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  1. The audioquest one looks better however. The carbon fibre and velvet one from JB Hifi is cheaper however.
  2. Can't be sure. Some have metal, but it is insulated from the fibres.
  3. I agree. Among my turntables is a Project Essential II. Not bad, and quite capable, but yes, I see why you now want to step up. The good thing is that, having a turntable already, you can take your time. Keep watching the secondhand market for a bargain would be my advice. Do you want a modern design, maybe a new Technics direct drive, or higher-end belt drive, or a classic, such as an big idler drive like a Garrard 301, or 401?
  4. No no, don;t fear. They say "This tradition of tonearm manufacturing will continue with the manufacture of our highly accredited tonearms for the purpose of coupling with our comprehensive range of high-end precision turntables in which SME will be expanding in 2020."
  5. make sure it is the kind of brush that actually electrically connects the bristles to the metal handle (and your hand) so the static is actually drained away. Some cheap ones don't do this.
  6. When the OS is loaded and a song is playing, it's all happening in memory (anything on the card is buffered in memory) The sdcard cannot make a difference.
  7. Good. That gels with what @Ittaku was saying. So I have it set to 352.8 kHz 24 bit right now, and I am listening to some great sound, that finally gets digital up around what I enjoy with vinyl Even Spotify sounds great. This is a major step for me, as until now I have never been satisfied with digital. Big plus is that I achieved it with very modest hardware, rpi 4, running Moode, into a USB DAC (Fiio E10K pcm5102 based).
  8. I am running a raspberry pi with Moode (and in the past - Volumio), so basically MPD. I have read many good reports about Sox, and Sox is not specifically mentioned in that article to which you linked, only in a reference at the bottom. That resampler plugin you mention uses Sox as one of it's resamplers. It is a common choice - both Moode and Volumio use it, maybe via the soxr plugin to MPD. I see no reason to distrust it. Many have posted about the good quality sound that systems using it are capable of.
  9. Just a comment on this part, and not your particular run-in. I suspect it's partly because they are working with an international and bigger audience. They can't afford as much tolerance, or else the job quickly becomes unmanageable. ... and you know, I wouldn't mind if the Stereonet moderators were a tad stricter. They have my support in a task I would not like to have to do.
  10. Hah, no I built a special unit that can actually hold 4 turntables and the amplifiers. Currently it has 3 TT in it. I really only need 2 - one that has some automatics for when I put a record on and go and do other things, and also my best one, for proper listening. My wife and I often sit and listen to a record or three on it. I also have 2 turntables in a rack in my record room. That's my mono system, with 2 vintage tables, and Garrard 4HF and a Garrard AT6 changer. I use that to play 45s and 78s.
  11. So, set it to 24 bits. OK thanks again for clearing this all up for me. Much as I understand computers well, the digital side of audio is something I have largely ignored. So, happy to get the "good oil" on how it works best.
  12. Ah! That explains that odd number as one of the choices in the MPD config. Thanks, easy to do.
  13. OK, that's something I wasn't sure of. So the 384kHz 32 bit limit is probably below the internal rate. Initial auditioning suggests the higher I put it, the better it sounds. Further testing needed.... How about the 32 bits choice. I will never see a source that's 32 bit I suspect. Moode's audio info says this when playing CD rips INPUT / OUTPUT Source: Encoded at: 44.1 kHz, Stereo MPEG Audio Decoded to: 24 bit, 44.1 kHz, Stereo, 192 kbps Destination: Local Output rate: 24 bit, 96 kHz, Stereo, 4.608 Mbps DSP OPERATIONS Volume ctl: Hardware (on-chip volume controller) Resampling: 32 bit, 384 kHz, Stereo (SoX very high quality) So, maybe 24 bit (from the output rate above) is enough, then keep the sample rate at 384kHz (or wherever it sounds best)
  14. Not enough. I have 5 plugged in ready to use, and a further 2 or 3 in the cupboard.
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