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  1. Yes, relates to my original question on how long a valve last's regards Bruce
  2. Found it, started playing up a minute ago. Its the "Presence"circuit used for bass compensation and changes speaker dampning and frecuency response. Doubt its the switch, its been cleaned 4 times in month, Here's the diagram S9 switch 1 is off, 2 is on. So it it brings a cap and resistor into the circuit, did the cap so l'll do the resistor. regards Bruce
  3. Threats to your Hifi equipment work, not sure how to measure it though. Hasnt missed beat all day now.😀 regards Bruce
  4. Yes, didnt do too many resisters though. l can only just put my hand on the top cover after 3hrs. Will grab the laser thermo from work tomorrow. regards Bruce
  5. Goodaye all Less than a month ago on the overhaul, yes l was wondering about other components. Sticker on the back says 240V and a this point in time 247v so that good. Still running perfect. regards Bruce
  6. Goodaye all l beleive the AU70 drives the valves hard and going by the temp on top really think this is true. Frying eggs come's to mind. This morning it has been running for 3hrs and hasnt missed a beat and is still running. regards Bruce
  7. Goodaye all Listening to my Sansui AU70 and sometimes the left channel sounds weak or has a slight distortion. Especially bass. Other times its perfect. It has been overhualed and cleaned and valves checked. l have no idea how old the valves are they look like original 7189A, 6AN8 and 12AX7 Looked quickly for the 7189A and it seems a difficult one to find and the subsituted seem to be 6N14N-EV, 6N14P-EV or EL84M But l seem to be a little skeptic especially with the EL84M Help! regards Bruce
  8. Its 4mm, yes l use lots of 12,24v at home and work. regards Bruce
  9. Ok so its really referring to the dampening factor of the amp. And yes l can see how that affects the perceived sound of a speaker with bass notes. l would have thought it would affect higher freq's more, mechanical braking more often. Doh, just had a moment, big reason some speakers sound cr@p on some equipment and better on others????????? or just another of many?? regards Bruce
  10. Goodaye all Son just scored a roll of twin black PV cable, l do need some for a project l am doing. Now what to do with the rest. Looks like it could make short speaker cables, flyleads for RG213. Any thoughts? regards Bruce
  11. Nah l skipped straight over that. And of course you switch is certified?? regards Bruce
  12. l struggle with that as we are talking sine waves and rectification, it should make no difference. My first thought is there is a faulty earth somewhere in the house or some sought of earth leakage. regards Bruce
  13. Ok that l understand. Think l'll stick to my terms. regards Bruce
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