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  1. I got some marble toppers made at a local stone place. It was some off cuts so only had to pay to trim and polish. Not cheap $100 each but they are heavy and look nice to me. They definitely help minimise any sway when tested with seismograph app Get something heavy and give it a go! BTW I do have the speakers on a platform (thick frosted glass from some old bedside tables) and some thin anti-vibration pads that help. Measured the vibration in my wood floor before and after too. Good luck with it!
  2. Hey, check this out. A little odd looking but it's growing on me. The future is looking like active speakers will be the norm.
  3. now thats a heat sink, or is it a spa at that size
  4. Thats a really good price, congrats. BTW you can work around having no HT bypass but setting the volume to 12 o'clock and adjust the AVR output volume for the fronts when using it for TV/Movies. I did that with my CXA80 for a while, just remember to turn down when using other sources! The downside is there where a couple of movies I forgot to turn it up to that mark only to realise after watching it, that sucked. I watched Dunkirk with them waaaay down 😆 a testament to the quality of mixing into other channels. Side note and yay for me I picked up a Parasound Halo 2.1 that ha
  5. Further information: I am the first owner and have had for 2.5 years and have really enjoyed this amp, especially paired with the CXN via balanced. This is my first real HiFi amplifier powering Jamo C803, ELAC BS244.3 and KEFQ900s with ease, rarely going any higher than 11 o'clock, normally 9 o'clock. It is in perfect condition and I have all accessories (I used a harmony remote so the amps remote is like new) and packaging, it's like buying it new tbh. If I had room for a 3rd set up I would be keeping it. CXA80 vs CXA81 - easy, it doesn't come in black, doesn't have tone or b
  6. Hey, with 'Denon App' are you reffering to? The 'AVR Remote' one? Try the 'Heos' App for managing music in multiple rooms. BTW you can use a browser and log in to your AVR using it's IP address, this way you have access to the full setup options that you don't get in the app. If your source is Spotify, the Spotify App may be better to use.
  7. Further information: This has been a great centre speaker with super clear vocals and was from a previous setup where I used ELAC 244.3 as fronts. I now have KEF Q900s and would like the centre to match (Q650c or Q250c), this could possibly be a downgrade (fingers crossed). The box construction is of amazing quality and rigid with a subtle metallic paint finish is very nice. There is a scratch on top that I have tried to capture in the 4th photo but does disappear at distance in the paint work glimmer. The grill holes are a bit worn, but a little blue tack keeps everything in place with no is
  8. I'm keen as a bean, as long as it's not crazy expensive
  9. After playing Last of Us Part 2 it's great to play a game with colour. The wind effects and all the leaves flying about is really nice. I noticed next to s stream the leaves when touch the water get stuck to the surface which is great attention to detail. I'll have to give the Japan language with english subs a go to get the full effect
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