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  1. That isn't a problem Prices sound good. Maybe I should get some more chromies... nah, got too many valves now
  2. A quick question on this, as I thought FLAC was lossless and all compression therefore completely decompresses to the original file? Are there methods of playing one before full decompression?
  3. That reminds me of the expression "put a sock in it" which the legend says refers to a method of making an old acoustic gramophone play more quietly
  4. Any rule of thumb is (virtually) useless. The criteria should be how much ripple you see under full load, and whether that is appropriate for the device being powered. Interesting. Link?
  5. Just to clarify, the Onkyo receiver has a multi-channel power amp in it. Is it that you want more power? I would have thought using a separate larger power amp would unbalance things.
  6. To examine that further... The audiophile linear power supply seems to be of fairly rudimentary topology. You do see chokes sometimes, and I am fairly sure Mark uses chokes. Some people actually seem to hate 3 terminal regulators, but even given that, there are many alternatives not seen often. They beef them up with huge quantities of capacitance - often WAY more than is required. It is not a calculated value, just more is better. They do often choose quality components however. Maybe this speaks more to reliability than sound - improved sound being the questi
  7. As above, it is a low power system. 6B4G DHT (same as 2A3) SET amps driving the tweeter and mid, TK2050 Tripath driving the bass. The speakers are Osborn Eclipse, and I am just using the inbuilt crossovers. The mid and tweeter drivers are about 95db efficient, so work very well with the small SET. The inbuilt crossover limits the bass driver to 125 Hz I believe. Maybe it's fairer to describe it as a 2 way plus sub-woofer? But Osborn put it all in one cabinet, and provide the dual terminals for a typical bi-amp setup. I figure I am getting the benefit of the SET sound,
  8. A different rebadge, but the same as https://www.tnt-audio.com/ampli/dayton_dta100_e.html It's based on the TK2050 chip. It's just the right size as the bass half of my biamping with low power SET amps.
  9. Good question. Let's see. My analogue SS phono preamps, my digital phono preamp, my D10 DAC (I presume) , the power amp in my home music studio (which I used as a desktop amp for a long time - way overkill)), the Tripath amp I use for the low freq biamping with my SET, my moOde streaming box, my home theatre/soundbar/subwoofer, my modelling guitar amp , my DAB+ radio, even the Google home streamer. These days, it's most things except the valve gear I build myself - for obvious reasons, I build linear supplies for high voltage.
  10. I won't deny that a particular sound may appeal, and being compliant with the current audiophile lore may also help sales.
  11. Your terminology "bias", not mine. And you are the one with bias, not me. You are biased against switching. I am saying they can both work. Just that it's not necessary to throw away an good switching supply for a linear one in the belief the sound will improve. In MANY instances. The mistake often made is to assume the typical switching supply is a good well made switching supply. As you say, even a cheap one (meanwell?) can perform well with additional corrective circuitry. Yeah I know. Properly conducted DBT, right?
  12. The examples given for when the lower noise of a linear supply may be warranted, are for equipment a step above the audio world. It is the realm of laboratory measurement equipment etc. Audiophiles may consider the very highest end stuff to be up there, but that is debatable. To be PC I have to say IMVHO
  13. Not that 'robustness' and 'stiff' are electrical engineering terms except as a general description, but regulation "stiffens" power supplies, assuming you mean, they do not sag with increasing load. From that criteria, again, a switching supply may well do even better.
  14. Ah, yes. Tone controls. Another thing that needs to be brought back into the mainstream.
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