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  1. yep was already a great price! I really like mine pair with a CXN and Kef Q900 and Sunfire HRS12. FYI the new model has removed tone and balance controls and isn't available in black (?) GLWS!
  2. I had an issue using the HD quality HDMI port on my old ONKYO, but no issue on the 4K HDMI ports. On the HD port it would be confused between the TV ARC and the Audio only input, as soon as I selected the player source it would stay on it for a second then change back to tv. I thought it was a CEC issue, but moving the audio only HDMI to a 4K port fixed the issue. That sucked tho as that was why I wanted to split the video and audio to utilise the HD quality ports. Any brought a new AVR with all 4K ports and no issue. Maybe double check that you have ‘audio’ on HDMI 2 in the player and I think you want ‘Auto’ for HDMI 1. Good luck.
  3. The web browser version works better than the iOS app they have imho. Thanks for the tip!
  4. I do like it for TV listening to tame some ad volumes, but not for movies or games.
  5. @gleff whats the address of the Amp in a web browser? Just it's IP? BTW I'm enjoying mine. I upgraded from an Onkyo TX-NR656. The audyssey 32xt does a great job in my room. I'm still not sold on the dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume. The volume one just makes it 'a good volume' regardless of the volume set/number on the AVR. Say I have it on 30 with Dynamic Volume is sounds about right, turn it off and I have to turn it up to 50 or more, so is this setting just for lazy people or is there some dynamic range compression going on? I'm using the 'lite' setting.
  6. I downloaded it and ran the speaker setup. Very straight forward of course. I like seeing the before and after graph, but beyond that I don’t know what I’m doing 😆
  7. The app only has one review on the App Store so wasn’t sure. I’ll check it out. cheers!
  8. Thanks WasM. If it does a better job the the AVR setup that does sound worth while. cheers.
  9. Hey, I just picked up a Denon X3600h, which I pretty happy with btw and saw that it supports the Audyssey MultEQ Editor App. It’s $31 which is pretty steep as far as smartphone apps go, but is it worth it? The other app they have ‘AVR Remote’ is pretty just ok so don’t want to waste my money on it if it’s not that useful. The calibration result I have using the AVR setup is great so I think I’d just be making it worse Thoughts.
  10. I like how AppleTV 4K can airplay the audio out. Great for Youtube music videos to my CXN. No need for additional cables an ALAC quality.
  11. Item: Dali Zensor Center Speaker Location: Inner West Sydney Price: $150 Item Condition: 9/10 used, very small speaker grill puff (pictured). Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: I have been holding onto this center for a while hoping another one would pop up so I could make a stereo pair as the horizontal orientation would be great in a second system, but none have come up so it's time to go. If you have another laying about maybe grab this one and give stereo ago or if you already have the Dali bookshelfs, this will make a perfect match for starter home theater setup. Pick up only as I have no box to send it in. Photos: Thanks for looking!
  12. Item: Onkyo TX-NR656 AVR Location: Inner West Sydney Price: $350 ono Item Condition: 9/10 besides small rub mark, see pics and description Reason for selling: NLR, upgraded for more height channels Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: The Onkyo TX-NR656 AVR is a great receiver with all the modern technologies for movies and music. It comes with original remote, manual and calibration microphone. RRP was $1400 at the time, current Onkyo TX-NR575 has similar spec but less power and is over $1000. So save hundreds! It's in great condition besides a rub mark on the top right metal housing (pictured) you can't see this from the front. I'm only selling as I have upgraded to an AVR with more height channels. Happy to demo for serious buyers. Pick up only. Specs https://www.eu.onkyo.com/en/products/tx-nr656-129914.html Manual https://www.manualslib.com/products/Onkyo-Tx-Nr656-5144435.html Photos: Thanks for looking!
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