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  1. I have found movies sometimes lacking clarity even at full quality stream compared to 'brought to you Netflix' movies or tv shows. On the other hand I have been impressed with the sound quality on TV shows like Dirk Gently, Sex Education (not what you think ), You, Dark, The Umbrella Academy, Star Trek... but these are 'brought to you Netflix' so it's a conspiracy! No doubt a Bluray with it's superior bitrate will be better. Cheers
  2. Totally agree. Physical means you have access for years to come. Streaming or even cloud based games you’ll only have access for as long as the company wants you to. If the service isn’t profitable they could close it and your left with nothing expect the memories 😆
  3. Disney just brought Fox for a cool $71 Billion USD. I bet we'll never see any movie it owns in 4k on a streaming service for a while. They want that to push 'Disney Plus' service.
  4. I think you'll need an App on your iPhone to be the middle man between Apple and Panasonic. There is no official Airplay support on Panasonic. A quick google suggest https://www.airbeam.tv/mirror-iphone-ipad-screen/panasonic/ Cheers
  5. It's gotta be that the studios are charging more than Netflix is willing to pay for the rights to stream it. Netflix can do 4k easily and has all the infrastructure to do it, even atmos support on select devices. Could it be to try to get consumers to buy 4k Blurays? I think 4k hollywood movies on Netflix would be a nail in the 'physical media' coffin. Cheers
  6. Pretty much the same as Jone5y, 1. Press ‘music’ on harmony remote 2. Open music app (Spotify or NAS music file for local files) 3. Press play Added steps for vinyl 1. Turn on pre 2. Select output 3. Turn on TT 4. Place record 5. Place stylus 6. Press start Digital it’s a lot more skipping and searching once I have started. With vinyl I play a side beginning to end every time so it more efficient on that side of listening ☺️
  7. Item: Cambridge Audio CXA80 + CXN V1 with Wi-Fi dongle (Black) Location: Inner West Sydney Price: $2000 (firm, otherwise its not worth doing) RRP over $2800 Item Condition: Excellent with both remotes, one never used and boxes/manuals Reason for selling: Simplify set to AVR with Power Amp (PS I hope I don't regret doing that!) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I'm seriously thinking of simplifying my setup. Currently running an AVR for home theatre duties and the cambridge setup for music with a speaker selector. It's not ideal and the missus finds it confusing and we both should have equal access/enjoyment of the setup. I have had no issues at all and would love to keep it for a second setup but need the funds for an update to the HT. The CXA80 is very powerful from my room and rarely exceed 1/4 turn of the volume dial running KEF Q900s. You can see the small dot of blu tac I used to slow the volume level (really hard to see otherwise) is the normal position. The CXN streamer is awesome and played everything I have tried on my NAS box, internet radio, spotify, Tidal and USB2 from my Mac (I think I'll miss it the most). I have the boxes and both remotes that are identical, one I never used. I can even throw in the balanced cables I'm using that brought from another SNA member that work great. Pick up with cash only as I think a demo is important to make sure your happy first. Pictures:
  8. I am running the same kind of setup atm that you're suggesting. Dedicated HT amp that has no pre outs on it, which is why I use two amps. The second amp is for music. HT amp into RCA left, Stereo amp into RCA right into the sub and a speaker switch for the mains. I never have both amps on at one time and have had no issues with my sub (Sunfire HRS12) with a good volume level using just one RCA so sub gain is less than 12 o'clock. I've been running this setup for over a year with no issues, but you have different equipment to mine so use caution. If Dali gets back to you even better. I'd like to mention that this is me just making do with what I have and would love to get AVR with pre-outs and a nice power amp for mains to beef up 2 channel listening. Good luck!
  9. I agree that some room treatment can go a long way. I made some absorption panels to behind my speakers and around the TV. See the post below if your interested. It took a day and about $120 in materials. What I got for my efforts was improved clarity from midbass up to the highs I didn't hear before, well worth it. Next I'd like to try some diffusion behind me, but they are a little harder to DIY. BTW I did a test first by hanging 4 towels layered on top of each from a coat hanger with some pegs as a quick test behind each speaker. You could try that before committing to buying anything. Good luck!
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