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  1. Awesome. I may have more then once added all this to cart and done the math on the exchange rate 😆 The new owner will be very happy I’d imagine. GLWTS!
  2. For those interested I pulled the trigger on 4 Cambridge Audio MIN22 as the highest WAF factor. Need to run some cable conduit but so far so good. 😎
  3. I think I’m feeling extravagant, as they are long runs. 😎🍻
  4. While we are at it, what speaker cable would you recommend in about 30-50m roll? 14 gauge or less and is about $50-150. Thanks a bunch!
  5. Hey everyone, I’m wanting to upgrade my rear speakers and add rear height speakers. I am looking at three possibilities and wanted any owners to chime in with their impressions to help me choose. 1. Cambridge M22 as rears and M12 as heights (my preferred as the M12 will look the neatest on my wall) 2. B&W M1 MK2 all round (most expensive option, but are they worth the extra money compared to the Cambridge?) 3. Kef E305 speakers (a bunch on gumtree, but will need to go to some rando’s house and condition varies a lot) Extra info have Kef Q900 fronts, Denon X3600H, and want on wall options as I have decorative ceiling I don’t want to cut into. Sidenote the Satellite Speaker market seems pretty small and stagnated, wonder why. The Cambridge Minx and B&Ws have been around for ages! There is also a possibility of keeping my current rears (small Jamos) and get the Kef 50a’s for heights, but I don’t think they are the angle and why would you make a white speaker and have black grills? Cheers
  6. Hi everyone, I’ve had a bunch of interest. I am awaiting a response from the first person and will contact others in order if that falls through. Cheers!
  7. My previous cable had silver coating (Van Den Hul Clear water). I’m attributing the improvement to better termination on the NB Cables (I hope I didn’t open can of worms talking about cables!)
  8. not as epic as the OP but I just got myself some factory terminated speaker cables with a low gauge (11) and was really surprised the improvement I heard. I'm not sure of the right way to say it but everything is a bit sharper/detailed in the fainter/softer sounds. Yay!
  9. Further information: Well looked after 3m pair of Van Den Hul Clearwater speaker cables. I can add the banana plugs picture for an extra $20. One end is are Bluestream, the other end are quality generic banana plugs on both sets of cables. If you just want the bare cable then $60 which is half current RRP https://www.apollohifi.com.au/accessories/cables-wire/speaker-cables/speaker-cable-by-the-meter/van-den-hul-clearwater-speaker-cable.html . I prefer pick-up but I can post at cost to the buyer. Photos: Any questions please let me know and thanks for looking. Cheers
  10. Otagmed, yes just appeared. Check your audio settings in the Apple TV app? Silly question but are your sure your Apple TV is supported and your HDMI cable is good too. Good luck.
  11. I don't know how so many of you are sitting so close to your HiFi gear but off to the side. Just turn your chair a little or run a extension cord to the sweet spot. Or is are you already sitting there the most of the time and just getting up every so often to check your laptop for emails.
  12. wow what a rollercoaster of a thread. First I thought it was jumpers, then I thought it was short RCA cables, but it ended up being jumper... not cardigans. A true thriller that'll have you hooked till the end
  13. I stand corrected and happy to know that. It must be on the computer itself I’m thinking about. 👍
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