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  1. It is like someone selling some furniture with Moran in the heading, then in the description it say it is like Moran, or of the era. They do it all the time and it works on a subconscious level even if you know it's not the real thing.
  2. We know they are not Proac, but how this eBay seller and the thousands of others allowed to title their ads that way?
  3. Listening=pleasure Marketing=anxiety
  4. Listening is an antidote for marketing, some people mix them together
  5. For me the enjoyment comes from having fresh music to repeat play. This comes from a pattern of consumption maybe one a week. Some collectors are hoarders, some are relaxed about letting stuff go.
  6. Sound like nostalgia for the CD, fair enough
  7. WAF? What do you want? Doilies on everything 😀
  8. It would be like trying to fit Liberace's grand piano in the house
  9. Alice Coltrane "Mantra" The last track on Ptah, the El Daoud, for me there is an urgent need to finish the record
  10. Not really, no one mentioned how the LS50 can self destruct
  11. Good call, but do you think the OP who is lusting over the LS50W really wants to think about second hand emotiva power amp?
  12. Talented brother - sister combo, like the Carpenters
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