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  1. Further information: This has been a great centre speaker with super clear vocals and was from a previous setup where I used ELAC 244.3 as fronts. I now have KEF Q900s and would like the centre to match (Q650c or Q250c), this could possibly be a downgrade (fingers crossed). The box construction is of amazing quality and rigid with a subtle metallic paint finish is very nice. There is a scratch on top that I have tried to capture in the 4th photo but does disappear at distance in the paint work glimmer. The grill holes are a bit worn, but a little blue tack keeps everything in place with no issues, and there is one of the under side feet missing, easy fix from bunnings. I have it angled up slightly using vibration pads so it isn't an issue. Current equilvent speaker is $1495 https://www.apollohifi.com.au/speakers/centre-speakers/elac-cc241-3-centre-speaker-black.html I think this will be good match for anyone with ribbon tweeter based fronts and doesn't have a huge space under their tv for a center as it is only 43cm wide and 13.5cm high, but is 33.5cm deep. Spec: Type 2 1/2-way, bass reflex Woofer 2 x 115 mm Aluminum Sandwich Cone (mag. shielded) Tweeter 1 x JET III (mag. shielded) Recommended Amplifier Power 30-180 W/channel at nominal impedance Crossover Frequency 300 / 2,400 Hz Sensitivity 87 dB / 2.83V / 1 m Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm 4-8 Ohm Minimum Impedance 3.2 Ohm / 200 Hz Frequency Range 52 - 50,000 Hz Nominal / Peak Power Handling 100 / 130W Dimensions 135 x 430 x 335 mm Weight 9kg Some links: https://www.digitalconnection.com/products/speakers/cc200.asp https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/15065-fs-elac-cc-2002-centre-speaker-cherry/ I would look at trading towards a KEF Q600/650/250c with cash your way if I'm lucky enough for those stars to align? Photos: So you can get an idea for its size/profile Thanks for looking
  2. thats a nice looking speaker. GLWTS!
  3. I'm keen as a bean, as long as it's not crazy expensive
  4. After playing Last of Us Part 2 it's great to play a game with colour. The wind effects and all the leaves flying about is really nice. I noticed next to s stream the leaves when touch the water get stuck to the surface which is great attention to detail. I'll have to give the Japan language with english subs a go to get the full effect
  5. I finally made it through. It was gory but rewarding experience, even though the body count of humans rather than zombies is ridiculous. This time campaign really felt like a Walking Dead TV show season, hidden groups of people fighting amongst themselves with lots of guns! The world detail was amazing (as expected from Naught Dog) and I really enjoy the look and sound of all the water and rain. The set piece moments where also great especially in the Abby section of game play, stuck in a tiny house with infected jumping in as you wait for a door to be opened, hunting down Tommy as he snipes at you, climb down the infested skyscraper with Lev, the burning village to name a few. The ones I couldn't wait to be over was the underground train station and the hospital basement, not scary but intense with your tiny torch to light your way The game did a great job of making me like Abby and I like how it was a gender swap of Joel and Ellie with her a Lev. I do think the game could have stopped at Tommy guilting Ellie into hunting her down again to setup a 3. Now some time for over cooked or something lighter for a bit
  6. Just skimmed the above post as I'm only up to Seattle Day 3 on my own going to the aquarium. I'm playing on a PS4 Pro and the constant rain and flooding makes for a very atmospheric and detailed world. It's a bleak game and you kill more humans than zombies, but thats the world it creates. Loving it so far. I'll come back once I'm done
  7. Hey I thought I'd chime in as I am currently running some Fluid F5's in my lockdown work desk setup. I picked up a Yamaha SW315 second hand for $100 and it has really made for a fun setup (Schitt Modi 2 into Elekit preamp). I am listening near field but the extra body the sub brings even with its low power is smile inducing. My main setup is Kef Q900, Sunfire HRS 12, CXA80 and CXN has more micro detail, bigger sound stage and can go loader, this little setup is great. So maybe dig through gumtree or the classifieds here for a cheap sub to add in the meantime? Just an idea and good luck.
  8. hey, I have been in your shoes wanting to add a power amp but not having an AVR that has a front pre-out RCAs. Unless your AVR model is the different to the 'normal' setup (scanned the yamaha page and nothing suggests that it is) then the Zone 2 pre-outs can only be used for analogue audio as there is not a dedicated dac for it. Possibly you can send the same signal from the Main Zone that is from a digital source to Zone 2? But this will be a full mix, so all channels of a surround moviw would be downmixed into stereo. Also no bass management as the sub-woofer pre-outs are for the Main Zone only. This means you can't correctly add additional speakers as the fronts will have the full mix. I have use a speaker level to RCA converter from Jaycar (designed for in car use) that worked well, cheap too. Thats your best bet for adding a power amp with out front pre-outs. Good luck.
  9. Awesome. I may have more then once added all this to cart and done the math on the exchange rate 😆 The new owner will be very happy I’d imagine. GLWTS!
  10. For those interested I pulled the trigger on 4 Cambridge Audio MIN22 as the highest WAF factor. Need to run some cable conduit but so far so good. 😎
  11. I think I’m feeling extravagant, as they are long runs. 😎🍻
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