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  1. Schiit Mani.

    There are some extremely enthusiastic reviews on the web but I was honestly quite surprised how good it was for the price. The story of how it was designed is interesting but perhaps contains some typical Schitt alter-hyperbole. There are also some stories about problems with hum that some users experience although I didn't with mine. Some people have recommended the Swagman power supply although it is more expensive than the unit itself. It was certainly a good re-starting point for me and a considerable jump up from my old Project Phono Box.
  2. If you choose to express your view on a public forum then you have to accept that they will be challenged. Just as you are entitled to express them people are entitled to demand you support them with facts or some form of logic. You have to "validate" them. Should be telling you something. .. Didn't seem to work. Given the "decades" of time they've had 'n all. To divest themselves of the cost of running the utility. At last, common ground.
  3. Saying things like "warmist" doesn't help your credibility. Because that is a selfish and stupid idea. Maybe if we were in the 1800s but not now.. It would fix nothing and it is irresponsible and selfish (and other adjectives that probably go beyond the rules of this forum) to say to hell with global warming. I really do hope you are joking. Bullshit and irrelevant. The other problem is the hideous pollution and, even if you are still a "flat-earther" (you started it) and don't believe in the greenhouse effect, the unanimously held (by anyone without a vested interest in mining coal) conclusion that carbon causes, catastrophic damage to our planet. Do you have children?
  4. manatee_music Yeah me too. I would loved to have heard about the ELO era but I suspect that wasn't such a loving relationship. I cant stand the Wilburys but the stories were still interesting considering the people involved. Most of whom re no longer with us.
  5. The pops and cracks that are audible after the record and stylus have been cleaned are indicative of damaged vinyl playback. How much did the cartridge cost?
  6. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    I quite like that one. Not all songs but I liked the newer stuff. It was different but the same if you know what I mean. I didn't like Zoom. Sounded pretty much like the Traveling Wilburys. I watched the Live in Hyde Park Blu-ray I got the other day. Recorded in 2014. They didn't play all of my favorites but had a great band and backing string section. It also has a bit of a story about Jeff which is interesting too.
  7. Back to vinyl

    Welcome. Similar story to my own although not quite 35 years. If you are really interested in reading about experiences here's mine.
  8. The issue that people seem to have with digital, philosophically speaking, is that they believe it is compromised because of this "digitisation". It is more important to explain why this would be a problem than that it simply occurs. There are theories, some of which I have read and some I have even understood. A bit.. But the fact that the "sound" is converted to one medium and back does not necessarily preclude it from being accurate. Our ears transfer the sound into electrical impulses that reach our brain which then decides what that sounds like. Analogue undergoes its own change from the recorded microphone to our speakers. It goes through the process of preemphasis and deemphasis in order for the record to basically hold the information and be able to play it back. The sound replayed directly from a record without a RIAA pre amp (decoder if you will) is unlistenable. Ultimately it doesn't matter what form the sound is converted to as long as when it is converted back to something we listen to it has neither added or lost anything. There are certainly badly engineered and recorded CDs around. Digital doesn't own poor recordings but the "loudness wars" definitely created its monsters. My older CDs mostly do sound better than most of the new ones.
  9. I was applying my usual pragmatism to the subject and for me I had a collection of records dating back over 40 years I wanted to play. Some of them I have duplicated with CDs but not all. Even my old CD players outperformed my modest Rega 2 so it has always been the case that I have accepted CD to be "better". I am not completely ignorant or pig headed, really, so within a fair budget and due to the problems I had with the motor of my 30 year old Rega I bought the Arezzo. My criteria remains that if one is "better" than the other it must be compared on a dollar for dollar basis otherwise if I only have $1000 I am buying the format that performs "best" (according to my applied criteria) for the money. The result of my admittedly limited and compromised experiment is that ( I got new goodies!!!! ) and I am content that I can listen to either source with broadly equal satisfaction. Vinyl is still compromised as I have outlined above but when it gets it **** together I find the detail and transparency in the case of my admittedly modest equipment is on par. ? Agree 100%
  10. I auditioned the Concept 40s which were highly regarded, albeit in What HiFi, and was underwhelmed in comparison to the Monitor Audio speakers I tried. I was in a bit of a similar situation in boring old Adelaide where there wasn't the access to the range of speakers I would like to have auditioned but in the end I did have access to some I was interested in. What I eventually found from reading of reviews and subsequent auditions was that there seem to be two trains of thought. There are those who prefer "musicality" which to me appears to be a warmer sound with less "detail". Then there is me who likes the more analytical sound which I find is more detailed. It may be that this sounds better to me as I am older and require this kind of sound to cut through. In any case if you cant get near any shops read as much as you can and ask, as you are here, as many questions. Try to ask the right ones and find out what the reproduction preferences are of those giving advice. Good luck.
  11. Yes I definitely moved on to light jazz when my hifi system started to reveal the quality of some of these recordings. My taste developed around this. As I have gotten older I have mellowed further into Opeth and NeObliviscaris.. The first step is to admit you are. Well done.
  12. SRM Arezzo Cheers. I picked up a , ahem, Studebaker from the post office this week.
  13. that could possibly be a "sticky" for this forum.
  14. You may have forgotten one advantage/disadvantage.... with vinyl having to get up and change the disc and the difficulty in finding a track start makes you more likely to sit and listen to a whole side. Not sure if this is plus or minus but it helps my attention deficit disorder. Yeah I generally listen through a CD or at least a few songs. I wouldn't call it either a disadvantage or advantage in my case. I'm not sure I am ready to open that can of worms just yet.
  15. After having been involved in some discussions about analogue and digital and the relative costs vs quality debate I have taken the plunge and upgraded to a new turntable. My contention is/was, was/is, that in order to realise sound quality equal to that of a good CD player you have to spend more on a turntable. My 30 year old Rega 2 had never sounded so good as it did with my new system but it was not as good as my new cd player. F/F to last week and I took delivery of my new turntable and have had the opportunity to play it on a few occasions. I was initially very impressed with the performance and kinda thought that was that. It is a match for my CD player? Yep. Then I stumbled upon a video of Michael Fremer setting up a turntable... After watching most (too much) of that I wanted to kill myself. Knowing all of that extra goodness was perhaps locked away in my turntable and it would take the same cost as my turntable worth of ancillary measuring equipment and an order of magnitude more patience than I will ever have in my life to realise. Now I already have purchased a protractor and some scales to align and set the tracking force. I didn't have anything but my eyesight to measure the vertical tracking angle but it looked ok once I had installed the cartridge. The instructions for the turntable said that it could be used with or without the turntable mat but the VTA would have to be adjusted to keep it level. Well, Micheal introduced this previously unknown setting to me of the "stylus rake angle". Basically saying that the tip of the stylus should be at 92 derees because that's how the cutters were set up. Not "level". As it transpired I experimented over the last couple of days with and without the turntable mat and found I liked the sound without the mat better. This may have been the absence of the mat or the fact that the tip of the stylus without the mat was now altered slightly and may have been closer to 92 degrees than the original 90.. I don't care. It sounded tighter, clearer and more CD like. Yes, I like that. As my arms' anti skating is optimised for cartridges with tracking force of 2g and my cartridge recommended tracking force is 1.75 I was concerned that the "automatic" anti skating may be an issue. As it turns out the range of adjustment for my cartridge is up to 2g. Cool! And the instructions for the arm suggest setting the cartridge tracking force to the maximum the cartridge is recommended for. Cooler!!! So set tracking force to maximum. Back to tonight. Playing with the mat removed and the tracking force set to max delivered a "fast" and revealing sound. But it eventually became a bit " hard". Fatiguing. A bit of tweaking with the tracking force, backing it off, and everything sounded much better. So what have I found? Yes, this turntable set up now equals the sound quality of my CD player. I can listen to either source with equal satisfaction and enjoyment. Nearly. If I choose analogue I will have to accept the clicks and scratches that are part of that medium. I have found the new TT arm combo is more sensitive to scratches and has skipped tracks. On a record in mint condition though, the sound is equal to my CD. I am impressed. 1 point to the analogue people. I also grock some of the "allure" of analogue vis a vis the tactile engagement. Sitting and listening to music and watching the TT do its thing, and I happen to think mine looks pretty cool, provides an added pleasure. But, as it stands the turntable and ancillaries cost more than the CD player to achieve the same result. 1 point to me. And my CD player sits there silently while I **** about with minute adjustments to tracking force, remove and replace platter mats, clean records and the stylus, get up every 20 minutes to swap sides and muting the amp while I lift the tone arm and looks at me as if to say, "really", are you enjoying this?...