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  1. I bought a couple of those. $20 each. Still dearer than the new double Opeth CD I bought. And one was unplayable. I was buying second hand vinyl for a couple of bucks 15 years or so back... Ill be giving that a miss as well.
  2. Dropped into JB hifi at lunch today. Checked out all of the overpriced vinyl and ended up pissed off. Went around to the CD racks and picked this up for $14,99. Seriously **** buying vinyl for now. I know a lot of Opeth fans don't like the fact they have gone from death metal to prog and I get that if you love a band and their music it may annoy you if they change. For me I love how Opeth have morphed and changed. I love the old death stuff and this is like two bands in one.
  3. crisis

    dynamat advise

    I was lucky enough to have had the previous owner of my car apply it extensively. I was unlucky enough to have to remove and reposition when I did some work on the audio system. It was like playing lucky dip in a bucket of razor blades. And it sticks like **** to a blanket. And yes it also sticks to your fingers....
  4. crisis

    dynamat advise

    Beware it is a savage finger slicing ***** to work with.
  5. crisis

    Currently Purchasing

    Just lucked in with two second hand CDs on Ebay.
  6. Is this the start of the presentation or the actual evenings proceedings?
  7. While everyone is entitled to place their speakers where they like I can see no evidence in the literature from Sonus Faber to suggest they would recommend the set up in the photo. "There are no fixed and universally-applicable rules for every environment. Nevertheless, one good approach to positioning the loudspeakers within the listening environment is to start by dividing, the listening environment’s floor plan into three equal areas, as indicated by the dotted lines in Figure 13 At this point, it is recommended to position the loudspeakers on the first line (A), at a good distance from the lateral walls, and to position the listening station on the second line (A), as shown in Figure 13 In this manner, a good amount of air will be present all around the subjects involved in the stereo reproduction, thus allowing the loudspeakers to work freely, while at the same time shielding the listener from the acoustic reflections generated near the walls and in the corners of the room itself. Figure 14 shows how the loudspeakers’ axis should converge toward the listening position by crossing over top of it, thus creating the classic “isosceles triangle” configuration. This measure, which consists of orienting the loudspeakers in such a way as to literally point them towards the listener’s ears, provides for a significant improvement in the focus of the stereophonic image. Given that the illustrated procedure, which is aimed at creating quasi-ideal listening conditions, cannot be applied by all of our customers due to objective problems linked to the organization of the living environment, it is recommended to position the two loudspeakers away from the corners of the room, and at a distance of at least 100 cm from the lateral and end walls. We also recommend positioning the two loudspeakers at a distance of no less than 180 cm from one another, as well as between each individual loudspeaker and the listening point. The distance between the loudspeakers themselves, and between the loudspeakers and the listening point, can be subsequently adjusted as desired." https://www.sonusfaber.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/owners-manual/Homage Tradition_Owner Manual.pdf
  8. Possibly. That is one tight sweet spot.
  9. crisis

    Sco Mo must go........

    Perhaps he has applied for a similar position.. And that, as they say, is that. 😶
  10. This shits me more than it should. This cant seriously be how this gear is set up. And you see so much of this on FB groups.
  11. Yes it was awesome. I had to keep looking away form the movie to realise the orchestra were actually playing. I have no idea how the conductor syncs that. Especially the incidental stuff. Very well done.
  12. crisis

    anti static

    Cheers. I have got a set but I think I didn't wait for the actual reading to settle last time. Its all I can think I did wrong. I will be checking it again though.
  13. crisis

    anti static

    So I am an idiot. "No!" I hear you all say. Yes. As I said I have rarely recognized this as a problem and as it transpires it probably wasn't static. The new counter weight I installed is a prick to adjust and it would appear I had the cartridge tracking far too lightly. I don't know if this manifests itself as a crackling sound but having readjusted the weight and the vertical height of the tone arm the effect has diminished significantly. It is still noticeable on some records but I suspect these are records that have been damaged as they are mostly very old or records I bought second hand. Play on...
  14. crisis

    Currently Spinning

    I've waited over 30 years to hear this album like this. For all of that time I have been awaiting the moment when my system has been able to reproduce music the way it is supposed to sound in my head. Nice to finally meet you. 👌 I don't know why the text is underlined..
  15. crisis

    Clear audio Concept or Rega Planer 6

    Yes agree. On a visit to Carlton AV a couple of years back they were most obliging.