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  1. crisis

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    I remember coming out of one of their concerts and hearing some dick head saying he walked out when they played a song from this album. You get that I guess. I also remember when I was playing their early stuff, in the day, like Kill Em All and Ride the Lightning people would almost be scared of me because of that music. 😂 They were mega heavy in those days or at least most other music wasn't. Once Justice For All came out and then this album they were mainstream and played on popular FM stations . I'm always a bit amused at that. But indeed this album more than anything else was responsible for them becoming widely accepted. Probably not may favorite but some great songs on their IMO.
  2. crisis

    No more riding for me

    Trying acupuncture at least wont hurt but my experience with it was that it is completely useless.
  3. crisis

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    When I dropped 20kg I didn't give up the piss but drank low alcohol instead. I dont know if it helped but what helped was that I was losing weight without giving up living. I think Ive said before I made Friday my reward night with beer and pizza. No better feeling mentally than realizing you feel sick after eating the type of thing you could easily scoff before. Or the amount. Its a sign your guts is shrinking which means you need less to fill up. Which means you eat less.. No matter what type of diet or philosophy you adopt less in is good. Wen you are seeing results its addictive. I really raced against the scales and I think it helped me. Seriously if I hadn't seen something in the first few weeks I would have given up. What made me come un stuck was relenting on my hard core regime of no junk food because I was so happy with my result that I thought a bit here or there wouldn't hurt. Ive never gone back to the way I was but I didn't need to touch it at all. My employment circumstances changed and I stopped bike riding and then further lost my job and gave up gym. All of this was mental and excuses. But its easy to get back into bad habits.
  4. crisis

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Happy birthday. And I know what you mean when you can start to buy clothes because they look good as opposed to just fit. Sadly I have let that go again although am kind of working on it by limiting my lunches to an apple and some nuts and walking a bit. Congrats on the loss. Thats a great result for what is actually a fairly short time. 👍
  5. crisis

    The market power of the LP Record

    All of this. And when I started to do it many years back it was indeed because the records had weren't available on CD. It was also a good way of archiving them and being able to play them in the car or in fact anywhere else but my house. The "click removal" opportunity was outstanding repairing annoyingly scratched records (although catastrophically time consuming).
  6. Capitol. Its not the reproduction or resolution and I am not expecting audiophile quality. This sounds like surface noise. Either dirty or damaged.
  7. crisis

    Bluesound Node 2i

    I actually subscribe to Spotify and use it outside or when camping through a Bluetooth speaker. Also use it at work from time to time and love being able to listen to stuff I dont "own". I would like to explore Hi res music like that on my system but want this to work before taking the plunge.
  8. crisis

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Looks like this purchase remains on hold until or unless something resolves itself.
  9. This POS. Only the second "new" record I have bought since the latest craze and one that will seriously deter me from wasting money on vinyl again. Fair enough its mono (which I didn't know, my bad, but how can anyone listen to that as anything more than background music?). The surface noise however wasn't my fault. Despite being new and running through my Knosti it was worse than some of my 40 year old records. I only bought it because it was on "sale" for $29! Of course I could have bought a CD for $10. Cool music though. 😐
  10. crisis

    Currently Spinning

    These two.... Probably my favorite Funeral album but I can see why people dont like CDs when listening to CDs from this era and genre. Honestly how do you get cymbals to sound so bad? FF almost sounds like MP3 compared to some of my other CDs... 😒
  11. crisis

    Currently Spinning

    Dont spill anything.. 😁👌
  12. crisis

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    People weren't dying of dietary issues back then. This? A range of nutritional deficiencies causing diseases like rickets and scurvy, more sanitary handling of food. Higher intakes of fat and sugar are certainly today's problems but our overall intake of food as in how much we eat also contributes. Less food overall is a good idea.
  13. crisis

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Interesting stuff as I was heading toward a Node 2i after all the good reviews. I wanted to use it to stream Tidal and for the immediate future via wireless until I get the room plumbed. Might give it a miss.
  14. Perhaps they would be better placed in marketing then. 😀 Just for context what are your three favorite bands?
  15. crisis

    Kia Stinger

    ah. a man truly in love. 😁