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  1. sloper

    Is BMW i8 Cheating With a Loudspeaker?

    Pretenders. Something else to point and laugh at while l rumble past in my carbureted V8. regards Bruce
  2. Love my Concerto's, crossovers have new caps and some small mods. Base sounds good to me. Used some black Satin vinyl wrap to improve the looks. They serve duel purpose, surround sound and stereo music. Never miss a beat. regards Bruce
  3. Best purchase was a roll of RG213, lifted the SQ of nearly all my systems. l said nearly all because l need another roll. regards Bruce
  4. sloper

    Harmony universal remotes

    Thanks, looking at the cheaper one's as l can see myself getting uptight when it gets dropped the first time. (ok l'll blow my stack) regards Bruce
  5. Goodaye all One of my Sony remotes has been dropped one too many times and l need a replacement. Looked at a Harmony 350 and 650 universal remotes, both will work on my equipment. What are peoples thoughts on these and keep in mind it WILL be dropped in our household and l do worry about the screen on the 650. regards Bruce
  6. sloper

    Fake transisters or ????

    That's fine, l use RS for most of my stuff, but they don't have older stuff that is no longer made. Fake parts are also a problem for aviation too. regards Bruce GO PIES!
  7. sloper

    Fake transisters or ????

    Hey there matched transistors hence twin transisters 😀 regards Bruce GO PIES!
  8. sloper

    Fake transisters or ????

    That was done when l capped it, prefer to leave the power board alone and if l have too use original transisters there. Been 6 hours of Sansui goodness now without a problem. regards Bruce
  9. Goodaye all One of my Sansui AU505's was playing up when it got hot, and l think running a little hot. This had been recapped and modded but also needed a couple of 2SD188's replaced, got them from a dealer overseas who said they were originals. The pressing looked correct, diffferent die number thats ok, writing looked a tadd thicker, but the die was correct. Spent the morning going through it, couldent find the problem so got my parts one out, removed all the 2SD188's out and changed them over, now the die looked exactly the same as the new one's but these were old originals l think. Has now been running two 2 hours without a problem. My thoughts are. Transister is fake, but the die pressing is correct. Dodgy transister. Dirty or loose contact. l have read a lot about fake transisters, and even good suppliers being caught out, but usally there was a physical difference that can been seen. regards Bruce
  10. Goodaye all l think a important point has been missed here. Unless you really have crap power 240v you are trying to make up for a poorly designed power supply in your equipment, l'll just step out now and put on my asbestos suit on. GO PIES! regards Bruce
  11. sloper

    The name of a thing

    Goodaye all l built a few of my own, both for amps and speakers. Fist off you need to check if the ground is common if it is its much easier. For amps l like to use a 3 position toggle switch with the centre not used. All the bits are available from Jaycar. regards Burce
  12. sloper

    dynamat advise

    Goodaye all l used the original Dynomat in the car in my avatar, made a huge difference, now all you can hear is the rumble of the engine. Did the inside and out of the doors of another and it changed the acoustics of the stereo, luckerly for the better. My PC case is also done, sounds much quiter. l didnt have problems working with it, stanley knife and a steel ruler. Still go half a box here for another of my cars l am rebuilding. My son got the cheap chinese copy doesnt stick as well, l wouldnt use it, fell from the roof. Dont worry about the Dyna mat tape, builders foil tape is much better and cheaper regards Bruce
  13. sloper

    Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Goodaye all Picked up my latest Sansui addition today. A AU717 needs a little work. A recap and removal or glue and any corroded parts due to the glue. l do need some knobs, willing to swap the extra front for them. l will move one of my AU505 and TU505 to make room. regards Bruce
  14. No its got heaps of pins and would like original. And let just say it should be easy compared to what l just procurred. regards Bruce
  15. Goodaye all Need a function switch for a Sansui AU505 or AU101, l have a 505 here that the switch is toast. Trying to source one here first. May have a recapped a modded AU505 and TU505 available soon, need to sell one of my units to fund the new arrival. Even got a NOS impossible to find switch coming for it, but its secret squiral for now. regards Bruce