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  1. Is your amp still under warranty? If so then they should replace it with a new one or replace the faulty part which probably means a new mother-board. As for Yamaha A-S1100 - it's got heaps of grunt. It is essentially the same amp as its big brother A-S3000 but without the XLR outputs.
  2. Yes, I suffered the exact same experience as outlined in you post. The guys at the authorised NAD repair agent swore black and blue that they couldn't reproduce the fault - maybe they were telling the truth. The dealer came to my house to test my speakers and speaker cables but found nothing that would cause what was happening. Of course the fault didn't occur when the dealer was at my place but I had taken videos on my phone as proof. In the end they took back the NAD and provided a new Yamaha A-S1100 at no cost - I am very happy with the outcome. As a long time NAD fan it was hard to let go but the Yamaha really is an awesome amp in all respects.
  3. Hi, I am interested but please forgive my ignorance. I have a Cambridge CXN. Would I be connecting the CXC to my CXN thus using the CXN DAC through to my pre-amp? If so would you be able to provide the requisite SPDIF coax cable as part of the package?
  4. Do you have the user manuals? See below - a couple of links:- https://lnx.m2tech.biz/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/hiFace-DAC-user-manual-1-1.pdf https://www.hifiberry.com/build/documentation/ I believe that you have chosen a fairly complex package for your first foray into USB DAC but hopefully others on here who have experience with the exact same stuff as you have purchased will be able to assist.
  5. See if you can pick up a used Oppo BDP-105 - awesome CD/SACD/DAC./Blu-ray player
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