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  1. crisis

    Power cable - impressions

    Thats not the head hurting bit.. The wire can add music details, neutral listening style wire Line Base: Switzerland Gotham LCOF (ANS) Length: 1.5M (error +/-5CM) Number of cores: 3-wires. each wire 1.5㎡ Plug: Taiwan's Pure copper rhodium plating AU standard. Softness: softer. Pure handmade, The Gotham line is the current industry-leading line in Europe, the LCOF long crystalline oxygen-free copper wire AnS series Overall sense of hearing: Tri-band equalization, accurate energy distribution High frequency extension is very good, overtone soft Mid-range density, rich details Quiet background with strong contrast Low-frequency solid and flexible, fast and powerful transient Enough transparency to show all the details. 😶
  2. My favorites would have to be Black Hawk Down The Odd Angry Shot Saving Private Ryan The Longest Day Mosquito Squadron 633 Squadron Reach for the sky Kellys Heroes Hacksaw Ridge (Not a movie as such but) Band of Brothers Battle of Britain Midway The Bridge at Remargen Battle of the bulge A bridge too far Full metal jacket Platoon 12 Strong Patton The Rats of Tobruk LRDG To be honest I love war films and have since I was a kid.
  3. crisis

    Currently Spinning

    Arrived today for the sum of $6.70 off EBay. God I love CDs. 😁 And its a pre "loudness" version from the 80s. 👌
  4. crisis

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    I bought this pretty much the week it was released in Adelaide. I remember the record shop guy making the comment that he hoped it would be better than the last Toto album (Turn Back). I said Turn Back was awesome (I appreciate no one had probably ever heard it in Adelaide much less bought it but me..). He said it didn't sell very well'... Here's this spud lecturing me about music when the rest of Australia was buying INXS and Cold Chisel.. 🖕 Anyhow nearly 36 years later its in pretty good nick. A bit worn but not too crackly.
  5. They aren't all actually that talent-less. Just rather generic to my ears. One Bob Dylan probably could have benefited from autotune.. 🏃‍♂️ 🔥
  6. I am just argumentative. Or at least thats how it is mostly interpreted. I actually enjoy debate. My best mate, who I have known since high school, and will almost certainly get involved in a discussion that many view as an argument whenever we are together. Its almost like a mental work out. Ive been involved in on line sparring for 20 years or so and am a moderator on a car forum. I have been banned from two forums and left a couple of others. I have been in trouble here for upsetting people due to my comments. But I don't really think I am driven by trying to convince someone else I am right. What I tend to be trying to do is making someone explain why they are. And I am definitely not one to hit the "ignore" button. I'd much rather shoot back. 😁
  7. crisis

    Option for Ceiling Insualtion

    As an option and I have no idea how much it costs now but we put in sheeps wool bats when we built this house around 20 years ago. Seems to perform as well as anything and when you have to get up there its no scratchy!
  8. crisis

    Catman's Analog Musings

    Its part of the hobby. Audiophiles kid themselves when they try to claim "its all about the music". Just as a golfer has to the newest golf bats (even when their skill has remained the same), fishermen need the latest reel with more ball-bearings than a car, etc etc. And this hobby kind of runs out of "toys" pretty quickly. If you collect stamps or build model airplanes you can always get one you don't have but once you have a suite of components the only thing you can do, other than buy software, is to try something that might be an "improvement". and of course as good as your system sounds it can always sound better!!!!😁
  9. crisis

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    Thank you. I have endeavored to to my best within the environment and marital boundaries I have. I have take as much care as I can to integrate my system with the surroundings I have. My CD player doesn't seem to mind being bunged on a sideboard on the same level as their speakers . 👌 That is awesome. It was truly aspirational for me in the day. And now. 👍
  10. Ive already given the first 2. 1. Any claim that any band, singer, guitarist ect is "the best" should at least be supported with some supporting description on what makes a singer "good". 2. No one yet has written the definitive definition of what makes a singer (or artist) the best. 3. I don't like him. 4. Thousands of others don't like him. 5. The person claiming he is " one of the best white singers in rock music by a country mile " hasn't heard all the white singers in the world to compare. 6. "one of the best" is an empty endorsement unless we know how many others are in that group. 7. "one of the best" is an empty endorsement unless we know who he is being judged with in comparison. OK. I exaggerated. Thats only 7'. Perhaps I was wrong.. 😁
  11. Arrived today for the princely sum of $13.00. Lovely.
  12. crisis

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    The vinyl part? My vinyl system cost less than retail but I guess so did my CD player however its difficult to work out what the CD player cost given it was purchased as part of the system. So based on retail Primare CD22 $1800 SRM Arezzo/Rega RB220/Origin Live Structural upgrade/AT540ML/Schitt Mani $2460. Then add the record cleaner, scales, spirit level, Geodisc, VTA alignment thingy etc. You are right. It takes quite a bit of time, a bit more money and certainly effort to set it up. Once done and if you pick the right records with no clicks and scratches it sounds lovely. I enjoy if for sure and I have records in my collection I don't have on CD and Ill admit there is some form of pleasure watching it do its stuff which has 0 to do with sound. My CD player of course just has to be turned on and it plays anything.😉 edit This CD arrived tonight. It cost $13.00 I could have had the vinyl version for $50. ...
  13. How can you mount a defence against what someone else doesn't "get" given music/art is purely subjective? "Dylan is one of the best white singers in rock music by a country mile " I can give you a dozen reasons why I think this is BS. Any claim that any band, singer, guitarist ect is "the best" should at least be supported with some supporting description on what makes a singer "good". Comfortable in the knowledge that short of keeping in time and in key no one yet has written the definitive definition. Absolutely. Hence my reply. I am fully aware that what draws me towards some of my favorite bands is exactly what would repel others.