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  1. Linux Mint is good. Just updated to 19.3 here a few days ago. I really don't think there is a smoother linux experience around. Key to a happy switch over is just to make sure you have replacement programs for the things you need to do. The switch over to Thunderbird is a good example. I switched my wife over from Outlook to Thunderbird and she loves it. Especially being able to bring all her email accounts under one "umbrella" in one neat package.
  2. I have a mono 50W chip amp. I have punished it, even pushed distorted guitar through it until it switched off from overheating. Still keeps chugging along. Doesn't sound too bad either.
  3. I thought he already sent it back once and they said it wasn't faulty. The "thought process" was that the OP seemed to looking for another way around the problem, rather than the hassle of sending it back again, and all the arguments that will involve.
  4. Only do it after after establishing there is no other fault causing the problem. OTOH if there is a short or something in the cable, the 1.5 A fuse will also blow. You would think so
  5. I have seen this before on equipment where the fuse was actually marginally spec'd for a lower voltage ( e.g. 220V) despite the labelling, and running it on our 250V (sometimes), would cause it to blow the fuse occasionally at turn on. Personally, I would put a slightly higher value fuse in there - maybe 1.5 amp. It may cure all problems.
  6. From the point of view of the negative effect on the environment, it does not matter if under warranty or not. It's all more poisons into the system. People seem to STILL be fixated on carbon only btw. That is NOT representative of the complete effect and damage done over the full life cycle.
  7. and if a user has not used a computer before (or little used) then putting Firefox (I prefer CHrome) and Libreoffice on a linux machine (Mint) makes it ALL free, and the user will be just as happy. Plus the computer will perform better (or it can all be run on a smaller computer)
  8. I take it Mazda disagree with you.
  9. But from a wider environmental perspective?
  10. Nevertheless I stand by my statement that they sold some truly awful sounding stuff at times. I remember one system with tiny speakers and a subwoofer that only ever produced one note. Impressive bass, for about one minute, then boring.
  11. Maybe not so much now, but in the Bose have produced some truly awful sounding stuff, very non-hifi, often gimmicky. I think that's what earned them the reputation.
  12. Yes. Of course you might be poisoning the environment with heavy metals and still be low carbon. I do prefer that way of looking at it.
  13. Due to the small size of most programs - we were running CP/M on Z80 CPUs - you could leave one 8" floppy in the drive permanently, using it almost like a hard drive.
  14. Yes, using the incorrect input would either cause very low volume or distortion in both channels. Not related to the dropout problem, unless, by moving the connectors , a dirty contact got corrected.
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