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  1. Ive said it before but we were spoilt while GM was performing well around the rest of the world. We were designing and building bespoke cars for a population of less than California. That would be like a special Chev built only for one state oft he US. While times are ok GM would not have bothered about the piffling money spent in Australia but like any large company when things go to **** they start looking at where they can save and what doesn't affect them overall. Holden was a goner. Chev are terminating the Impala in the US. Large sedans are so last week. 1963 EK Holden - first car hand me down from my grandpa to my dad and then to me 1965 HD Holden 1972 HQ, LS two door Monaro..... Don't even speak to me about it...... 😫 1982 VH Commodore 1974 HJ Kingswood wagon 1985 VK Commodore wagon 1991 VP Commodore 1995 VS Commodore 2003 VY Commodore SV8 2003 Monaro CV8R 😍 2004 Monaro CV8 🥰 current There was a Camira in there but thats not to leave this forum... Its been fun. I'd suggest there will be after market suppliers just as there is for the older Holdens. Not cheap parts but Id suggest cheaper than for anything out of Europe. I would expect those to maintain some decent value. Long term they will be collectable but not enough so to hold onto now. Unless we are talking some seriously low ks, like in the hundreds I doubt it yet. They are tarting to climb with regard to what people are asking for them though. Its all the same. Toranas and HK - HQ are in demand because a lot of the old farts like me who had them when we were young have some dollars to spend now and want them back. It will happen for the last of the last but not in my lifetime.
  2. As a died in the wool Holden owner I was more than happy with every Holden I owned. More than that Holden is an historic icon for automotive lovers. As much as I didn't want to see it end once they ceased production in Australia I believe they should have retired the name gracefully. Smacking the badge on anything they chose to import was disrespectful and I'm happy to see it pass into history with dignity. And now maybe my CV8 will appreciate in value! 😁
  3. Yes but it is interesting as to why.
  4. Bought this when I was in high school. 38 years ago ..😬 A bit scratchy but one of the formative parts of my musical journey.
  5. Encouraging. From the least likely source....
  6. Item: Bills Cables XLR 1 mt Location: Adelaide Price: $55 posted Item Condition: new Reason for selling: too short 🙄 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer Extra Info: Received yesterday and they are too short. My bad. Plugged them in to try, so they work,😉 . My loss your gain. Many favorable reviews. I have been using a pair of Bills RCAs and they match up very well with QED Reference Audio 40s I am using. Testing the XLRs against the QEDs last night seemed to define the imaging better. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/236074-reviews-on-my-cheap-van-damme-rca-xlr-interconnects/ Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Item: Primare CD22 Location: Adelaide Price: $800 ono (donation to SNA) Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: upgrade to Primare CD35 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Reboot with another price drop of this player. I bought this new from Atmosphere Audio around two years ago. I had a loan CD32 until it was delivered and I was a bit concerned I would be stepping down however the option of setting the sample frequency meant that at 192kHz I could not really notice any significant difference. I have been more than happy with it and would not have considered anything else however I have been procrastinating about a streamer and have decided pruchase a CD35 with Prisma. It has been kept in a smoke free, animal free, kid free room and presents as new. This player has been almost exclusively operated by remote so there has been minimal contact by hand. Auditions welcome. Comes in original box and packing with remote. I am in Adelaide but I am happy to organize postage at buyers expense. (Quoted Auspost approx $55 to Vic) Replacement on the way so down to $900 plus freight From website It incorporates a dedicated CD-transport with a considerable five second buffer memory in order to provide the best jitter suppression and protection from mechanical shock. Operation can be customized by choosing the preferred sample frequency: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz or 192kHz. Comprehensive outputs include unbalanced RCA analogue, together with SPDIF and TOSLINK digital outputs. The CD22 will also play and control MP3 or WMA files via USB or disc. Specifications Mechanism Asatech 8210.B01-02, Sanyo SF-P101N D/A converter 1x PCM1792, 24/192 kHz Analogue outputs 1 pair RCA, 2.1 Vrms Output impedance RCA 100 &911; Digital outputs 1x S/PDIF (RCA); 1x optical (TOSLINK) Frequency response 20Hz – 20 kHz -0.5dB Signal to Noise 20Hz – 20kHz unweighted -100dB THD + N 20Hz – 20kHz <0.01% Inputs USB interface; IR input 3.5mm; RS232; Trigger in/out 3.5mm Power consumption Standby 0.3W; Operation 25W Dimensions (wxdxh) 430 x 375 x 106 mm Net weight 10.5 kg Gross weight 13 kg Colour Titanium http://www.hifi-review.com/150595-primare-cd22.html https://www.hifichoicemag.com/content/primare-i22-integrated-and-and-cd22-cd-player-£1250-ea http://www.ultrahighendreview.com/primare-cd22-cd-player/
  8. I remember them well. I bought my Rega Planar 2 from them. I didn't become friends with them or get mates rates however. 😁
  9. That was very unpleasant to watch...
  10. Discovering things I've never heard part 2. This CD annoyed me because of its seeming lack of reproduction of cymbals. Through this player I can hear what is there but it sounds a lot like, on some songs, they are right back in the mix and in some cases are heavily gated. I wonder if it is because they were electric? That said it is significantly more enjoyable to listen to now.
  11. Finally heard Jason due to this rather impressive CD player 👍
  12. LP 25% CD 65% Stream 10% Ive only just got the streaming option so that could change.
  13. It was the convoluted love story that sucked the most. I love Beckinsale and could look at her all day but that slop was intolerable. I wanted to love it because those movies tick all my boxes but the acting and the rushed addition of the second story of the Doolittle Raid made a hash of it all.
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