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  1. Yes please! (PM sent) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. FS: HEED questar mm phono stage

    Yes please! (PM sent)
  3. Netflix currently watching

    Having binge-watched a bunch of excellent Netflix series (Fauda, Nobel, Case, Vikings), I tuned-in to Shooter..........acting is unbelievably bad, script is a joke.....unfortunately, found myself watching it in the vain hope that it would get better. By the time I got to the third episode, I was in too deep not finish watching the series. It's bad....really bad.
  4. I don't know the exact age. I believe the previous owner had it for approximately 3 years and purchased it from the original owner. I can happily provide the serial number via PM if you want to try and use that to date it.
  5. Thanks for letting me know: this link should hopefully work, I'll try and update the original. KW550 Specs
  6. Thank you! Yes, it's been 6 weeks of "umm-ing and ahh-ing" as to whether to sell it but 10 years of listening to that Ayre has edged it in the end.
  7. Location: Sydney Price: $2500 Item Condition: Excellent but for some scratching to upper faceplate of amplifier unit (see photos) Reason for selling: Preferred Ayre AX-7 Payment Method: Bank transfer; cash on pick-up. Extra Info: I purchased this as a replacement for my Ayre AX-7 that I had for 10 years but went "bang" during one of the Sydney storms late last year. I have enjoyed having the KW550 but, on balance, prefer the sound of the Ayre in my system. Photos and description are courtesy of Phil's original advert. The KW550 has a switchable MM/MC phono stage, 5 RCA line inputs (one of which alternates with a 3.5mm ‘portable device input’ on the front), and preamp- and line-outs. Power rating is 630wpc into 8 ohms and 910wpc into 4 ohms. The separate PSU houses 3 transformers and weighs 32kg (!) New price was about $12k. Full specs can be found here:http://www.studio22.com/musical_fidelity/kw550.htm The amp comes with all ancillaries: remote control, power cord, and both long and short sets of screened PSU-to-amp umbilicals. Preamp valves have been upgraded, to good effect, from the stock Golden Dragon 6SL7s (also included) to long-life RCA red-base 5691s (platinum grade from Upscale Audio). I have the (unoriginal but suitable) shipping boxes in which I received it. Buyer to arrange courier collection, if required.
  8. Great Buys on eBay Continued (Part 6) ...

    Still showing up for me....
  9. Great Buys on eBay Continued (Part 6) ...

    LP12 http://ebay.com.au/itm/332114385734
  10. What's your digital source?

    What's Your Digital Source? CDs ripped (FLAC) onto Synology NAS plus Tidal, streaming via Roon to Sonore Microrendu and Cyrus 8 DAC endpoints Where Did You Come From? Ayre CX-7 Where Do You Hope to go to? Nowhere for a while as I was CD only until a couple of months ago. Still plenty of tweaking to do with other parts of the system before I touch the source again.
  11. Roon Lifetime - Redeem/Discount Code?

    Registering interest, too.
  12. New Sydney Member

    Hello everyone Just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to all who make this forum such a valuable and useful resource. For the past 10 years, my setup has been Ayre AX-7, Ayre Cx-7, Thiel CS1.6 which I was very happy with.....until one of those large storms hit just before Christmas and did this to my amp (see photo). I took the opportunity to try something different, a Musical Fidelity KW550 sourced from SNA. After a month or so of listening, I miss my Ayre so the KW550 will be going in the classifieds here and I'll be on the hunt for another Ayre. Lastly, as a result of reading the forum, I took my first venture into Tidal/Sonore Microrendu etc and am astounded with the quality of streaming now available. Things have moved on in leaps and bounds since I bought my CD source 10 years ago! All the best Guy
  13. Roon

    I have the same problem with Roon crashing when I open Device settings.....everything else so far, including HQP, is fine for me.....