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  1. You said... and I mean that just because the material is different and may have different effects on the signal, doesn't automatically mean the quantity of the change is large enough for it to be audible, or even measurable.
  2. In some cases, it is entirely possible for no system to be sensitive enough, the trick is discovering which cases.
  3. Don't do it. Always use the power supply recommended by the designer.
  4. You and many others. But step back and think what that is doing, in general, to the usefulness of SNA. I can say, and mean, that, even if we were on opposite sides in any given discussion.
  5. What makes you think all these guys are in the same universe ? I don't mean to judge it by just this thread either. Just thought it was time to feed the paranoia. lol SNA can be interesting reading at times.
  6. For about $55 upfront funding you might be able to get one of these. (I am not involved, I just noticed a link to it elsewhere) " http://www.audioinjector.net/
  7. Since you are setting the Azimuth only, disconnect the anti-skate, or set it to zero.
  8. Appreciate that. and, guess what the commonest setting is for rumble and scratch. Sharp cutoff, 100 - 4000 Hz.
  9. You see, I would have kept the box set just because of the historical interest. What a great opportunity for everyone to listen to the technology as it developed!
  10. Sssh, don't let my wife hear you. I do have several hundred of the heavy buggers. Ever tried to lift a craft box - i.e. a solid cube of 12" 78s? I keep them all on the lowest shelves of my record library, to prevent sagging...
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