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  1. example? example? Please don't change my words Says you. Registration registers your car with the government. Third part insurance is separate and only incorporated when you register your car because it is compulsory and convenient to do in the same process. Otherwise you wouldn't have separate insurance. Registration in South Australia does not include safety checks. Registration is essentially collecting revenue from motorists for the privileged of using the cars they pay tax on using the petrol they pay tax on for using the road. "lethal weapons" jesus.. 🙄 😂 Indeed. But that goes for all revenue. It is rarely put back into the area that it is taken from. Speeding fines dont go back into making roads safer either. That doesn't make it "right". If you are not racing then you dont need a race track. Please don't change my words Costs thousands to use roads for these events and returns millions to the economy. FWIW Professionally run, I have no issue. Same as I dont have any issue with the Tour Down Under , fun runs etc using public roads for professionally organized events. These occur once a year and include thousands of people. Far from the bunch of 7 or 8 who think they can use the road as a race track any time. I can deal with that. I am not the sort of person that uses illogical thinking to believe I some how have more rights to use the road than others. What?.. Yes it is. Fine in those circumstances. You may behave that way but you cant speak on behalf of other cyclists. Plenty of bad examples. They are the ones I'm referring to btw.👌 Good on you. You are obviously not the type of cyclist I am referring to. what is your problem? 2 abreast is legal. I have no problem with it as long as you are not "claiming the lane" and are riding in the courteous unselfish manner the way you do. 👍 What has this got to do with our discussion? you have been Then I am clearly not referring to you...
  2. I use the road on my bike for exercise/leisure. Ive never said cyclists cant use it for leisure. I mange to do it while not getting in the way of motorists who are legally allowed to go much faster than I ride. It is called courtesy. and btw motorists who use it for leisure and amble along looking out the side window and setting their own speed limit are equally inconsiderate not to mention dangerous. Football/soccer/ hockey (insert every other sport in the world) use their own facilities to indulge in their sports which is 1000x more costly and difficult to arrange. Misrepresentation of "Comments from people like @crisis certainly point towards motorists having issues with the way cyclists use the roads for recreation." Fixed it for you 👍 So these aren't the same ones who "claim the lane" then? See below Or we will "claim the lane" You misrepresent motorists by citing the actions of those who transgress and misrepresent cyclists by speaking in glowing terms on behalf of a million people you dont know. only the "lane claimers" They dont Wear what you want. Buy a race track. hysterical rubbish.
  3. Indeed. why cant we all get along.
  4. Overtaking executed properly is as safe as anything to do with driving. If you cant do that please warn me when you come to Adelaide. His turn on the other hand is indeed questionable. Another safe and sensible thing to do is to not use entire single lane roads as your personal race track. They appeared to be and plenty do. But yes. For some reason racing bikes on public roads isn't illegal. I dont race bikes but I ride them. I probably dont consider myself a "cyclist" but I ride a bike. In any case the opposite is indeed alive and well within a certain sub culture of cyclists.
  5. Thing is Martin didn't write most of the last seasons so what pandemonium we always expected didn't transpire. I thought the last ep was a bit Hollywood and soft given the tone of the earlier stuff but I guess you cant end it with everyone being killed. Ironically probably the ending everyone wanted but didn't want to see.
  6. I actually run through my Knosti afterwards but I'm sure the glue method is probably pretty safe without it.
  7. Plants reaction to Hearts Stairway to Heaven. 😭 So good.
  8. If the driver wants to overtake safely to continue at the posted speed limit he is not at fault. If the cyclists thinks the road is their race track thats their bad luck .
  9. There are a list of documentary style programs to watch if you wanted that. This was a movie. A dramatization and taken like that it was well done. People complaining about accuracy are like me complaining about war movies for using the wrong model Tiger Tank. Which I do, but its stupid...
  10. Nevertheless that is an incredible attempt. All around!😮
  11. When we did our first trip to Arkaroola we were told different things by different people. Some said high pressure and some said low. We shredded tyres whatever we did. Lifting the suspension (bump stop clearance) and not running half worn tyres seemed to fix things for the next trip. I haven't done trips up there for many years, mainly beach and tracks driving, but I haven't had a puncture for 15 years or so. Yeah he has been a TAFE lecturer for 7 years. He sold to his partner and his partner finally sold to a dedicated 4x4 joint. Seems to be pretty popular.
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