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  1. Great collection!! GLWTS With all of that DG, Im surprised there isn't any Horowitz in there!!
  2. flamjam

    SOLD: FS: Marantz SR7012

    Definitely a bargain!
  3. What light metre is recommended?
  4. That's very good info!
  5. It definitely wasn't the cable in my case. I tried a few cables, and a few players. Even my Blu Ray players were defaulting to 1080p sbs for all 1080 signals. My 4k works flawlessly on both HDM1 and 2. Retailer will happily send it off for a service and even provide a loaner so I don't have to go back to watching movies on a 79 inch tv
  6. I have a reasonable relationship with the retailer so I'll just take it to him.
  7. Yes, I've heard JVC isn't the most customer focussed business when it comes to repairs. I guess we'll find out! Thanks for trying to work it out with me though!
  8. The image of the movie menu that is in 1080p sbs was on my 103D, with a Blu Ray and everything on auto (out of the box)
  9. It's my week of repairs. Delonghi coffee machine packed up (after 7 years mind you) , Gerni packed up and now HDMI 1 has gone silly! That's my 3, so I should be all good now!! Can't think of anything else it could be.
  10. HDMI 2 is all good, so A must be the correct setting?
  11. I attached a picture below. My edid on HDMI 2 is A. There didn't seem to be a setting for edid for HDMI 1. It can't be cables as I have tried 3 different cables with the same result and all 3 are fine on HDMI 2. I have included a couple of pictures from my pana in HDMI1. It defaults all 1080p to 1080p (SBS). It even allows me to choose 3d in the colour profile setting. The Samsung that I was speaking about is a KS8500 (without doubt the biggest POS player I have ever owned!!). It lives in the corner and never gets used. Just thought I would add it to the 103, 105 and ub900 for this experiment.
  12. Well, I have worked it out. Seems to be a flaky HDMI 1 on the JVC. It just doesn't want to accept a 1080p signal. Below are some pictures where Ive tried to go to 1080p on my Samsung. This happened with my Pana, both Oppos and the Samsung. I hooked these straight up to the pj (HDMI 1). I then hooked them up to HDMI 2 and no issue. The only way I could get it to work on HDMI 1 and my pana was to set my 4k(50/60) output to 4k. Off is the out of the box setting. The Samsung wouldn't even stay on 1080p. It would revert right back to 3840. Everything just went to 1080p (SBS). A couple of times the picture mode showed 3d and the lamp went on high on the pj while this was going on as well. I guess it's off to the service centre it goes!
  13. I might hook up my oppo 105 and see if I have an issue with 1080