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  1. Trump

    It has got the president it has lusted for and it is off whatever leash it may have had but it was never defensible.
  2. Trump

    **** him. He towed the line and took the money. He doesn't get to come in and pretend FOX News has somehow gotten "worse". Hypocrite or idiot. Choose one.
  3. FS: Rega elex r

    Was my target amp until a better deal came up. Great for detail and tight bass. GLWTS.
  4. Powerboard extension lead.

    Everyone I know with a pool or spa have big bills.
  5. Aussie Politics

    This idea has legs. No. **** off all of the local councils. They are useless in anything other than issuing parking tickets and cleaning public shithouses.
  6. Aussie Politics

    Get ready for more selling of government owned assets. Lets hope they don't put a stop to the good work the outgoing government has done with renewable energy.
  7. Aussie Politics

    Who votes for it!?
  8. Retailer margins

    Customers are only "customers" if they buy things. Otherwise they are just a waste of time. It is. When I was a kid I used to go to town with my dad and visit the hobby shopS, records shopS etc. When I was older I used to visit the hobby shops, record shops, hifi shops and later music shops. There are 0 hobby shops in the Adelaide CBD. There are a couple of record shops popping back up due to the fashionable status of vinyl but basically it was down to JB etc. CC records, Verandah records, The Muse etc all gone. There are 0 hifi shops in the Adelaide CBD (?). Music shops likewise have all but disappeared with Derringers being the only one I know about in the city. Very depressing but I can shoulder some of the blame. I buy a lot on line and have for quite some time. I have saved $1000s. What can ya do.. That said buying HiFi I have always managed to get some kind of discount. The system I bought last year from Atmosphere in Adelaide is far better than I expected due to the discount they offered me. I wanted to buy locally and was more than happy with the deal I got. Likewise I was offered what I thought was a great deal from Peter at Grooveworks on my turntable. I think most reasonable stores will move a little on price if asked and you are serious. When they do I like to be a bit loyal when I can. What is interesting is that not everything is actually cheaper sourced OS or on-line. The SRM turntable I bought is actually listed at a much higher price direct from SRM than Peter has listed. Similar Primare equipment, in the UK at least, seems to be far more expensive than in Oz.
  9. A different viewpoint on so many things

    How much of the "barely scratched surface" are we going to destroy while mining? What exactly do we need that's down there? I don't think all of the resources go to the guts. Two disasters should tell us that it was a bad promise. What volunteer job do you suggest? "Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time" But rich people could easily spend more even if they don't spend it all. Hopefully he enjoys his job more than being with his family. The first two major wars we were involved in were basically as serfs of mother England. Since Korea we have been the US's *****. There are a fair amount of "Australians" who haven't supported those later wars therefore they cannot be classed as barbaric. Basically all of the wars have been politically influenced, not drive necessarily by the desire to kill. If by "aliens" you mean "extraterrestrial life" I guess yes. At the risk of getting deleted, devout religious people would believe they are the only life in the universe. I believe if there is, was or will be other life in the universe we will never meet it and/or if we did it may be utterly unrecognisable to us. Therefore it is largely irrelevant. Of course if it is hugely advanced they may eliminate us like a nest of annoying ants.
  10. Trump

    Ultra right wing conservatism is the flavor of the moment. All of the prejudices , discrimination and selfish exploitation that were slowly being chipped away at, that the uber right call "political correctness", are now mainstream and endorsed by politicians around the world. Terrorism has fed fear, as it is intended, and the cynical right wing governments have turned it to their advantage. Stopping boats, prohibiting refugees from specific countries (regions, skin colors) seems completely reasonable to the simplistic **** scared masses. Giving voice to the worst elements under the umbrella of "freedom of speech" further validates it. When kids get up and protest against the proliferation of weapons that lead to the death of their classmates the lowest of the right wing invent simplistic dismissive names for them, "crisis actors". The world is on the crest of a very nasty wave that is setting us back decades in humanities maturity. Inclusive socialist philosophies are simply not fashionable.
  11. Powerboard extension lead.

    To give you a better idea of what I mean grab a carton of beer and keep away form all sharp objects -
  12. Powerboard extension lead.

    Unfortunately there is no one answer to that.
  13. A self rewarding hifi purchase

    I think I know the company you work for. I have never bean a fan having had to deal with them though my sales career. A mate who used to work with me took up a job with them and they nearly killed him.
  14. After which you will put your turntable in the bin and buy a CD player.
  15. The White (farmer) Australia Policy

    If we stopped invading their countries and nurturing terrorism they probably wouldn't want to come here in the first place.