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  1. aussievintage

    Jelco SA-750 bearing play

    I don't know this tonearm, but I was googling around and they talk about their fancy one point cross suspension system. Sounds a bit like unipivot doesn't it?
  2. aussievintage

    Catman's Analog Musings

    Designing and modeling in Spice is great fun!
  3. aussievintage

    Gramophone stylus wear

    Throw 'em away. They're cheap. Buy them in packets of 100 or more. There used to be a bamboo version, shaped like a 'V'. You had cutters that would lop off the worn edge, leaving a sharp V for the next record to be played. This could go on until the length of bamboo ran out I guess.
  4. aussievintage

    Gramophone stylus wear

    Well I guess it is a stylus, but it's just a steel needle, and the idea is that it wears to fit the groove. It only lasts 2 sides at the most, if you value your shellac. So, I took some shots of how they wear The one on the right is new. The one on the left is worn into the shape of a groove. It has played 2 sides of a 10" gramophone record. Also a shot from the side showing the angle of the wear due to how it sits on the record.
  5. aussievintage

    Closeup of Vividline stylus - can't figure it out

    Well, there is a lot of blue in the background from the plastic of the stylus, plus some 'white' LEDs are blueish. I think the stone may be a bit yellowish, and therefore, may take on a green tinge. Also, it's a cheap camera in that microscope, so white balance is not something I even attempted.
  6. aussievintage

    Closeup of Vividline stylus - can't figure it out

    Best $30 I have spent in a long time!! Thanks...
  7. aussievintage

    Closeup of Vividline stylus - can't figure it out

    I have to say the shibata is an aftermarket replacement, and actually doesn't look that well made to me under the microscope, so maybe it's a quality thing.
  8. aussievintage

    Closeup of Vividline stylus - can't figure it out

    Not sure what you mean by "4 extra cut". Certainly, it is a nicer smoother cut than common "ellipticals" that just have a flat front and back. Is this closer to hyperelliptical? That would be a surprise because it tracks better than the shibata I have.
  9. I just took some photos of my favourite stylus - A Vividline from LPGear for an AT95. It is really hard to see what makes it sound good. It doesn't seem to have any facets like shibata or microline. Is it just a very subtle shaping? Does that profile look thinner than the front-on angle? What do you see here?
  10. aussievintage

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    The pamphlet with the microscope suggests OTG View (no adds)
  11. aussievintage

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    No, I have been trying various apps, but mostly use apps under linux on my laptop - favourite at the moment is Kamerka
  12. aussievintage

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    Had to shine extra light in from the side to be able to show up the faceting on this. It's a Shibata cut, shown from the rear , because the front is boring It is a replacement stylus, and looks a little rough to me, the way the bonding point slopes up.
  13. aussievintage

    Anybody else built the 'Muffsy' phono stage?

    Interesting reading, and I have seen similar before. Of course it does depend on how much headroom is considered necessary, and there has been plenty of debate over that as well. Supersonic distortion effects are also debated. I guess by saying that, in practice, I don't think it's as much a problem as one might think, even reading the above, I am showing that I don't always think at the super-high-end, that's all. There's plenty of people writing about how nice their op-amp circuit, running on +/- 9 volt batteries, sounds.
  14. aussievintage

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    Good magnification in those pics. Have you tried a bit of post processing on them - I mean adjustments like sharpening and contrast/exposure.
  15. aussievintage

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    To be clear, I mean not just the flat plastic cover, but the plastic surround as well. No clear plastic left, just the bare black plastic.