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  1. Having seen your ARCs before, I still think they look nice. I think I am just gonna build a big fake box, and put huge eye-candy meters in it, and plonk a little class D behind it.
  2. Can't resist. 50 watts of Tripath class D beauty. Only thing that's sweeter is my 2A3 SETs. One tweak - that stick on label (about 5 of them actually, one on top of the other) to kill off the BBBL ( bloody bright blue light )
  3. You and I would both score be 3 out of 3 by those criteria.
  4. Trust me, I will not be paying those huge amounts for a capacitor ever! That kind of advertisement works negatively on me. I believe fixing the source is MUCH more likely to have an audible effect. Crossovers are NOT the first place I would ever start tweaking. At least these caps come from a company with a web site, that publishes some proper specifications, that makes a range of capacitors. I intend to try some of the cheaper , but actual "audiophile" caps in as coupling caps in my preamp, as much to satisfy my curiosity as anything. But even these Suntan caps, and other things I have done, have made me want to listen to my system more. I am liking the improvement.
  5. Having worked on old Akai M7/8 valve equipment, despite the good reputation, they were nowhere near as nicely made as these Chinese amps.
  6. Gotta luv ya passion Andy Keep up the good work
  7. bring it up to the Gold Coast. Lovely big convention centre at Broadbeach!
  8. Yes, kinda rare at this level, but I like it. in fact, it is full auto, select record size, and pull the lever and it plays the record, then returns to rest. I use it when doing other things around the house. Got so used to it, I had to fit a Q-up to my main table. I recently needed one, and found there are generic replacements you can get. The one in my photo is one of those.
  9. Maybe it's because you have seen more high end stuff than me, but things like this are what I am used to.
  10. Not that I could get to the show, but yeah, a big dedicated room is something I dream of.
  11. Oh, and those cheap polyprop caps have produced a quite noticeable improvement. OK, I did put them in at the same time as the ALPS pot, but the pot was more a reliability tweak, and I am attributing the SQ improvement to the caps. So, the caps are from a Hong Kong company. Jaycar happen to be selling them as crossover caps. Jaycar's web site picture shows generic unbranded caps, so maybe they have substituted these since then. The 2.2uF were about $6.
  12. Well it is common, even normal, for a power amp to have a level control, so I have to agree with you here.
  13. NEVER what I have? I think you mean someone else Well if you want to be picky, it's a preamp with inbuilt phono stage. The preamp part may be "passive" or active, it probably has a buffer after the control. A phono stage with a level control is another new thing. Never used to see that when we started out.
  14. I really like how Yamaha kept the styling consistent across all the models. Here's my lowly P-17, and you can see the resemblance.
  15. Andy, I think you try to overdefine a simple concept. A preamp is a box, that is upstream of the power amp, and provides one or more functions, some of which you have listed. It also may or may not provide gain/boost. I used to have a problem with using the term preamp, on a passive volume control in a box. Maybe I am older now, but, the term 'preamp', is now used in this more general sense, and I can live with it.
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