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  1. Hey, my wife asked me today “ is there anything I can do about the bad sound on her mum’s TV cause music is harsh and gives her (my wife) a headache”. Finally some recognition for my HiFi setup 😆 She has tasted the good life and better yet can now appreciate the difference. So proud. Anyone else have a story to share? Cheers
  2. Just tested as I don’t do it often, but no lip sync issues 😎 see for yourself!
  3. Airplay can stream CD quality. The limiting factor is YouTube. The CXN dac is used in this setup, so benefits from the StreamMagic up sampling.
  4. Further information: It's great and surprisingly heavy dac and stream with twin sabre dacs and loads of inputs. I have a CXN V1 and would say it's just as good, but the CXN has a better screen. I would be holding onto it if I had a good enough reason, but I don't want to box it up and forget about it in storage. I was using via USB in my WFH setup and I can't fault it. I did previously use in my lounge room before I got the CXN (to match my CXA80) and using it either for spotify connect or DLNA streaming flac files it was faultless. I have the box, remote an
  5. Further information: I was using these in my WFH setup but I have just upgraded to KEF LSX. The are great bang for buck and paired with the sub (Yamaha YST-SW315 add $50 if you want that to) it is a really fun 2.1 system for an office near field or a bedroom or garage. It would bring a smile to my face every now and then, but upgradeitis gets us all FYI rest of the system was a Elekit preamp (I am keeping) and a Pioneer N-50A (also for sale). It's the cheapest 2.1 around at the moment. I have the box for the monitors, power cables and manual so can post the
  6. I'd say you've scored a great sub and in 2005 ($3750 USD). Genelec make great studio gear from what I have seen/read but I haven't been lucky enough to hear any in person. 18Hz at -3dB is what you want in a sub. https://www.stereophile.com/subwoofers/1105genelec/index.html If your amp is putting out the LFE signal then the sub should have all it needs as it is self powered. Maybe play about with the sub settings as there looks to have a lot of switches to get wrong
  7. I just wanted to add an update for those that maybe interested, I have upgraded from a heavy platform and some vibration pads underneath, which did help to some isoacoustics Gaia 3s. Wow the real thing is definitely better. Yes the vibration pads did help and are super cheap, but these things really refine the soundstage improving the imaging in a very noticeable way. Work the money! cheers.
  8. I got some marble toppers made at a local stone place. It was some off cuts so only had to pay to trim and polish. Not cheap $100 each but they are heavy and look nice to me. They definitely help minimise any sway when tested with seismograph app Get something heavy and give it a go! BTW I do have the speakers on a platform (thick frosted glass from some old bedside tables) and some thin anti-vibration pads that help. Measured the vibration in my wood floor before and after too. Good luck with it!
  9. Hey, check this out. A little odd looking but it's growing on me. The future is looking like active speakers will be the norm.
  10. now thats a heat sink, or is it a spa at that size
  11. Thats a really good price, congrats. BTW you can work around having no HT bypass but setting the volume to 12 o'clock and adjust the AVR output volume for the fronts when using it for TV/Movies. I did that with my CXA80 for a while, just remember to turn down when using other sources! The downside is there where a couple of movies I forgot to turn it up to that mark only to realise after watching it, that sucked. I watched Dunkirk with them waaaay down 😆 a testament to the quality of mixing into other channels. Side note and yay for me I picked up a Parasound Halo 2.1 that ha
  12. Further information: I am the first owner and have had for 2.5 years and have really enjoyed this amp, especially paired with the CXN via balanced. This is my first real HiFi amplifier powering Jamo C803, ELAC BS244.3 and KEFQ900s with ease, rarely going any higher than 11 o'clock, normally 9 o'clock. It is in perfect condition and I have all accessories (I used a harmony remote so the amps remote is like new) and packaging, it's like buying it new tbh. If I had room for a 3rd set up I would be keeping it. CXA80 vs CXA81 - easy, it doesn't come in black, doesn't have tone or b
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