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  1. I can appreciate that having more room to work is a good thing when retipping. Nice purchase.
  2. Exactly. This old (and it has been around quite a while) theory that you shouldn't play an LP more than once a day, is unjustifiable. In fact the real reason you should not play an album more than once is that it gets boring
  3. Yeah, very familiar with elastic vs plastic from my old materials courses way back. The thing is, I have first hand experience of multiple plays of the same track within an hour, let alone a day, with ZERO audible damage. Vinyl is tough.
  4. Think about it. If the vinyl melts, how can it have any "memory" of it's shape. Total tosh !
  5. What's an amp? I mean, he has an AVR, which might have 5 , 7 , or more channels. It is possible it may have switching to allow it to do a bi-amping function with one set of speakers, I suppose.
  6. Biggest thing is get the speakers a third of the way into the room from the back wall and sides.
  7. I doubt it. It's MUCH more likely the room, speaker placement etc.
  8. I guess they are used to smooth the DC filament supply, but yes, they are NOT transformers by the look of things.
  9. I tried it for a few months. Was not impressed with the general web experience, so I can imagine them also having a poor "store" to buy and download from. I am actually going back to more and more vinyl as more main source. Digital keeps putting itself back in the "portable" slot. I mean, it is for listening in the car and when away from home generally.
  10. To use different valves, it would be best to figure out the current capability of each secondary. All you know is that the transfomer is 60VA. Some of that will go to powering the heaters and some to the 400 volt HT. I would start by looking up the heater current for each valve in the original device, figure out the VA for the 6.3 and 5v taps, then assume the rest for the HT. Probably means you can only draw 100 to 120 ma or so. You will then be able to figure out if you can use other valve types, but 6L6s and EL34s etc will draw more heater and more HT current, so likely the transformer won't handle that. Just btw, a 6V6 in triode mode will sound just about as nice as it gets, without getting into expensive DHTs and things. Probably only a couple of watts though.
  11. My little project is taking a hiatus. I am off camping and going fishing I still get ideas about it. Must write them down.
  12. OK, I didn't understand before. I see now.
  13. My solution was to put many many fingerprints around the platter so no particular one stands out and annoys me I am sure you could always sand/buff it off later if you change your mind. I have clear coated brass fittings on guitars so they stayed shiny. I also painted a platter with hammertone grey to hide a badly tarnished finish.
  14. Ever consider wiring the two halves in parallel? I know people argue pros and cons, but I did it once to some 12AT7s and it worked nicely.
  15. I had a car, a V6, and the rear 3 spark plugs could only be replaced by removing the manifold. They put platinum plugs in so you didn't have to do it as often LOL
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