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  1. flamjam

    currently drinking

    Italy has some great wines. Whether Barolo from the north, Etna wines in Sicily or even entry level wines from Puglia, there is some great value for money in Italy.
  2. With the run out pricing on the 9900, you'd be mad not to consider it if stock is still available and you were looking for a 7900
  3. Are there no 9900's left in Aus either?
  4. flamjam

    Crowson Actuators

    I'm in Sydney but thank you very much for the offer to audition. Very kind indeed!
  5. flamjam

    Crowson Actuators

    I think the issue I would run into is that the 4 "feet" on my seats are in the centre attached to the metal and not actually under the corners of the wood construction. Would that make a difference as its not part of the frame as such? It looks like my recliner never touches the ground on the sides or the corners
  6. flamjam

    Crowson Actuators

    Anyone running Crowson actuators? I was considering getting some shakers but the Crowson's seem like they are end game material or so the pricing makes them that way!! Are they really that much better than shakers? Also, are there any Australian retailers? Cheers
  7. Do you have the sub plate. Housed in anything?
  8. flamjam

    Subwoofer better than Submersive

    Both Tom from PSA and Peter from Deep Hz offer great customer service. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase again from either of them.
  9. flamjam

    Subwoofer better than Submersive

    I engaged Tom well before talking to the local distributor about his subs and my space. It's a pretty normal thing to do when wanting to purchase someone's products....[emoji6]
  10. flamjam

    Subwoofer better than Submersive

    I also run dual PSA subs (XS30SE's). My room is roughly 6 x 4 x 2.7 and they work a treat! The dual 3600's would definitely do the trick and then some in your room as they are quite a bit more powerful than the ones I have and there is certainly no shortage of deep and tactile bass from the ones I am running. They certainly have helped find a few squeaks in the house!! I wish Deephz had the new models as I'd snap up dual v3611's. Freight over from the USA would be scary for 2 of those, especially after taking the poor fx rate into consideration so I am not interested in directly importing. I cant speak highly enough about the build quality of the PSA subs, Tom from PSA's very quick responses to emails and queries and the service form Peter at Deep HZ. You wouldnt be disappointed going down the PSA route.
  11. Absolutely! No apps like the ultra series has but performance wise, they are monsters and good value. The V3600 and S3600's are about the same price as the ultra's but I reckon their performance is a couple of notches higher than the ultra's. Peter is 2 series behind what PSA is selling in the states but they are great value. https://hometheaterreview.com/power-sound-audio-s3600i-subwoofer-reviewed/ I believe Peter does auditions if you live in Melbourne. He's a great guy to deal with
  12. Have you looked at PSA subs at all? Peter at Deep Hz has some good deals on them at the moment. Sensational dual 18 inch subs (v3600 or S3600). Tom who owns PSA comes from SVS
  13. I recently bought an x9900 and love it so far. No noise from the E-shift. It's my first pj so nothing to compare it to. Still have it projecting onto the wall until I work out what screen I want. Very happy with it so far