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  1. Just to let you know IT WORKED!! I've got a music DVD on right now and it's magic! Can't thank you guys enough! I know who to come to if there's a next time.
  2. Thanks Pete for some more clarification and I'd like a bit more if that's ok. So when I do as you suggest and use the 3.5mm to 2xRCA plug cable and it works I won't need the other set of RCA plugs? That's what was confusing me 9it doesn't take much). I don't need to use both Line 1 and 2 ?. Can't do it right now, the wife's sleeping in the next room. I'll get back to you. 😊 I even get confused about finding replies. I didn't see them all until a couple of hours ago sorry. Did I mention that you're dealing with a grumpy 71 year old?
  3. I've just done a bit more of my own research and came across this "1M/2M For Toslink to Mini Plug Jack 3.5mm Digital Optical SPDIF Audio Cable Cord" on Ebay. It looks like it would plug into my TV and the other end looks just like the ODT cable that supplied with the speakers? One of the problems is that the ODT connection on the speakers might not be exactly the same. Looks pretty close though. Worth a chance for $10 bucks? Any comments please?
  4. Thanks Decky. Going with the Toslink converter would be blowing out my budget a bit. It looks to me like I'd need extra cabling to get the signal out of the SPDIF socket as well? I can see the benefit of using that option though. Truthfully Decky I don't understand all this stuff. I don't even understand all the cabling that came with the speakers. I need an easier option and it looks like that's not going to be forthcoming. I might contact TCL, put my case to them and see what they have to say. I might even contact Edifier as well. You win some, you loose some!
  5. Do I just plug in the left and right for one of the speakers and see what happens
  6. Thanks guys but I'm still scratching my head about all this. I don't do too much of this sort of stuff, I'm a baby boomer, what can I stay. The way I look at I've got an AV out with a socket underneath on the back of the TV that we're not 100% sure will work (headphone socket?) and that's the only thing I have to transfer sound to the speaker. I can't test anything because I don't have anything on the TV to connect to the other RCA plugs on the back of the speaker? or do they all have to be connected to the TV ?
  7. Thanks Pete, sorry about the mix up. I've checked and Edifier supplied two lots of RCA cable. One has 2x dual cables and the other is a 3.5 single (black) and a dual. They don't give much information in these manuals and I presume the black one takes the place of two? . I've attached a picture. I have plugged it into the yellow connection as you suggested on the TV and it seems to fit quite well, fingers crossed. You asked me to see if I have any luck? I guess that means I plug everything in, turn it on and see what happens? I presume? 😳😎
  8. Thanks so much for your encouraging advice sakabatou. I've been feeling a bit down in the doldrums thinking I was stuck with an impossible situation. I thought that connecting my TV to the speakers via my SPDIF connection was the way to go on advice from Edifier who I also contacted prior to yourselves. I'm not familiar with a lot of the technical terms and it was my understanding that SPDIF was optical (?) and the cable supplied by Edifier to connect to the ODT input on the speakers could be used. My television is a TCL model L40D2700F. I have the manual and I'v
  9. I received the speakers today and have already incurred a problem. The optical cable that Edifier supplied that plugs into the main speaker doesn't plug into the back of my TV. I attached a photo on the 15th of Jan showing the TV connections and I've attached photo today of the Optical cable plug. It's bigger and square rather than round. Could it be anything to do with age of the TV or is an adapter required? Any assistance would be great thanks.
  10. I download a lot of music on line and store it on flash drive and a HDD. That's just my preference and it works for me, well mostly. I simply connect the USB drive to my Denon sound system and away I go. I have quite a few USB drives with music on them but I also have an HDD which I attach to my laptop and is where I store the whole lot, in MP3 format. During my years of downloading I've noticed that that there are some flash drives that will store and play music better than others and some much better than others. I seem to find that USB3's do the job better than USB2's especially when
  11. I've decided to buy the Edifier r2000DBs and they're on their way. They're purpose built for what I want, the revues are pretty good and so is the price. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your input, I'll keep you posted. I know I'll be tearing my hair out in setting them up. That's what I do! 😬
  12. Thank you niss_man, that's what I wanted to hear. I'm thinking I'll spend a bitsy more money and get the r2ooo because the bass is supposed to be a bit better I read somewhere. I agree with you about the TV sound, it doesn't take a lot to beat that.
  13. Thank you sakabatou. I only just found out about the optical to analogue converters which I will look at. There's a much wider range of speakers that I want using RCA cabling? I'm still looking for advice from somebody who may have experience with Edifier speakers and their 5" base unit. I'm starting to think that I might be disappointed by the bass on any powered, active, monitor(?) speakers.
  14. Thanks for your help Snoopy but speakers suit my TV surroundings and the connections available on it. I already have a set top box and video player connected, both using up my HDMI's.
  15. Thank you very much "surprise tech" for the welcome and assistance. I neglected to mention that my TV is very limited with it's audio out features, I attached a picture, in that it only has an SPDIF connection. and no RCA output unfortunately. The Edifier r2000DB is one of the few speakers that has the required ODT connection. I've only learned all this terminology following all the enquiries I've made. To go to five inch speakers would increase the cost to a level which I can't afford. I wish I could because I understand your advice on the value of such speakers when it comes to lis
  16. I'm just after some advice on buying active speakers. I don't have a big budget for buying speakers or sound bars and my own research has lead me to believe that Edifiers would be good value. However I've just read that they make a hissing noise. I've chosen the r2000DB because it will link up to my old telly ok and they are within my budget. I'm just a beginner when it comes to this sort of stuff. I'm just looking for something to boost the sound on the telly when I listen to music DVD's . Surely there's something I can do without spending mega bucks and not too complicated.
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