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  1. Options I can think of • Interstellar - huge bass rumbles! • TAU - looks interesting • Dunkirk - definitely ticks the explosions box • Mad Max Fury Road - crazy V8 rumbles or?...
  2. Hey SNAers, I have the house to myself tonight and even better the neighbours are on holidays! To make the most of these planets aligning, any suggestion of a Netflix movie that is all action, all explosions that must be enjoyed at high volume? Suggestions please
  3. PauliD

    B&W 702 S1 - How much break in needed?

    I have wondered about what volume levels are required for a 'good' burn in period. @astormsau you suggest low volume, which I would imagine is better than not doing it at all, but if the idea is to get things moving in an optimal way would low volume move things enough? I don't really make it past 1/4 on my volume dial so maybe I'll never burn my speakers in 'properly'
  4. I finally manage to get Google Assistant to work with it. Took a few tries at signing up and emails with tech support, but got there in the end. I thought it would be more Google Home like, but the Assitant version is pretty limited. It’s enough if your hands are full or to get started as you find the remote. Commands list is here http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/bd/faq/vc/GAeng.html
  5. I'll chat to santa about a harmony remote The only lip sync issues I have had is Netflix. Simply pause, wait a sec, then play fixes things.
  6. yeah I too haven't thought it to be loud at all. You can hear a faint noise of the disc spinning is all in a dead quiet room. Oh yes the remote is annoying. I am forever pressing the Netflix button when I mean to press up on the D-Pad. That really kills the mood when you have to wait for it to quit what you are doing, then load Netflix just to close it all and navigate back to where you were. The remote looks pretty standard from a handful of panasonic players I have used. Yes I'm running a video HDMI straight into a Deep-colour compliant port on my TV, no fancy HDR for me yet. The Audio HDMI out into my AVR. I find that this has almost stopped any audio crackles I was getting in Atmos movies. Most noticeable in loud/audio intense scenes. That said I should get some better HDMI cables than the $4 officeworks 4k cables I'm using, they must not be able to do 18Gbps consistently. Using the audio only HDMI has greatly reduced it though, so thats a good reason for using the two. Subjectively I'd say that the image is better direct to TV than going through the AVR, but it's hard to measure and could be a placebo especially as the UHD 'should' be better than a HD bluray. The only other UHD player I have is an XB1S and think it looks a little washed out. The pana has a better picture than the Sony 6700 player that upscales to 4K. That could be the HCX chip is better at 4:4:4, more than the dedicated HDMI for video. So if you don't have great cables then give it a go. I think removing a device in the chain has to be a good thing. Lets know how you go if you give it a try
  7. Pretty! I guessing the in box pic was from the unboxing 😉 Youd definitely need a friend or two to help box it up again. GLWTS
  8. PauliD

    Atmos Speakers as Surrounds?

    Certified atmos speakers have a frequency spike in their crossover if this article is correct. https://www.audioholics.com/loudspeaker-design/dolby-atmos-elevation-speaker/dolby-atmos-elevation-speakers-p2 So may not ideal to use them as 'bed' speakers. The only real way to know is to try it out tho
  9. PauliD

    SOLD: Pass labs power amp

    the manual is an interesting read https://www.passlabs.com/sites/default/files/a30manr0.pdf GLWTS!
  10. Thanks cwt, Good to know the dsp audio effects are for non-hdmi outputs (there are no analogue outputs on the 420). I may one day have a play with them and run a optical cable to my CXN and have a listen. I'll double check the settings for the video HDMI cable sending audio. I'm pretty sure it's set to 'Automatic' as there is no 'off' option.
  11. Maybe a pic will help explain better 🤓
  12. Hey SNAers I picked up a Panasonic UHD player that I have been looking at for a while. Would have loved to get something like an Oppo 203 or even the new top-o-the-line panasonic player (depending on reviews) but don't have the funds right now. I like the dual HMDI so I can run a cable straight into the TV and the audio into the AVR. It does confuse the AVR as the CEC keeps switching back to the TV's ARC connection for every time I start an app or disc. Small complaint, means I need to have the AVR remote handy at all times tho = less drink/snack space on my side table The 4:4:4 upscaling is really good and even playing files from a NAS has benefited from the HCX image processing. I also notice smoother/more constant frames in movies panning shots compared to the LGs internal player and chromecast. Is this a better snycing, Hz stuff? I only have a SDR TV but it has deep-colour. The other thing I noticed poking about in the menus is the audio post processing it has. There are a bunch of setting from 'remaster 1, remaster 2, remaster 3.... and a bunch of other names' about 16 in all with an associated bit depth and sample frequency. I have googled it but can't find anything that says what or how these post processing filters work. I played about with some a bit on Deadpool 2 and The Last Jedi and couldn't really tell. Possibly not even compatible with Atmos? How about any other Panna UHD player owners? Any tips for the image settings?
  13. Hey! I have a pair of Sony MDR-1ABT and Philips Fidelio M2BT's that both need the ear pads replaced. I must have toxic face oil or hair wax I used an online customer help form fo what I thought was the AU Philips distributors site, but had no response and since then I noticed the Sony ear pads peeling. Any where you guys would recommend to get replacements? They don't have to be original replacements, I'm cool with quality off brand type. Both headphones are working well so would like to keep using them. Thanks for any help!
  14. Am I right that it doesn't have HEOS support? I'll save other people the googling https://www.us.marantz.com/us/products/pages/productdetails.aspx?catid=avreceivers&productid=sr7010 https://www.stereo.net.au/news/marantz-completes-2015-lineup