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  1. Further information: Bought brand new 6 months ago, current RRP is $375. Very solid stands, cannot be sand filled. Original rubber screw in feet and spikes included in price, but I don't have the original packaging. I got them to use in my listening room, but the room is small and on the stands my speakers were way to close to me. There is no damage or even usage marks as these were set up for 1 month and then put in storage Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you i
  2. Further information: These headphones are the over ear set. There are so many great reviews on line, the "roomfeel" tuning was something new when these first came out and received critical acclaim. These are in brilliant condition, no scratches or damage. Due to use, the man made leather on the headband is starting to craze a little bit (see images). I am including the headphones, original carry case, cable, an acrylic "omega" style stand and an Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 with a usb c adaptor. I'm fairly firm on the price as I think this is a fantastic offer for the money Photos:
  3. Further information: 8 inch sealed SB Acoustics sub custom made for me by Edward at Adelaide Speakers. This is a fantastic, musical sounding sub, it plays low and loud (laws of physics do apply 😁) Always blended easily with the main speakers and has always been simple to place in the room being a sealed enclosure. It's been part of my stereo/HT system for around 4 years but as I now have a dedicated 2 channel listening room and no HT the sub is just in storage. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price o
  4. Further information: I purchased this around 6yrs ago brand new and have loved using it. It sounds fantastic and uses a current DAC chip. The tube on the input stage can be switched on or off and the condition is as new. There is some yellowing of the plastic surrounding the volume control. My system has always been in the lounge room so needed all the inputs this provides, however I now have a dedicated listening room for my analogue 2 channel and this is in storage Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only,
  5. In my room (3x3) and using my phone rta it'll comfortably reach 31Hz, but that's as low as the phone's rta goes. I can't hear it dropping off of a cliff after that, being sealed it's a nice extended bass
  6. Further information: This is an 8inch SB Acoustics powered subwoofer. It's a sealed enclosure with a 100w class AB amplifier. It was made for me by Adelaide Speakers. It's a fantastic sounding sub, I have only ever used it in my hifi system and have always been impressed by how musical it sounds, no one note bass here! It's never given me any problems and I have found it easy to blend with my speakers. I now have a dedicated but small room and the sub is no longer used. It does have a scratch on the rear as can be seen in the pictures, but no other damage at all. Price is negotiable Ph
  7. Further information: This is in excellent condition, it's never been covered in dust or dirt as it has always been in a visible position in my rack and has been regularly cleaned. It isn't damaged in any way, there are no scratches or dents. The plastic around the volume control has yellowed slightly as can be seen in the pictures. Remote control included. I was using it with my streamer, cd player, turntable, tv and computer all connected. I now have a dedicated room and no longer use all it. Price is negotiable Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple i
  8. Thanks, I just wish that it would stream without adding any more boxes to my system 👍
  9. Further information: Brilliant DAC/Pre amp. This is in as new condition there are no scratches or damage on it, only some slight yellowing of the plastic surrounding the volume knob. I currently use a raspberry pi for streaming but I am not the tinkering type and after trying it have decided that a streaming Pre amp is for me. I have had this Nova pre since new and never been unhappy with anything that it does. I love the sound, the multiple inputs and the valve implementation (this can be switched on/off via the remote) Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertis
  10. Further information: This amplifier is fantastic to listen to and I still love what it does with music, but I have fallen out of love with the warm up time. It takes 10-15 mins to really sound fantastic. The heat from the tubes is another new problem for me, I have moved house and now find that I am able to use my main system more but in doing that I'm also heating my home 😄. Inefficiently too! The amp has a dual mono power supply and can be configured as an integrated amp or (as I have always used it) as a power amp. The second picture shows the scratches on top of the transformer c
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