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  1. I totally agree with the above statement about provider routers being basic. Buying a quality router is a good investment. Mesh systems work well if you have double brick construction or a lot of walls for the signal to get through. We didn’t need a mesh system so I bought a Netgear AX12 and it covers our whole house (about 500m2) without drama. We had a Netgear R7000 before the AX 12 and it was also a very reliable router with strong coverage but the AX 12 is better with a lot of connections and it’s range is better.
  2. Seeing that pricing makes me feel better (although I’ve never felt bad) about my recent purchase of an 8500h! Loving it so far, it’s like the Swiss Army knife of AVR’s. So much flexibility!
  3. Item: Klipsch RP-150 surround speakers or other surrounds from RP range Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for some Klipsch RP bookshelf speakers to add to the system. Preferably Sydney. Many thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. I have an LX59 that I am going to list shortly as I have upgraded recently. Its in excellent condition with original box etc.
  5. How long was the recline? Did your feet hang over? It’s one of my pet peeves with recliners. I’m only 6 foot tall and it took me ages to find recliners and a 3 seater where the recline was long. We’ve had them for about 10 years now so it’s time for an upgrade. These king ones look great!
  6. I actually use an Apple TV 4K for Netflix. I only use the Panasonic for discs, so I’m probably not much help to you with that question.
  7. Congrats! If you don’t already have a good 4K player, it’s worth investing in a Panasonic. Even the cheap 420 will do the trick if you don’t want to splash out for the 9000 or 820. The tone mapping really helps in the HDR department. I’ve never owned a grey screen but have heard good things when you need to combat ambient light. Definitely post back and let us know how you go once it’s set up! Enjoy!!
  8. I’m currently running a Pioneer Lx89 and an emotiva xp5 for my HT duties. Speakers are Klipsch RP series (280’s up front, 450c, RP250s surrounds, Klipsch atmos upfiring, and dual PSA x30se’s. I think it’s either time to go separates or a Denon 8500 and a new amp. I’m not a fan of the emotiva so it’s going to the kids lounge room. The two amps I’ve narrowed my search down to are the Rotel 1585 and the Elektra HD2 7, but am open to other suggestions. the part I’m struggling with is to either buy a Denon 8500 for the processor duties or an actual processor and if s
  9. I’m ditching my emotiva amps and am really torn between the HD2 and the Rotel 1585 for my HT setup....
  10. No, I saw the 9400 at a mates place, liked what I saw so went that route. I’ve been very happy with it. I liked my JVC a lot as well but for my needs the 9400 was the right choice as my next pj. I have no complaints about the PQ and paired with my ub9000, HDR is great and really pops (for a pj). The cheap lamps are a bonus, especially when the kids want to game on it. I never let them game on the JVC with lamps being so dear!!
  11. I’m in Sydney as well. I purchased through Richard at Oztheatre in QLD. He’s a forum regular and great to deal with. If you wanted to purchase in Sydney, lifestyle store and digital cinema would probably be the main shops.
  12. I think Sony handles motion better than JVC and Epson. I own a 9400 and have never noticed the image to be washed out. I find the image to be crisp and the colours pop and look great. I moved from an x9900 to the 9400 and I have no regrets. I also like that the lamps are substantially cheaper so I don’t care if the kids game on the epson all day. I agree with what was said above in that if you aren’t in a bat cave, I’m not sure what benefit the n5 would be over the 9400.
  13. I messaged you Richard. If Esoterica isn’t interested in the glasses, I’d gladly take them.
  14. If you were happy with your 9200, it would also be worth looking at the 9400. Yes, it’s still faux 4K but there have been many improvements since the 9200. I reckon it’s extremely good considering the price.
  15. You have to love the price of the Epson replacement lamps compared to JVC.
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