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  1. I’m really happy with the 9400. The only thing I miss from the JVC is the motion handling but overall the 9400 has been better for my needs.
  2. The update was really easy. As long as you follow epsons instructions, I can’t see you bricking it. Others have said that the update provided some benefits to PQ but I didn’t notice anything.
  3. I really like them as well. I’ve thought about going back to ported a couple of times but I really enjoy what the sealed subs do in my closed room. that xs15se would make a nice near field to accompany the 30se’s. Once the ice amps go in, I’m probably done in the sub department for the foreseeable future
  4. I have dual xs30se’s and one amp blew, so I decided to upgrade both subs to the ice amps as I have read that they are more reliable and it reset the 5 year warranty. I also reckon I don’t need to upgrade the subs as they offer plenty of kick for my needs. I hope to keep them long term. Not sure if I’ll get more grunt out of the ice amps but I’ll find out this week. psa makes a great product and Peter is absolutely fantastic to deal with. im amazed nobody has snapped up the v3600’s that Peter has in stock as I reckon they are far better value than the likes of SVS.
  5. Absolutely agree with this statement!!!
  6. Regular prices at JB can be high. I usually only buy their 2 for offers or wait for the 20% off sales which are quite frequent. I buy a lot of my 4K and Blu Ray movies from Amazon Australia as there are often some really good deals. I buy a bit from ATV but I still prefer physical media when it comes to movies.
  7. I probably should have had my 9900 calibrated but I worked out that my eyes prefer a brighter image so I figured I was going to lose too much brightness with that unit. I will do a calibration using spears and Munsil on my 9400 once I clock up the hours. I bought the light meter that you suggested months back (I think it was you) and the spears and munsil UHD disc arrived the other day.
  8. I have a 9400 and think that bang for buck it’s pretty hard to beat. The only other projector I’ve had was an X9900 which I also liked but for my needs, I actually prefer the Epson. As the saying goes, YMMV.
  9. Thanks, but am only looking for the Denons. GLWTS when you list it though! Cheers
  10. Item:Denon x8500 or x6500 Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for either of these. In Sydney preferably. Just missed a X6500 that was sold the other day! Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. I am from Canada originally, so Rush is almost a religion for many of us! It’s a shame they never had a big following in Aus.
  12. My seating begins at 3.2m on a 125 inch 16x9 screen and I see no SDE. You will be fine.
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