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  1. Biwiring advantage?

    Kinking, stressing or bending my cables doesn't change the sound at all....I must be doing something wrong.
  2. Multiple receiver setup

    Exactly, but in every room should be able to watch whatever they want to watch, which is why it's weird to me to have a single source playing into 4 zones. It's 2017...put your content on a single device that can be streamed independently to each zone.
  3. Budget on about $1k per camera (eg Axis P-series) , or if you wanted something better (eg Axis Q-series) then $2k per camera. The software is all free if you choose Axis. Technopolis on-line store is a good source for Axis hardware (that is where I buy mine from). This is a good choice P-series: http://www.technopolis.com.au/products/5672-p3364-v-network-camera.aspx This is a good choice Q-series: http://www.technopolis.com.au/products/32100-q3505-v-mk-ii-9-mm-network-camera.aspx Or if you don't want the dome type camera, this is a good choice P-series: http://www.technopolis.com.au/products/32017-p1365-mk-ii-network-camera.aspx I use all of these cameras at home.
  4. Axis does sell here. They just haven't released Axis Companion to the Australian market yet. They can only build so many new pieces at a time and not all markets get an immediate allocation of new products. After production has been up and running for a while eventually there will be stock to allocate to the Australian market. Regarding your installation, that looks like UTP cable to me. Many of the newer camera models are specifying STP Cat 5. And the cabinet you need to put heat producing routers and switches and power supplies and other such things isn't ideal for the purpose.
  5. Multiple receiver setup

    I'm puzzled why you'd want to connect the one AV source to 4 different zones. Why can't those in the home all watch the movie together in the same room at the same time?
  6. Who said Axis doesn't have a presence here? Axis is the best supported product I have come across. About your other questions, you need to be clear about what you're trying to achieve before people can make comment or otherwise make suggestions. An "end point" is a music renderer. A "control point" is something that controls the "end point". So what specifically are your other questions? Break it down into point form...
  7. You don't need a gigabit switch for the camera part of the installation, 10/100 fast ethernet is all you need.
  8. His minimum cost option for a 3 camera installation will be the cameras + SD + 10/100 POE switch.
  9. He might as well buy a good POE switch than spending $50 each on POE injector. The equation is still looking exceptional for the Axis Companion solution, all things considered. Put the Companion on a UPS and the whole camera system will keep running for the duration of UPS battery power during mains power outage.
  10. He still needs to buy a POE switch to power his cameras. He only needs to buy a camera licence if he intends to use the software embedded in the NAS. He can connect as many cameras to the NAS as he likes if he doesn't use the embedded software. He can use other freeware which doesn't require a licence.
  11. The fact that I actually own one, having previously used NAS to record my cameras, leads me to the conclusions I have stated previously. If the OP only wants 3 cameras, record to SD. Use the NAS for his music streaming, photos, and those other things...
  12. So you're familiar with Axis Companion? That's a surprise as Axis told me I have the only unit in Australia...
  13. What I'm suggesting is what I've written above. If you want to buy a NAS to do everything, it will do what you want it to do. You don't need a NAS to record an Axis camera. Use on-board SD storage at $80 for a 64GB SD. Do the math, if you have 8 cameras is it cheaper to record to SD or to an Axis Companion?
  14. It applies to home cameras because the NAS is sold cheap. If you want to leverage the capability of the NAS, which not all NAS owners require, you need to pay to unlock that capability via a licence fee. Otherwise everybody will be paying a higher purchase price for the NAS, even those who don't need it to record from a network camera.
  15. A licence is an authority to operate something. Drivers licence = authority to drive a car. Pilot licence = authority to fly a plane. Camera licence = authority to operate a camera. The NAS manufacturer requires you to have a licence to operate a camera with their NAS (once you've used up the free allocation of licences, usually 2). You pay them a fee to connect your camera (built by a different manufacturer to the NAS manufacturer) to your NAS. You don't need to pay a licence fee to Axis to connect an Axis camera to an Axis Companion recorder.