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  1. Glad I am not the only one that is interested in the early history of labels and records. Here's an old scuffed single from the same era
  2. Just found this in the cleaning pile. Looks very early. According to this http://globaldogproductions.info/r/rca-oz-main-index.html maybe the first series they did in 1956. Although this one is the first number in the series, this page http://globaldogproductions.info/r/rca-10000-series-oz.html indicates it might not actually be the first one to market. Very cool label with lots of gold...
  3. ... and I love he was using a Garrard 4Hf in the new stereo system - I still use one in my mono system
  4. One needs to keep the pros and cons in proper perspective. I am sorry, but a list of bad DBTs must be viewed in context with even worse sighted testing.
  5. A bunch of artists like Elvis Costello, Sting, Elton John etc, teaming up with Larry Adler (yep - harmonica music) playing Gershwin stuff. Didn't really know what to think at first, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great music. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Glory_of_Gershwin
  6. beat me to it. Indeed! I agree. Not that I needed convincing. It' something that is only needing to be demonstrated to those who deny it's power to persuade.
  7. I think the test is aimed at demonstrating how susceptible we are to this kind of thing. I think the test works well and clearly demonstrates what it set out to do. That intention of the test is NOT invalidated.
  8. This is a good explanation for the over-the-top descriptions for the "latest tweak" that we often read. Yes, a common one. Night and day. I have seldom heard anything that deserves that.
  9. Can be very true. You can't quantify it like that. If the person running the test is skillfull and proficient in running tests without providing clues, then maybe there is no benefit at all.
  10. to say nothing of peer pressure and group think. very good point close to where I am coming from and also, yeah maybe a bit unhinged only I wouldn't stress too much on the "sufficient training" aspect. I think it's scientifically wrong to train people to pass tests of any kind.
  11. No, although that was my first intention. However, and offer came up on eBay. An old Bell&Howell movie projector extension speaker box. I remembered them from primary school. A speaker box with a clip-on back, that also housed the cables etc. They typically used these same 12" drivers. So, leaving the back off, it is basically an open-baffle, with sides (which you can think of as extending the size of the baffle). So that's what I used. The response of the driver is 35 to 45 Hz low end 12 to 15kHz kHz high end depending on version and reference etc. The 12UX is better
  12. Well, I was going for the old school jukebox sound. So I used a 12" 12PX Rola full-range driver. If I ever see a 12UX for sale at a reasonable price, I will upgrade. Rola, a great old Aussie brand, became Plessey-Rola with the C12PX version. Also a great guitar amp speaker.
  13. Well having seen it, you CAN buy Shure replacement styluses quite readily. Many Shure styluses can be made to cross fit with other models, sometimes with some plastic surgery. The VM95E is still a fine option.
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