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  1. Then again, I have never gotten any fakes from them. The also sell Deoxit for which I am very grateful.
  2. Very curious. I presume the DC supply is floating? What about when Rk is on the -ve side?
  3. Or a more thorough clean of every switch pot and socket/plug is necessary.
  4. I struggle to see the downside of having a 5v DC gradient on a heater, supplying current to a 90V, or usually greater, plate voltage.
  5. fighting? sounds like rubbish to me. Bypassed by a smaller cathode bypass cap, or bypassed by a small cap in the DC supply if you prefer. Another furphy
  6. Not with any equipment I own. I did read about "in-circuit" testers, but... Some digital multimeters can test transistors. Honestly though, they are cheap. If you desolder one (for the second time) I would replace it with a new one.
  7. Had another thought - I am not sure, but I think I have heard crackly noises from bad caps, but it may have been just a bad solder joint on one.
  8. Crackling noises can be tricky to track down, even for experienced users. I had a funny noise that eventually turned out to be just a loose RCA connector. Old amps need a thorough cleaning and it can take a couple of cleans to silence switches, pots and connectors. Do not give up. The fact that you have been able to swap out transistors shows you can do it. We've all put a transistor in wrong before, I am sure.
  9. I am wondering if one or more transistors were damaged when you had them soldered incorrectly and powered the amp on.
  10. It would be interesting to measure the wow & flutter before and after. There are phone apps that try to do this. Anyway, it's not such an expensive thing to try, as things go in this hobby
  11. too early a version of Android perhaps? Try different apps like I suggested.
  12. I am curious about the expected effects of changing things like this. I have a few big idler tables - but not a 401. Best Garrard I have is a lowly 4HF. Still it has quite a decent bearing, although not as big as my Rek-o-Kut for example. I have seen pictures of damage from hard ball bearing being substituted for the standard one. In this instance however, this item seems to use a domed thrust pad instead of a ball, and they even mention a flat thrust pad? Nevertheless, the dome provides a point contact it seems. What is it aimed at improving - spin down time I expect (they do say less friction), or rumble perhaps ?
  13. Just finished it. Loved it, but my wife thought it was too slow - but she is not a trekky at all. The plot was great, and I loved the pauses in the action allowing you to think about what was going on between the characters. I thought the telling of the historical bits leading up to the story, at the start of episodes, worked well, especially as it was "history" we hadn't seen before. Loved seeing the old characters again, in their aged form.
  14. or change to one the good apps that do have settings. Neutron or Power Amp spring to mind.
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