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  1. aussievintage

    Classical currently spinning thread

    Found this at a thrift store. Noticed the DMM sticker and so I had to grab it. Absolutely mint vinyl as well.
  2. aussievintage

    Question for Yamaha GT owners - auto lift

    I have never seen a curved tonearm (in the axis parallel to the record surface). Also, if it moves while balanced and floating, either the turntable is not level or the arm is not mounted with horizontal bearings parallel to the turntable platter surface.
  3. aussievintage

    Question for Yamaha GT owners - auto lift

    Lovely engineering. Hard to see how Yamaha could make that thing more adjustable.
  4. aussievintage

    Miles Davis KOB Pressing

    I have an unusual copy on Avan-guard label. Don't know how it compares to other vinyl as the only other copy I have is on CD, but I like it https://www.discogs.com/Miles-Davis-Kind-Of-Blue/release/1892431
  5. I am not running on Apple. Mine is a linux machine, however - it does sound like your audio programs can't see the driver/hardware properly.
  6. aussievintage

    NBN SkyMuster satellite experience

    Isn't that the plan that most ISPs dropped due to the NBNCo pricing changes? My ISP now only offers 12 and 50, for example
  7. What do you see when you click on the space in Audacity that says "Built-in Microphone" ? A list should pop up, hopefully with the USB input there.
  8. With Audacity, when you have multiple inputs on your computer (say, the inbuilt audio, plus the USB one you added) you need to select the correct input in Audacity, otherwise you are just recording the silence of the unused input.
  9. aussievintage

    Beautiful mono, tracking at 4 grams, 1 mil stylus

    That HMV is just like my first record player. btw. The stylus is off centre, the shaft needs to sit in that little u shaped rubber bit in the centre, in some models it actually pops in with a gentle push.
  10. aussievintage


    You could always take your stiff light rigid rega and put it on top on of a high mass slab. That's the formula one running on a big smooth racetrack, and that'll be better than a rough back street.
  11. aussievintage

    Beautiful mono, tracking at 4 grams, 1 mil stylus

    From the time stereo came out, as well as the usual warning on not using mono carts for stereo play, it was held that a stereo stylus (i.e. 0.7) should not be used for mono records , at least the early ones. I remember console stereos when they came out, having both types of headshells, one for mono, and one for stereo. If the stereo could be used for both, then there would have been no need to do this. OTOH I am sure, there are many times a 0.7 is OK, and indeed 0.7 and 0.6 is going to get you deeper, and perhaps experimentally, away from the groove damage. On most, and especially a good non-worn mono, however, I think 1 mil sounds better, less noise etc.
  12. aussievintage

    Question for Yamaha GT owners - auto lift

    First thing I would try is cleaning the top of the arm lifter and the underside of the arm where it touches it. If it has rubber on one of the lift surfaces, roughing it up a little may also help (delicately with some fine-grit sandpaper maybe)
  13. aussievintage

    Beautiful mono, tracking at 4 grams, 1 mil stylus

    Are you talking about early mono stuff from the late 40's and early 50s when the groove/stylus size was differently specified. I have read that the bottom radius was not specified at all, so going too low can cause problems. A 1 mil stylus is supposed to sit about halfway.
  14. aussievintage

    Beautiful mono, tracking at 4 grams, 1 mil stylus

    Not always. In a 0.7 mil groove it often is better, finding more pristine vinyl to track, but it sits way too low in a 1 mil microgroove IMHO
  15. aussievintage

    Beautiful mono, tracking at 4 grams, 1 mil stylus

    Yeah see, that's the thing. Even better is to wire the cart for mono in the headshell. I have a small number of early mono Jazz drummers including GK (not that one though) Buddy Rich, Lou Bellson etc on great labels like Clef. Good sound.