change. Going on the Decking TV anyway. regards Bruce
  4. We have a Chromecast connected to the entertainment unit. Got so sick of buffering, dropouts that l put a old I5 there instead. Problem solved. We have a bandwidth problem with the children. regards Bruce
  5. Sorry should have clarified that bit a bit better. regards Bruce
  6. Goodaye all Been thinking about this recently. l have two 2 amps which do not have grounds on the chassis. Not double insulated, both serviced and in excellent condition. Now not too concerned because we have RCD's on the house and lets face it they are more reliable than a old fuse or circut breaker. (Sometimes a little too sensative) So if you have RCD's on the house l cant see a problem with using a isolation transformer. regards Bruce
  7. Goodaye all Ours system,s best day was 42kw here in Melbourne, with a average summer day being 32kw. 6.6kw of panels into a 5kw invertor. Last year they sent us a $1k cheque and last bill was already in credit of $350 We get a small bill in winter. Paid off in 2 years not the 3.5 l had predicted. Would like a battery but its just not worth it. regards Bruce
  8. Handy enough with the tools.😉 Its the time at the moment, got a couple of stalled projects. Was also hoping to pick something up in Melbourne. regards Bruce
  9. Ok, checked the Jenson, its a chinese made one with chinese drivers with numbers that are unsearchable. Jenson AVX200 my brother purchased it from Dougless Hifi in Nunawading in the 80's Has 4 5" drivers. Could get on to Wayne Dougless maybe for a driver but its still a chinese one. So to me its not worth doing anything much, although it does sound good. Would love a British made centre to match the Kef's and TDL's. regards Bruce
  10. Goodaye The Fronts are Kef Concerto's that have been restored with some mods to the crossovers Rears are TDL Nucleus. regards Bruce
  11. Goodaye all Have noticed our US made Jenson centre speaker is making horrible scrapping sounds at certain freq's. l think its a voice coil. So starting to look for a sub $500 centre speaker, new or used. It would be used 6hrs a day at least and would be run by a Sony surround system. In black. regards Bruce
  12. Its a PC l will flip so 10 is better. But lets face it Microsoft are slack. regards Bruce
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