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  1. If this is still available I'll take it. Cheers
  2. Thanks for all the info mate, I really appreciate it. Not much choice regarding double doors unfortunately. I realise that I won't be able to fully soundproof the room but if I take away a bit of the noise going upstairs I'll be more than happy. Great article on the riser.
  3. Does Mr. AV do construction of rooms or just AV installs? Cheers
  4. Glad to hear there are some locals that look after members. I'm in south Sydney. I pretty much have all equipment except a mount and screen but I'll get those from Richard. I've been a lazy bugger watching my JVC x9900 projected onto the wall for over a year now!!!!! I have have all of my audio gear as well. Just need another pair of subs to add to the current pair but nobody in Sydney can help me with that one. Would be interested in your suggestions for my area. Cheers
  5. About 7m x 3.8m. Looking to have all of the gyproc taken out, ceiling taken out, insulated to sound proof a bit from the bedroom above the room, and the open 5m side closed in with double doors. Riser built and carpeted. Painting I can do. Budget wise, not sure because I am not sure of costs. I'm sure various quotes will give me guidance.
  6. I lack time in my life and probably skill to convert one of the lounge rooms in my house into a HT. Does anyone know of anyone good in Sydney that isn't going to kill my bank account? Business or carpenter or builder? Cheers
  7. I know you had some issues with xx9 series and I have heard the xx5 series was better, but I have loved my x9900 and am certainly in no hurry to upgrade until 4k sorts itself out. What I really need to do is peel myself away from work, get my screen from Richard and set the room up properly!!
  8. PSA subs will make your heart happy and your plasterboard flex! GLWTS!
  9. I think it's perfect for a 4x3 study. You don't need a table then [emoji16] On a side note, PSA sealed subs are fantastic for music (and plane crashes and bombs)!!
  10. Go big or go home!! [emoji23][emoji23] https://www.powersoundaudio.com/products/s7201
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