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  1. There are a list of documentary style programs to watch if you wanted that. This was a movie. A dramatization and taken like that it was well done. People complaining about accuracy are like me complaining about war movies for using the wrong model Tiger Tank. Which I do, but its stupid...
  2. Nevertheless that is an incredible attempt. All around!😮
  3. When we did our first trip to Arkaroola we were told different things by different people. Some said high pressure and some said low. We shredded tyres whatever we did. Lifting the suspension (bump stop clearance) and not running half worn tyres seemed to fix things for the next trip. I haven't done trips up there for many years, mainly beach and tracks driving, but I haven't had a puncture for 15 years or so. Yeah he has been a TAFE lecturer for 7 years. He sold to his partner and his partner finally sold to a dedicated 4x4 joint. Seems to be pretty popular.
  4. Take up a lot less space to have twice as many recharging stations. I dont know where you would get your coffee form though. Fuel tax is general revenue. They'll probably just put up rego. which is general revenue. Public transport in Australia will always be rubbish. We have a country the size of Europe with as many people as California. Doesn't add up. Why not. It has to cost an order of magnitude less to put in a couple of power points than a couple of fuel pumps. My mates 2000 series Landcruiser has a sealed gearbox. No oil changes. Service intervals have become longer with normal aspirated cars. Electric cars dont have the same requirements. OBD scanners diagnose problems now. On board computers could easily flag deteriorating brakes or any other competent. Preventative maintenance will look a whole lot difference and be more dependent on the actual car and driver than a broad general service pattern. I wouldn't like to own a dealership....
  5. Mine is a basic HD Sony with a FOXTEL IQ HD box. Picture looked pretty good and the sound was great. There were some odd artifacts in one of the darker scenes but overall pretty good.
  6. Yes. Not completely useless. As this hobby is largely subjective I too look for tip offs like "warm", "analogue", and some you mention. If praise is effusive then that tells you more than if praise is merely complimentary. Of course I'm sure payolla is alive and well. Its interesting that there are not a lot of reviews where products are written off as awful but maybe because there are not that many truly awful products anymore. I have auditioned "5 star" reviewed products that were not all that inspiring but those reviews were from a magazine I have little respect for. I cant remember "what" it is called again. Generally the more good reviews from various sources you can find is a good sign. Ultimately the gear I have is well regarded in reviews mainly because that kind of how I make a short list. 👍
  7. To a degree but other factors need to be weighed up. Like negligible service costs. There isn't as much to service. Also it will come down to what tax breaks or benefits governments extend to electric cars and what penalties are put on combustion engines. The biggest mistake we can make is to base our predictions on what is here and now.
  8. What kind of speeds were you doing? BTW my brother in law used to service the Heading Bush vehicles when he had his service shop. 👍
  9. And a mind blowingly epic, if almost debilitatingly complicated, story line. And I dont think there are many GOT characters left that anyone likes much less loves. 😁
  10. I meant this - " Disagree. Our price rises in the 80's certainly did go up as electrical infrastructure was created " I think we'd have beed instantly better off even though I expect prices would have risen. There just wouldn't have been (or needed to be at least) the profit imperative. Technically yes. Trains use this method and dump it to a resistor pack. A blended method would work well but would require more components an add more weight.
  11. Amazingly clear of clicks and pops after 35 years and only a wipe with a carbon brush. I am impressed.
  12. Amazing price. 10 years or so back I would have been all over this. Dream come true.
  13. 👌 Star wars is a cult. Many of us grew up with it. It means more than a movie and people feel they personally "own" it. There is no way possible anyone could ever make a Star Wars movie now that would be acceptable. Me, I'm along for the ride. I cant say Ep1 and 2 were my favorites but they were part of the story. Just as this is. I really liked Ep8 and thought it tied together quite a bit. I hope this one goes out with a bang. I mean its the end, it has to end big.
  14. Is there any way to directly correlate that? Prices go up but government departments dont charge more tax (which is where the "price" comes from) to directly fund infrastructure.
  15. We weren't directly before privatisation. It was "general revenue". Our registration or fuel tax doesn't go up in direct relationship to more roads being built. More of our tax may have been directed to such things but prices didn't go up as a direct result. NOW. Even this article which starts out with a headline sounding like a condemnation of electric vehicles curiously says that they can and most likely will be "more eco friendly". Perhaps the proof readers hard on for trashing anything "green". https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-16/the-dirt-on-clean-electric-cars?fbclid=IwAR0hGPM34HyMVsR2DKGR6AL90aUeL2tKuQrwtQTk6wkaf0utbvrZTKR-ycQ Depends if you only read the popular scare campaign kind of "facts". https://www.smh.com.au/national/don-t-buy-the-scare-against-electric-vehicles-20190409-p51cea.html?btr=7dd84db7caca5c2a208d686e0fd13c1b&fbclid=IwAR101rYkDgPiNQQk5cbmcUTg3uFG7JPNSJNn_c3B9JptdPrZlyA1y5CmmJs
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