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  1. Anyone know if you can go back to old firmware?
  2. Richard is a great guy to deal with! If you are after a screen, he also has fantastic screens.
  3. Thanks for posting. I wonder what the firmware is updating. Bug fixes and or some new “goodies”!
  4. I recently purchased at 9400 and think it's amazing for the money. I had previously owned an x9900 and worked out that my personal preference was for a brighter image vs inky dark blacks, so the Epson is more suited to my needs. Once set up, I actually don't find the blacks to be too bad with this pj. The only niggle I have is that it operates a bit louder than the x9900 did, especially in high lamp, but to be honest I haven't found a situation where high lamp has been needed! Some of the settings really blow out the colours and have a lean towards green, but I assume that's due to the high lumen output in those settings. I have found that Natural for SDR and Bright Cinema for HDR is my go to. HDR is fantastic and I've really enjoyed the pop that this pj offers. The JVC handled motion better, but the Epson still handles it fairly well. I have not calibrated it yet, and have not really dialled it in, so when I get a chance I will play around but so far so good. I also like the fact that the replacement lamps are almost a quarter of the price of the JVC's which is good because I am sure my kids will want to game on it a lot! I think Epson has done a stellar job with this unit, especially considering the price point.
  5. Serious bargain alert!!!!! great subs! If I didn’t already run dual PSA subs I’d take these in a heartbeat! GLWTS!
  6. I have dual XS30SE's and love them. Tom makes a great sub and I reckon they are fantastic value for money
  7. From a suggestion by someone, I just bought that light meter yesterday. I think it will come in handy!
  8. I owned one as a teenager in Canada. I wish I had kept it. Beautiful bit of kit
  9. That's a nice bright image. What's the lumens on that pj?
  10. For HT, the sub is probably the most important item outside of the centre channel. You miss so much without one.
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