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  1. I have a pair and have zero complaints, and won't be getting rid of them soon.
  2. A42's punch SERIOUSLY above their weight (if you have the amp) you'll be surprised what can come out of a small speaker. 6" driver with a 3" voice coil.
  3. Bargain, with the right amp HUGE SOUND. As already stated, wishing these were in Vic GLWTS
  4. Gorgeous TV and a bargain at that price! I wanted one of these so bad back in the day, pity I don't have a spot for it. GLWTS.
  5. WOW. Hope this goes to a good home. GLWTS.
  6. The tweeters remind me of 90s Peerless units I've seen in a lot of speakers.
  7. " received the CX-A5000 from friends as gift " You've got some good friends! GLWTS.
  8. It's a KEF with half a KEF on top! Seriously Cool speakers, GLWTS!
  9. Have one of these, it’s on my ‘do not sell’ list. Great amp. GLWTS.
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