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  1. Yep very similar (owned both and pretty much every other Denon, Fostex, E-MU headphone) the D5000 was the headphone that got me chasing all the Fostex variants. IMO, the modern Fostex drivers have a nicer sound. Nicer midrange so a slightly toned down V-shape from the classic Denon series. The Teaks are personally quite special, the $2500 TH-900 are the only things that really compete with them, and sometimes I still prefer the Teaks. The Teak wood has a really unique sound signature that makes music both fun and accurate, while toning down any sibilance that can exist
  2. Further information: E-MU is a Singapore based company that has made a name for itself with hand-crafted headphones based on the 50mm bio-dynamic drivers sourced from Fostex are considered to sit above the TH-X00/TH-600/TH-610 driver while nearing the performance of the Th-900. E-MU makes its own artisanal wood cups to maximise performance and sound quality. In this version, the exquisite teak wood cups offer an exciting fast attack and decay sound signature with a slightly subtler treble response than the Fostex drivers are typically known for. E-MU Teaks are a r
  3. Further information: AU Tax Invoice included for 5-Year Warranty until 2025. All Features & Specs here: https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/product-ranges/core/c265-fx/ Photos:
  4. Further information: In perfect working condition. Is loved by audiophiles for its warm, analogue like sound quality. Internal amp is a great choice for any easy-to-drive headphones, but full array of inputs and outputs to connect to separate headphone amp either through red/white or XLR balanced connections. What's Included: Parasound Zdac v.2 Manual Power Cable USB Cable (not pictured) All specs and features: https://parasound.com/zdac-v2.php Photos:
  5. Further information: Ex-demo from a Hifi shop, but then never used past that as family member bought it thinking it was an amplifier. But for anybody wanting a Preamplifier from Parasound...check out all the details here: https://parasound.com/zpre2.php What's Included: Parasound Zpre2 Power Cable 12V Trigger Cable Original Box Manual Photos:
  6. Best I can tell it's only a 2-way speaker, however some other websites call it a 3-way speaker. A bit of conflicting info on that.
  7. Product highlights: bass-reflex (ported) design frequency response 44-24,000 Hz (-3dB) handles 20-200 watts 1" Dynamic Balance® silk dome tweeter three 5-1/4" polycarbonate woofers 8-ohm impedance sensitivity 91 dB dual 5-way binding post terminals woodgrain vinyl finish with piano black top plate Photos:
  8. Yeah or the system could add the state to the end of the title: FS: Best Thing Ever [SA]
  9. +1 to this The classifieds have such a clean “State” field on each listing. It would be amazing to search by this specifically.
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