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  1. Shield as neg's, earth isnt used on that run as is double insulated and l have no hum's. pops and crackels. regards Bruce
  2. Goodaye all Need to tidy up the snakes behind my stereo components. l want to make component cables the correct length to hook them up. l am using 15m run of this between my Dac and Amp. https://www.altronics.com.au/p/w3000-ultra-low-loss-professional-grade-audio-cable/ Very happy with this stuff and cant hear any diffirence when l use a 1m cable to the Dac But is there some thing else l should consider? The RG213u speaker cables are already as tidy as l can get them. regards Bruce
  3. sloper

    Help buying album online

    Goodaye all l like to rip my CD's to pc, once its there l can use them anywhere and any system. Had a heap of them stolen out of a car years ago but still have the music. My kids did use Spotify but have recently found my collection on the Network. Its hard to tell them to turn down Cold Chisel blarring and Daddy Cool out of there room. regards Bruce
  4. Goodaye all l use a Chromecast audio on the bedroom system, can control it from my desktop or phone using VLC software. Havent connected the Dac to it as its sounds ok at the moment. regards Bruce
  5. sloper

    How quiet is your background?

    Whats the secret?????? l have 4 loud kids, they get that from there mother a ex swimming coach. So apart from murder l never going to have a low sound floor. Just thought of fix more power bigger speakers. regards Bruce
  6. Goodaye all Hope this is alright but l am going to give The Sansui parts shop a plug. http://www.sansui-parts-shop.com/index.php All through this lost pot drama Kale has done everything to find and help in the search for this parcel. Even refunded the cost before the insurence was paid or the parcel found. All l can say what a pleasure to deal with. Ordered the rest of my parts today, having full confidence in Kale. My AU 717 will live again. regards Bruce
  7. Goodaye all Got one for Christmas, love it. l use VLC to cast too it, no problems. If your using a 3.5 output with no Dac you have to turn on the upper dynamic range, if your using a optical out its already set. regards Bruce
  8. So driving a cool car listening to Roberta Flack would be the ultimate. Should have that covered. l can see the credit card getting a bashing with more album's regards Bruce
  9. Goodaye all l dont know why its taken me so long to get a Roberta Flack CD, its magnificent. Robera Flack Softly with these songs. Brings back memories. What others should l hunt down? regards Bruce
  10. sloper

    CD's GONE

    Sorry being picked up tomorrow. regards Bruce
  11. sloper

    CD's GONE

    No worries. Where abouts are you? regards Bruce
  12. sloper

    CD's GONE

    Goodaye all Got a heap of hip hop and rap cd's for anyone who wants them. regards Bruce
  13. It is NOS, l will measure the loudness tap for future reference. regards Bruce
  14. Yes, my list of jobs would get way too big. Although l could do the cabinets from scratch l have the following to complete. New T700 auto in car. Restore Sansui au717 thats whats going to drive these speakers. Work on plane. Prepare 2 cars for paint. One needs trimand some easy mechainal work and thats just this year. regards Bruce
  15. Goodaye all l could live with IMF's, would like Transmission line if possible. regards Bruce