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  1. I book a table three or four times a year at various record fairs to recycle my collection and clear out the ones I no longer listen to. It also allows me to be more cavalier when trying out a new release in the knowledge that if I don't like it I can always punt it on to someone else. Sure, I may only get $20 back for an album I paid $35 for a few weeks earlier, but it's preferable to having shelves full of records sitting there which may never get played again, until one day some dodgy dealer comes round and offers you the equivalent of $1.50 per album to "take them off your hands". And of course with the takings you can reinvest in yet more vinyl! 😁
  2. I had a pair of Royd Apex speakers which were of a similar family pedigree and design. Highly musical sounding. If I had a spare room I'd happily build a second system around these.
  3. Right-o Mr Red. Reserved for your good self. I'll bring 'em along on Wednesday.
  4. Please PM me with mailing address if you'd like me to mail them and I'll give you account details for payment. Cheers.
  5. Item: 12 records - see below for details Location: South Yarra (or can bring to Feb 20th MAC meeting) Price: various Item Condition: all S/H Mint or NM. Minor seam splits to top covers of Garcia & Grisman and Angus Stone records. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only. Will ship interstate only by Express Post in 5kg satchel, which costs $25 (for 1 or multiple items, regardless) $ 20 Rossini LSO/Gamba - Overtures [UK 'boxed' Decca 70s pressing] $ 30 Apples in Stereo - Tone Soul Evolution [with 7" single] $ 70 Rickie Lee Jones - self-titled first album [2x45rpm MFSL box set, #2133] SOLD $ 40 Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - self titled [2x33rpm MFSL, #2444] SOLD $ 40 Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman [2011 AP 1x33rpm] SOLD $ 70 Sarah McLachlan - Mirrorball [2014 AP 3x45rpm] SOLD $ 40 Meshell Ndegeocello - Pour Une Ame etc [2x33rpm orig] SOLD $ 80 Angus Stone - Broken Brights [2x33rpm, #500 of 1000] SOLD $ 20 Crosby & Nash - Another Stoney Evening [2x33rpm] SOLD $ 30 Kate Bush - Hounds of Love [Jap original with obi] SOLD $ 30 Emiliana Torrini - Rarities [4x33rpm box set] SOLD $ 15 Mary Black - By the Time it Gets Dark [orig 1987 Dara pressing] SOLD Pictures:
  6. I would be very grateful if you could message me as I have one of these needing repair and would be happy to compensate you for your travails.
  7. I don't disagree with that general point, especially when applied to Aussie vinyl pressings (although there are notable exceptions). An original US, UK or German pressing of the Tracy Chapman album, however, sounds stunning on a good rig. So much so that I remember it being used extensively for dems in hi-fi shops and shows in the UK at the time, not to mention in my own system when trying out different gear. "Floppy" bass is definitely not something I associate with that record.
  8. Beautiful song of which there are many worthy versions, one of my favourites being this one by Shawn Colvin:
  9. That Blondie 12" has a killer version of 'Heroes' on the B side, with Robert Fripp on sizzling form on lead guitar.
  10. Prices are as follows: -Melody Gardot - My One And Only Thrill SOLD ORG 2x45 rpm (#447) -Eleanor McEvoy - Yola $20 Alto 180g -Eleanor McEvoy - Naked Music $20 Diverse Records 180g -Lyn Stanley - Lost In Romance SOLD 2x45 rpm -Lyn Stanley - The Moonlight Sessions vol 1 SOLD 2x45 rpm signed -Mary Black - Speaking With The Angel SOLD Pure Pleasure -Various Artists - Muzik Wie Von Einem Anderen Stern SOLD Manger -Stazioni Sonore - Who's Got Its Own $25 GN Records (#66) -David Newton - Eye Witness $20 Linn Records 1991
  11. Item: 9 assorted audiophile vinyl records Location: South Yarra Price: see below Item Condition: all are Near Mint (none played more than twice) Reason for selling: culling Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: until 20 September I am making these pick-up from South Yarra only Pictures:
  12. And yet you got away with 'strap' and 'ride'. 😀
  13. Try this link, then click on 'Completed listings' on the left of the page to find ones that have been sold and what price they sold for (in green text). https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=beatles+please+please+me+uk&_sacat=176985&LH_TitleDesc=0&LH_PrefLoc=2&_sop=1&_odkw=tanita+tikaram+in+concert You can save that link and keep checking for new listings, but always best to look at Completed listings as the asking price on the main listing can be unrealistic and never sell. Then try a search on the same thing but with the words 'please please me' replaced with 'lonely hearts club band'. You don't need the full title, and best not to use 'Sgt Pepper' as there are several ways it could have been written. My guess is that your Please Please Me is worth about $50-$70 if in mint condition, and the Sgt Pepper's around $100 because of the imperfections.
  14. Had one for a while. Great involving sound, not unlike the LP12, but felt a bit kit-like in use.
  15. I have just over 2000 records which I keep track of on an Excel sheet with about a dozen columns. I store them by genre, alphabetically by artist. I have a few crates (in addition to the 2000) which are records I've decided to purge. It's well worth the $70 or so for a table at a record fair to have a clearout every so often. As for cleaning... well, if I decided to clean every record I brought home, buying records would become a chore, not the highly pleasurable activity that it is, so I only clean the ones that obviously look as though they need it. But yeah - too many records. Too many for my small flat, anyway, which is the main reason I'm planning on moving. Vinyl rules - and it rules my life!
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