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  1. Do you have the user manuals? See below - a couple of links:- https://lnx.m2tech.biz/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/hiFace-DAC-user-manual-1-1.pdf https://www.hifiberry.com/build/documentation/ I believe that you have chosen a fairly complex package for your first foray into USB DAC but hopefully others on here who have experience with the exact same stuff as you have purchased will be able to assist.
  2. See if you can pick up a used Oppo BDP-105 - awesome CD/SACD/DAC./Blu-ray player
  3. Yes - SSD is the obvious answer for my setup but a 2TB unit is expensive, so I'll be testing a few favourite FLAC files on a USB stick to determine if I can hear any difference between HDD and solid-state storage.
  4. Have you got a link to the article? I'm struggling with how the router would make a difference because it's just a different way of connecting to the HDD. The HDD is still in the loop making noise. Does the wi-fi router somehow filter out the noise and if so is that all that is being filtered?
  5. I might get shot down in flames here but I have always believed that a direct connection from portable HDD to the streamer via USB is the best way to go. In this case, your main consideration may be the file caching ability of the streamer if working with a large music library. I have about 1.2 TB of mainly FLAC files connected via USB to a Cambridge CXN which does a great job of caching all of those folders and FLAC files. I seem to remember someone on here criticising the Bluesound Node 2 (not the 2i) for its lack of ability in this regard. In any case, I would suggest testing your portable HDD with the Bluesound Node 2i to make sure they are compatible.
  6. Wow, I haven't been looking at this forum much lately so this is very interesting, to say the least. So has the next big thing arrived or is around the corner? I searched "Qutest" and saw only one that was purchased for $2,400 and asking $2,100. Extremely good resale value even if the buyer ended up talking the seller down another 2 or 3 hundred.
  7. Lenny Kravitz has raised the bar again with his new album - Raise Vibration. As usual an eclectic mix of great tunes! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/lenny-kravitz-talks-overcoming-dry-spell-for-new-album-raise-vibration-628705/
  8. I am not familiar with all of the brands/models in your signature. What DAC are you using?
  9. I've been using the CXN V1 for nearly two years and really love it. In case you don't already know the V2 has a faster processor but the sound quality is the same when compared to the V1. I have 1.2 TB of mainly FLAC files stored on a portable HDD connected to the CXN which has no trouble caching that amount of data - I figure the V2 would do it a bit quicker. The Dual Wolfson 24-bit DACs produce a lovely natural sound and the streaming capabilities are also more than adequate. The only thing that I don't like is the lack of a USB output for when I eventually upgrade to a better stand-alone external DAC. At that point, I will sell the CXN and be on the lookout for a used Auralic Mini which also has a great reputation and a USB output. Hope this helps.
  10. Yeah sure I get it, but Blind Freddy can see that this particular thread is more about one-upmanship and long ago ceased to be anything like a constructive discussion. Most of it is just a few of the usual suspects repeating themselves and wanting desperately to have the last word.
  11. Suggest starting a new thread because this one has become a total shambles.
  12. Whatever that is supposed to mean I think only you would know. All I am wishing for here is for this ridiculous ***-for-tat to be locked asap.
  13. Are all of the moderators asleep? This pis*ing contest should have well and truly been shut down by now.
  14. In my experience it is certainly not unusual to set the DAC’s volume to max and the control volume using the pre-amp. That was the manufacturer’s recommendation for both the Oppo BDP-105D and my current DAC which is a Cambridge CXN.
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