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  1. Dual SVS P2000 worth it over P1000

    Does that mean you only got one PB-2000 as there was no 's'? I have been considering getting two myself and would like to know how you go
  2. I did have it turned up louder than normal, it was 60 when normally it’s 50 on the onkyo. As there is no big lows to bother the neighbours. Maybe the resonate frequency of my lounge is 50hz
  3. New XBox one x

    5Gb for $295! I assume that’s a typo. 5TB maybe?
  4. Sunfire HRS-12 in a room about 4.5x4 which the lounge middlish. Yeah not much bass going on in the rest of the movie compared to most action movies now days. It it was pretty good, lady Bourne if you will Edit, the room is about 9m long but that the kitchen off to one side. The lounger room is about that size with speakers facing that wall.
  5. Hey, not a particularly bass heavy sound track, lots of 80’s tracks, but OMG the bass drop at an hour 10min was crazy and came out of no where. Shook the walls and ceiling, I even felt the lounge vibrate. Maybe be I don’t need a second sub after all!
  6. New XBox one x

    The remote should work. It should have CEC compatibility. The XBOS I can control it with the arrow button on my LG remote, which is nice for movies.
  7. Agreed and that’s the one in the box. I assume the sub out frees up the pre-out for other uses. But yeah it would be good no know what is the frequency cut off, there is no way to change it. I assume you use the one on your sub to get the mix with the L&R right. Some more granular info in a user manual would be greatly appreciated, even if the want to cheap out an it’s only online.
  8. @shogo33 yeah that should work fine. The LFE label is for Amps with single/mono outs. My CXA80 manual shows a configuration that uses the L&R pre-outs as an option for connecting a sub or use the single dedicated sub out.
  9. How do you find the picture quality? I have read a few post suggesting the picture is washed out. Have you tweaked anything to improve the washed out in the palyer or your tv? Or does it just not bother you?
  10. I bought a Sony s6700 which has 4K upscaling included which is basically the same quality as the LGs and Onkyo's scaler. I did a whole bunch of testing and I couldn't see any differences. I'm a UI Designer so I like to think I should be able to spot the differences as pixels are my trade. The sound on the other hand is louder some how. The AVR has displayed 'unkown' audio codec under info when coming from the TV but also shows it's outputting all channels via ARC with the AVR manually set to the correct codec. If I play the same file on the Sony it shows up on the AVR info as the correct codec automatically. I'm not sure if an auto setting would be louder than a manually selected one.
  11. New XBox one x

    Totally. I wonder what the underlying reason is, patents or license? Otherwise all the pieces are there or a software patch away. It’s gotta be about money.
  12. My designer mind does like symmetry but my ears will want to smooth out the bass response 2 subs (where the room wants them to be) can bring. Anyhting more will need to be done via DSP like Snoopy8 suggested. I think where I was going with the high level connection was more about imitating floor standers in a way. Like a two piece version
  13. Yes it works as a 2.1 and you can even use the RCA L&R pre outs for sub duties. I'm currently using the Sunfire sub with the pre-out with no issues. Just thought if I had 2 I could see what it would be like using high level as an cheap experiment. Low level is always there is it doesn't sound right.
  14. Good catch on the no high level inputs. The SB1000 DOES have them but 2000 and up don't (using digitalcinema). I was looking on lifestylestore which only has a pic on the back panel of the 1000. None for the 2000 which sucks. I assumed (silly me) that they would be the same just with greater power.
  15. I've found a pair of SVS SB-1000 going near by my place. I'd offer about 1k for both. Do you think I'll be disappointed considering I'm used to the Sunfire? They are SVS's entry level speaker but same form factor. I never heard them. Do you guys think it worth the time pursuing?