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  1. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when you go in to be stitched up with these "extras" it is invariably a not altogether unpleasant looking woman who does the spiel? 😏 I totally agree though, that despite the often compelling sales pitch, I wouldn't buy any of this from the dealer. That said we did it once with the last car we bought simply because we got a good deal from a friend of a friend and thought $300 tint wasn't too bad anyway.
  2. I would only ever consider getting rid of my Silver 8s for something further up the MA tree. Nice to see them set up s well too. 👍 This is concerning as I really dont want to have to consider, gulp, more "upgrades"......😔
  3. Bought this RB900 from a forum member and installed tonight. I cant understand why it sounds so much better than my RB220..
  4. Bought this RB900 today from a forum member. I originally had a RB220 fitted with an Origin counterweight (now on the 900). I really didn't expect a significant improvement in SQ and mainly wanted to upgrade to an arm that would fit my arm board but had anti skate adjustment so I could try other cartridges. Can someone please explain why this arm sounds so much better? The level of detail from a well known recording is stunning. A great and inexpensive upgrade.
  5. My understanding was they were built in South American and the new ones were now built back in Germany. I stand corrected. I can understand why that type of car might appeal but I dont like hatches or front wheel drive. Even AWD is just added weight to make up for the fact they didnt make the car properly in the first place. 😝 Redline was the top of the range other than the last models special editions. You could get a lot of what was happening there in an SSV. In any case they are not comparable cars. Agreed. Commies are not sports cars. Its not the same size as the Australian sedans. And your still talking 4cyl against a V8. Again the comparison is no like for like.
  6. Theses days the whole car is pretty much an airbag. And if your pretensioners work you shouldn't move depending on the severity of the impact and if you move enough with all of that and still hit the interior it would want to be made of marshmallow to make any difference. $50000 for a front wheel drive 2lt 4cy turbo hatchback thats made in South America. That's a premium. You could have a hotted up cheap and cheerful family V8 rear wheel drive sedan for pretty much the same in the day. As mentioned elsewhere you could have a Stinger for that money which delivers a whole lot more value for money, subjective interior quality and visual appeal aside. We'll never know but lets at least compare this VW with a 4 door sedan despite it being smaller. Compare that to a $55000 rear wheel drive large family sedan with a 6.2 lt V8 0-100 4.9 seconds (VF Redline) (and fwiw 0-100 and 400m times are great fun for a pissing contest but not the final arbiter of good or bad) You may. I wouldn't. Looks cool. Read snob appeal. What other rear wheel drive mid sized turbo charged V6 sedan is within $50000 of that?
  7. Ive only driven my sons Forester which was impressive for what it was. WRX was always a BFB but not my type of thing visually or size wise. airbag... I think that is exactly what people tend to confuse them with. Any comparison with a European car that costs twice as much or a WRX which is a "sports car" of sorts or any sports car is actually paying them a compliment. They were all based on a large (larger than anything else they are often compared with) inexpensive family sedan. That the engineers got anything like the performance out of them is s credit to Holden considering the market size and money they had to spend on development.
  8. Not many Hondas but a couple of Subarus. I guess its a personal thing but I never noticed the bling as particularly annoying. Yeah I dont get why thats a thing. Ive had and/or driven most models since the VH. At each period in time they represented among the best price/handling combination available. Add to that rear wheel drive and some comparatively powerful engines. My Monaro wouldn't stand up against anything today but in isolation it is a bundle of fun and demonstrates neither "wallowy" handling or light /vague steering. Again by comparison with cars costing (at the time) twice the price it may have finished second but for the price you singly could not get a rear wheel drive two door V8 coupe within $50,000.
  9. And a pretty embarrassing way considering the pious reverence in which that brand is held by some. What your saying is they are no better than any other brand which I guess is my point. The old build quality and wideness of panel gaps. If I want high quality leather I'll buy a couch. And I've never once seen where a cars performance measured better or worse by the width of the panel gaps. The low end BMWs I've been in are nice but in no way justify their bloated price tags. Some other European cars I've driven leave me cold but thats purely subjective. What exactly are you talking about? Subjective. I guess we measure value in different ways. Perhaps "snob appeal" was a bit harsh but pride of ownership is a factor in ownership satisfaction. I'm sure Europhiles would think my HOLDEN CV8 Monaro is a bucket of ****. 😁 In what way? How did that manifest itself in terms of performance? No. Id have a Ferrari or Lambo in a heartbeat if I had the means. And means to keep them running. But they aren't really cars. They are indulgences. I wouldn't call out VW on quality any more than many other cars. I would alo not ascribe "better quality" to them purely because you pay a premium. Especially when some were built in Mexico.... I admire companies who do voluntary factory recalls, Toyota do it a lot. VW were dragged kicking and screaming, through court. That said Toyotas DPF issue is a pretty bad example.
  10. Thats a bargain and a great amp. I have one without the board and would have dearly loved to get hold of one to install. GLWS
  11. Which is a problem considering the "snob value" premium paid for them.
  12. When I was using it I just wetted the pads. I didn't fill the tank but now I have the Knosti I do fill the tank. If you are using your own blend I would suggest filling it but with the Knosti you get filters so you can re use the fluid and store it back in the bottle. Otherwise you will probably waste a bit.
  13. But it doesn't end there. You still need the phono stage which can be a couple of hundred up to infinity. My old Rega was no match for my current CD player in the areas of transparency and detail however my SRM is. At a price premium. Opinion is part of it but detail resolution and background noise are not so subjective. And on a dollar for dollar basis CD players are quieter as well as not subjected to flawed software.
  14. The thing is a "decent" vinyl replay system was and still is more expensive that a comparable CD player. I did my best to look after my records to the extent I often played the cassette recordings instead of the records to preserve them. I'm not sure for what. That said I have records I bought 40 years ago that are in excellent condition. All of my CDs are in excellent condition. CDs were certainly a "fashion" in the day but for me at least they produced the best sound I could afford. My vinyl system now , while still modest, is easily equaled by my CD player which costs around 2/3rds of the price. And I get dirt cheap flawless media! 😉
  15. Vinyls new found popularity is mostly driven by fashion. The amount of photos I see of people with their new Rega 1s and 2s sitting on amplifiers with speakers jammed into corners demonstrates it is nothing about "better" sound. Most of these people would do a lot better streaming or buying a cheap CD player. My record collection grew because thats all there was. I transferred them onto cassette so I could play in my car. When CDs were introduced I was stoked. I had long been annoyed by clicks and pops and damage to records, even when bought brand new. I had a Rega 2 with a Lin LVV arm. Very modest set up but the first Marantz CD player I bought eliminated all of the annoying things the records had. Back then records were around $10 - $15 if I remember correctly and CDs were twice that or more. When CD "took over" I was buying second hand records for $1 or $2 from friends who owned a second hand record shop. Its extremely ironic that I am now buying CDs for $10 - $20 and new records are outrageously priced. I have only bought two new records since this latest fad and a handful of second hand ones. Where 20 years back I was taking advantage of one fad I am now taking advantage of another and buying up big on CDs. I couldn't be more happy that CD is "dead". 😀
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