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  1. Given the quality of the smartwatch I got from them for just $50, I have some faith that their mainstream products, iems, are also very good. I just might give them a go.
  2. This may sound a bit gimmicky, but I can tell you, I have played around with it using a graphical programming language called puredata, on a raspberry pi, running as a DSP and phono preamp. Adding these harmonics under controlled conditions, can make the sound lush and very nice to listen to.
  3. Did you go into notifications and set them up again? Go to Account settings, and over on the right, under Other settings, is Notification settings. Lots of stuff in there will be set to NOT email you.
  4. No I meant, start out by using the raspberry pi web page at the ip address of your pi, to control it.
  5. On a related subject, I have been pleasantly surprised to be able to get bluetooth iems to connect with all sorts of odd stuff, not just my phone. Stuff such as my raspberry pi streamer running moOde, and also my laptop running Mint linux all happily play to them. I have found linux to be a bit shaky on bluetooth stuff in the past, but I guess it's all maturing with time.
  6. Can I get your opinion of these? I have a smartwatch from these guys (Soundpeats) and it is really good. I was thinking of these for when I am out in the weather, walking, or fishing. So don't want something too expensive. https://www.amazon.com.au/SoundPEATS-Truengine-SE-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B08B4C5S8S/ref=sr_1_5?crid=366QG4Z3NN8MJ&dchild=1&keywords=soundpeats+truengine+3+se&qid=1620282734&sprefix=soundpeats+truengine%2Caps%2C351&sr=8-5
  7. They reset all the notification setup. You have to dig into your account settings to make it all work they way you want again.
  8. You simply use any computing device (laptop, phone, tablet) to view the web page (at the ip address of the reaspberry pi) that it generates and publishes. You can also run any mpd control app (I use M.A.L.P.) to access the mpd process that is at the heart of the moOde system, but start out with the above web page - much more featured and friendly.
  9. Again, can't be sure without seeing the circuit (or reading the instructions). If the point voltage is representing the plate current, then higher is hotter. If it is measuring the bias voltage, then higher is colder. I am suspecting the former now, but don't wish to bet on it.
  10. I was typing a reply (with quote), and decided to go back and change a word mid-paragraph at the end of one of the lines. When I deleted the last letter of the word, the whole reply disappeared. ctrl-z brings it back and it was repeatable. This the second time I have struck this oddity. Anyone else ?
  11. Depends where the voltage is being measured and what the circuit is. This the output valves of some amplifier right? 0.27 is very low compare to normal bias voltages, so I suspect they have put a small resistor in series with the current for measurement purposes and are not measuring the cathode bias directly.
  12. Tube bias is measured in ma. It is the current the tube conducts. You are measuring voltage. Tubes use negative bias (usually) so a higher voltage means you get less current. The inverse relationship causes the confusion
  13. Yes, I certainly got the impression that the lossy codec issue with Bluetooth was no longer a biggie. Makes sense, so not a big market for very expensive Bluetooth iems probably. Ah, I had not considered other wireless possibilities. That sounds like a good compromise. You still end up with stuff around your neck, but you aren't tethered to the smartphone. I like the idea of being able to use any wired device with the bluetooth DAC/amp module.
  14. After many hours of playing around, I feel I have probably optimised the setup of these cheap iems. I quite enjoy listening through them. One problem I ran into, and it's probably a generic bluetooth/phone thing, is the volume control. The player software has what it calls Direct Volume Control. It was reacting with the iem volume control, resulting in limiting the maximum volume until manually turned up by pressing buttons on the iems. I then noticed a setting that disables this for bluetooth (indicating a problem the software developer has recognised). This somehow involves
  15. Lots of ways to get good sound out of a smartphone. Some phones have a decent DAC and can sound good straight into a set of wired headphones of iems. Sound sound better with a better headphone amp attached. The ability to attach an outboard DAC and headphone amp steps it up one more notch or two. Then along came bluetooth hifi audio. Fantastic, no wires! But it's compressed audio - like mp3. Then better codecs came along. Much better. So what are now the limitations of bluetooth devices. They are still sending the audio through an extra codec/conversion. There are still
  16. LOL, just trying to be fair. I have no good basis for comparison with more expensive iems yet. I noticed Jaycar are advertising what looks like the same thing for $19.95 with the Digitech brand on them instead of the Officeworks Otto brand. Must be yet another instance of someone making a cheap knockoff in China and selling them to various companies for rebranding. Some more data - the charging case has a 300mAh battery in it, charge time 2 hours, and the earphones are 35 mAh, charge time 1 hour.
  17. Yeah, just NBN via copper wires (FTTN). Actually I rebooted the modem this morning and I think it's been much better. I saw a config item to auto-reboot at a preset time each day - might be a good option for me.
  18. Just an update. I have been playing around with my phone, switching on HD audio in developer options, and configuring the hires output in Poweramp. I was running with the SBC codec initially, by now I have discovered they support AAC - just like the big name brand of iem that they resemble
  19. Getting closer now. Looks promising, and at least it shows they are interested in the market segment I am in. Hope they also make something smaller in the same vein.
  20. Just in case anyone can benefit, here's my experience with the low end bluetooth tws iems you can get from Officeworks for $15
  21. My budget doesn't extend to $500 iems, so when I wanted to try bluetooth iems, I started at the absolute budget end, from Officeworks, at just $15. https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/otto-true-wireless-earphones-with-charging-case-white-ottw100we Specs Bluetooth 5.0, 10m range listening time of 2.5 hours or 9 hours with the charging case. The earphones take 1 hour to charge, while the case takes 2 hours. They have a standby time of 100 hours. Unboxing, you get a neat little white case and short stiff charging cable. (mi
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