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  1. two fold

    schiit amp hum

  2. two fold

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    If only it was silver
  3. two fold

    Tinnitus and the Audio Addiction

    An amp that gives good bass and fills the room without being loud is beneficial. Ambient music such as Ryuichi Sakamoto is not always enjoyed😑
  4. two fold

    Can you separate the art from the artist?

    You might say that all car makers are unethical and rock & roll is just rock & roll.
  5. two fold

    Can you separate the art from the artist?

    If you always loved Michael Jackson, Woody Allen or Chuck Berry you might not want to believe their guilt, it might upset the fantasy. Or you might choose to be unaware, in blissful ignorance.
  6. Best if you hear for yourself. I have compared M3 and m6 with compact 7, obviously better bass, the rest is better but going on memory hard for me to qualify. The Harbeth pitch is that they are an easy load and any decent amp will suffice.
  7. That could be your answer🤔 The sound difference between the m3 and the m6 is huge Shaw hates big expensive amps and continually says 100 watts is enough. Is the M3 is close to 100 watts?
  8. Yes I had very similar set up and didn't think I needed more volume but more power is obvious improvement. It is hard to get this info at Harbeth com
  9. Musical Fidelity M6Si, you would be very happy!
  10. Flash and the Pan, the demo version
  11. two fold

    Electronic currently spinning

    Interesting listen! Thankyou
  12. two fold

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Measures well, looks good, but is it punchy?
  13. two fold

    SOLD: FS: Dueland cable

    Gremrock You can't receive messages