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  1. That's turning up in all types of vehicles these days. Drives like an auto, but really a dual clutch/gearbox manual operated automatically by the computer. I like it actually.
  2. head gasket? Something about Toyotas and me, but the couple we have had over the years all had head gasket problems. I like Mazdas, but the most reliable I have had are Hyundai. I would get an i30 again any day. Only sold the last one to get something bigger to tow a van.
  3. I wouldn't have the cables and preamp up against the power outlets and wallwarts like that. I'd use the phono cable length to move the preamp as far away from all that stuff as you can.
  4. Some of the Murray Hill stuff I have reminds me of the cheaper London pressings in other box sets. If that's the source, not surprising it sounds ok.
  5. Maybe get a pack of cards, and wedge half under the collar on each side (or however many cards equals the correct height). Might have to support the other edge of the pack if they fall out too easily. Adjust a card or two at a time until it is the correct height, then tighten the screw and remove the cards.
  6. Conductive is good. Stops static buildup. An aluminium suitcase with foam lining is the best of both.
  7. Andy is right. This design, which is derivative of the original RCA published circuit with passive eq, has it all just right. Simplicity, and great sound. It is basically the circuit I always use. I was surprised at first when I say that it was so similar to mine, but it only makes sense in the end that Hagerman followed the same path.
  8. Why stay with Ortofon? Just my opinion, but you can get better value for your money with other brands.
  9. Yes, I found it interesting. We should have spent the $72 million odd and built the proper thing, then we wouldn't have to consider writing down $20 million of the value of the cruddy half-baked thing we got.
  10. No, I understood, I was agreeing with you
  11. So Asus make Zenbooks and Intel make Ultrabooks? Whatever... like we need yet another name for a laptop?
  12. Waiting for a computer to boot, then waiting for it to settle to a point where you can actually use it can be frustrating. Even a slow SSD can vastly improve that. As an experiment, I bought a cheap SSD external HD, and plugged it into my laptop. Now it's speed on USB 3 is only about 450 MB/s, so not even quite as fast as pure Sata 3 let alone NVMe x4. However, I installed an operating system onto it (Linux Mint) and booted from it. Wow, blindingly fast compared to a similar linux boot from the same laptop's built in spinning drive. I have updated the grub boot on the laptop to include the external OS, and just turn on the laptop normally, select Mint, and away it goes. Might become a permanent thing.
  13. Ah, so it's a Zenbook. I searched for ultrabook on the asus site and got nothing
  14. Curious, what's an ultrabook. Asus seem to list Zenbooks and Vivobooks?
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