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  1. Bloody Tonearm Wires

    Its good to have somewhere to vent to people who understand.
  2. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Wife and kids were out.
  3. I was discussing this today and a guy was telling me how "160gsm vinyl" was better because it was supposed to last longer... I told him I have records that are 40 years old and still (it actually surprises me) sound actually better, courtesy of my new system, than they ever did. I wont be around to see if 160gsm vinyl lasts 40 years...
  4. There was a discussion about this somewhere else and I responded that it was always the case. I must have remembered some extreme cases because over the last month or so I have not noticed a single record that has been warped. I sit pretty well eye level with mine and am actually surprised I have not noticed any warping. And these albums are 20 to 40 years old. Note taken, although not surprising. I have as yet not bought a vinyl album since its renaissance. Partly because I am tight and am more than happy to buy CDs for $10 - $15. I intend to grab a couple of "audiophile" pressing for shits and giggles but am loath to buy duplicates of music I already own on CD,
  5. Solar

    We've had ours for around 4 or 5 years with no problem. Is that good? Can you name names? edit. FWIW I think my system sounds fine and cant hear any noticeable "noise" BUT CAN IT BE BETTER!!!!!?
  6. I think Roy started it.
  7. They are both equally important.
  8. Solar

    I was really interested in any advice from trades people or people with electronics backgrounds as to if there could be an issue. My "could be better" comment was partially in jest. It can always be. That's our affliction. I wish but that may upset the Complaints Department... Mine is new-ish and I wouldn't waste my money on a power supply to supply my equipment that came with a power supply. I am going to have a separate power run from the fuse box to the outlet for my system but thats because I have a mate that can do it for $100. Again I intend to add some RG213/U as speaker cable at some stage and I have done the RCA interconnects. All newbies. Will be looking at a new cart though. Yeah I never intended to replace the one I have and as you say, I have never heard, yet, of an audiophile inverter. I suspect there are probably plenty though.
  9. New Member intro with DIY Turntable

    Outstanding. Welcome.
  10. Tentative Disaster In The Making

    I cant comprehend how open baffle can produce bass given my admittedly rudimentary understating of how sound is produced. I think the only way it may is if the speakers are positioned precisely in a location where a rear or side wall amplifies the bass that is being produced and the listening position is such that the opposing phase of the sound waves produced are not cancelling each other out. I would be interested to hear some though.
  11. Rega noises

    I was involved in a "discussion" on a Rega FB page about how people have gone to various lengths to "eliminate" the hum that is associated with the "upgraded" power supply TTPSU. The idea being you buy another transformer from Swagman and its all better. As though purchasing a third party competent for more money was an acceptable course of action to rectify a faulty product that was supposed to be an "improvement". I suggested they take the whole thing back to the dealer and have Rega sort it out. Its prevalent enough to be a problem.
  12. You say this as its a bad thing? Mine must be special. The only skips I get are from my more expensive vinyl set up. But no card reader ever looked this pretty.
  13. Solar

    Thanks, That was interesting if somewhat inconclusive. My "problem" , if I am looking to find one, is that I had my solar panels before I had my new system. Long time between drinks.. FWIW I am more than happy with everything but COULD IT BE BETTER!!!!!!!!!
  14. Trump

    Anything else and his doctor would have been sacked and accused of FAKE NEWS. Let him eat. Do us all a favor.