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  1. Thanks, mobile phones are getting better these days .Samsung S8.
  2. My biggest fear is when I die my wife sells everything for what I told her I paid for it. But her ears did prick up the other day when I told her I was going to up the household insurance by $22k to cover my Hi-Fi gear.
  3. Dire Straits : Money for Nothing Phill Collins : I don't Care Anymore
  4. I made another set up using the outside for negative and the inside for positive and honestly I found the original pair to sound better to me. I am still using them without any problems and they still sound good .
  5. I have the same trouble , would be keen to know. Also are those anti static guns any good ?
  6. Thanks for the input, I did try some foam but it didn't make much difference. So I will track down some insulation .
  7. I was just wanting to know what is better for room panels. Insulation wether it be polyester, fibreglass or whatever or acoustic foam like the stuff on ebay , wedged, eggshell or just plain. I want to make some panels and just wanted peoples thoughts. Thanks Phillip.
  8. Thanks for that , I shall make another set up . It's only $4 mt from jaycar and the terminals are fairly cheap off ebay . One other thing does the length come into play , Iv'e been thinking about moving everything to the side leaving nothing between the speakers just to give that a try .
  9. I just thought that if I used the inside and outside I would end up with two different resistance readings . By using just the inside they would read the same .
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