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  1. I suppose a lot depends on whether the 105's "far better audio circuitry" would make any discernable SQ difference given the fact that you will still be using the DAC in the Devialet 120.
  2. Way back in the day when the CD Player was the latest greatest thing - I bought a Phillips CD Player at the Brisbane Hi-Fi Show - the one that Rob Woodland used to organise.
  3. The NAD C 375BEE is a totally awesome amp! NAD amps last forever!!
  4. PeteD

    NAD AV716 Protect Mode

    I had a NAD 375BEE integrated stereo amp that, after 18 months from new, started intermittently going into protect mode. Sometimes I could turn it on again straight away - other times it would be out of action for a few hours. There was no repeatable pattern. The service agent could not (or so they said) reproduce the fault and the dealer even came to my house to test my cables in an effort to determine the cause. In the end they took it back and gave me a new Yamaha A-S1100. I hope you have more luck with your situation - would be interested to know the outcome.
  5. Any stand-out, innovative new products to tell us about ?
  6. Sorry, yes you're correct the WXC-50 does not have a USB output - I misread the specifications. I'm really hoping something with plenty of features such as Spotify/Tidal/internet radio, USB Out and doesn't cost an arm and a leg comes along soon. I reckon something like the Bluesound Node 2 with USB Out would suit me perfectly. I want USB Out - no more compromises!
  7. I like the fact that the WXC-50 has USB Out which is missing on my Cambridge CXN which I am considering selling. My plan is to connect the network streamer to a high quality external DAC such as the Chord Qutest or Gieseler Fein DAC - my understanding is that USB is the best option for connecting these units.
  8. PeteD

    Unlocking issues

    Can you provide information such as the make and model of the amp? What exactly do you mean by "unlock" ?
  9. I'll take the RCA pair please - will send a PM.
  10. Methinks this is the reason for the second-hand CD player not having had much use. I would be asking the seller to pay for a repair job.
  11. Item: FS: Samsung Galaxy S7, 32 GB, Black Location: Brisbane Price: $300 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to S9 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Screen protector applied and kept in case since new. Never dropped. Includes 16 GB Micro SD
  12. I would love to play this game but don't believe that connecting the PC to the amp using a 3.5mm jack to RCA cable will be suitable in terms of getting the best quality sound. Unfortunately, I don't have a USB cable to connect the PC to the DAC. Of course, downloading the files (if that was possible) would invalidate the "blind" aspect of the test because I would be able to see the file properties - FLAC vs MP3, 16 bit vs 24 bit etc
  13. PeteD

    DAC comparison

    Difficult to determine unless someone has compared/auditioned the two players. In regard to FLAC you'll find that there is a lot of content that is sampled at a higher rate than CD which is 16bit-44Khz but that does not necessarily mean that any given FLAC file will sound better than the CD equivalent or vice versa. A number of factors come into play such as the quality and precision of the CD transport mechanism and also how all of the different electrical components are implemented. The rule of thumb is always to try before you buy wherever possible.
  14. PeteD

    SOLD: FS - Vic. NAD 1155 PRE amp

    Great combo for a more than reasonable price!
  15. PeteD

    The Official Old NAD Pre 1990 Owners Thread :)

    Were you referring to the 2140s that I owned? I thought it was a general question - sorry. I advertised them on Gumtree before I knew that this forum existed. After a long wait, I eventually sold them for $200 each. The buyer got a great deal I think.