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  1. Yeh that harbeth is probably the same guy who listed the white kef ls50w and dynaudio confidence and one other one. Basically he lists stuff kinda cheap and says he is some remote town in whatever state you are in - so you are unlikely to drive there. I wouldn't trust to send a bank transfer to anyone on gumtree let alone dudes with accounts made in the same month as listing. I contacted him about some speaker that was listed in Sydney. As soon as I heard some remote town I ignored.
  2. Lots of monitor type speakers mentioned in this thread. Does anyone know if certain types of monitor speakers are decent for mid field recreational listening? I notice the OP went for more general hifi speakers for his desk but I am wondering the applicability of some monitors for non-close-field duties.
  3. Rob a dac makes a huge difference compared to onboard audio. Go for it !
  4. Cheers, might have to re-arrange and test. I used to have them on the wall that has the sofa, opposite the desk. The stairs are walled off, so I found the sound not as "free" in that configuration. Maybe reflections? The measurement from the walled stairs to the opposite (sofa wall) is about 4m. The new position sounds more free n easy. If I put them back to the original config I might need to put sound absorbers on both the stairs wall and the opposite wall? Other thing of note is the ceiling from kitchen to the start of the couch is about 2.5m so standard I think. But the ceiling
  5. Item: WTB: Speakers (bookshelf or floor standers, passive or active) Price Range: Variable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a set of either bookshelf or floor standers either passive of active. In the past I have tended to audition bookshelves. Still interested in the bookshelf size but also interested in floor standing nowadays. Also interested in what actives have to offer nowadays too. Location Sydney. Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible.
  6. Rage seems to be playing the popular classics tonight
  7. Thanks aris that does give me some direction. I will hold off on dac change at the moment. I moved my speakers recently from stands onto a flat couch like thing that doesn't have a back. Also put them directed lengthways. It's much better to how I had them. Does anyone have an opinions or suggestions on the placement? Also wondering what type of room treatment I should trial?
  8. Thanks guys for your input. After posting this thread I read the back and forth discussions happening regarding DACs in general that happened in the topping d90 thread aris, this is a very good point you make, i understand and i think I would agree, despite not having the experience there yet. Do you also think EQing speakers like they oftern do with headphones would also provide a more audible improvement than a dac change too? @aris
  9. So I got into the idea of getting a good sound system a number of years ago. I ended up getting a decent set of speakers and a decent amp. Running them from computer onboard audio I knew I needed to get a dac. Researching speakers and amps came pretty straightforward those years ago, but dacs were sort of an unknown territory with a bit of hocus pocus. I ended up getting an affordable dac and putting it into my chain. The change from onboard audio was stark and at the time I was happy with it. Who wouldn't be with the upgrade from onboard audio to a DAC So I'm wondering if people
  10. Also, does anyone have any recommendations on non-mainstream but yet hifi branded wireless earbuds? mainstream are the Jabra, Sennheiser, Sony, Bose, apple, Samsung, beats etc The popular ones which seem to have a good deal of coverage. I've found a few non mainstream/hifi branded ones that I'm soon to investigate. Like Audio Technica, Shure and others I haven't heard about yet. There's also the phone brands like Oppo, realme which are making these buds too nowadays. Booming new industry huh
  11. Gday Cath, welcome I had a similar wish, going from a mini hifi system to wanting a system that had a bit of oomph. Perhaps hold off on the sub for the moment and see how your soon to be delivered system will sound first. Have a read around here in the threads that sound like they are beginners wanting a new system or threads where they already have a hifi system but want to upgrade. Both of these will have some interesting info to learn from.
  12. Well there has been quite ab bit of talk about them, first reviews are being able to be released by the youtubers. And some reviews from general people trickling through. Nothing much concrete apart from the mainstream high access youtubers saying they "sound good". Will update with more critical/ sound based reviews I find but here is a ok one for starters/introduction.
  13. Interesting thread. I was curious about bt true wireless buds last week and went to investigate a bit. The prime reason was for convenience and after hearing about airpods pro. I cam away from my research that there was no clear winner. Was also hard to get to the bottom of which ones sound the best. Came away with the senn mom 1 and sony xm3 were probably the best in terms of SQ. Was interesting to note that the sony ones didnt do ldac, whereas their over ear cousins did. With the sony some complaints about them not staying in well or uncomfortable. With the senns, reliability and
  14. Thanks, that gives me a good intro and run down. Thanks to all the repliers. David why did you get the new fire stick?
  15. Ok did some testing. Decent sound quality from my tv in my room compared to speakers on laptop, 3x better. I was kinda surprised. Kicking myself for not doing it earlier. For the moment i wont go down the dac amp speaker route but might upgrade later. How does one go about choosing between apple tv , chromecast ,firestick? I think my favourite way to navigate youtube will be via the macbook or the android phone i have cos they both have adequate keyboards I did a quick look on facebook marketplace and notice there are a heap of apple tv 2nd hand for sale
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