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  1. Sorry, impulse. Thought it was the newer version.
  2. I can't seem to find the frequency response of these speakers. Do you know what it is?
  3. Item: 3x Omni 10 and 1x Adept wireless adaptor Location: Gold Coast Price: $425 Item Condition: Used as new Reason for selling: Sidegrade Payment Method: Any Extra Info: I've had these speakers for around 3 years with the adapter. The adaptor will connect to any existing system and make it part of the wireless system. Great to have background music playing throughout the day around the house (what I used for). The speakers can also follow you around by the touch of a button or set-up multiple zones. I bought these as they support hires audio and are a perfect fit for Tidal and sound a lot better than the Sonos play 1. Should wrap the words high Res in quotes maybe, but there is a significant difference streaming Spotify so it does do something.... Note: Harman Kardon app does not support Spotify built in, native Tidal and Deezer support built in though and works great. For Spotify you have to use Bluetooth (I used Alexa to control Spotify and setup Alexa to use these speakers for music instead of her own) or 3.5mm Jack. Photos:
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