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  1. I would be very grateful if you could message me as I have one of these needing repair and would be happy to compensate you for your travails.
  2. Tony Cox


    I don't disagree with that general point, especially when applied to Aussie vinyl pressings (although there are notable exceptions). An original US, UK or German pressing of the Tracy Chapman album, however, sounds stunning on a good rig. So much so that I remember it being used extensively for dems in hi-fi shops and shows in the UK at the time, not to mention in my own system when trying out different gear. "Floppy" bass is definitely not something I associate with that record.
  3. Beautiful song of which there are many worthy versions, one of my favourites being this one by Shawn Colvin:
  4. Tony Cox

    SOLD: FS: Beatles and Various Vinyl

    That Blondie 12" has a killer version of 'Heroes' on the B side, with Robert Fripp on sizzling form on lead guitar.
  5. Prices are as follows: -Melody Gardot - My One And Only Thrill SOLD ORG 2x45 rpm (#447) -Eleanor McEvoy - Yola $20 Alto 180g -Eleanor McEvoy - Naked Music $20 Diverse Records 180g -Lyn Stanley - Lost In Romance SOLD 2x45 rpm -Lyn Stanley - The Moonlight Sessions vol 1 SOLD 2x45 rpm signed -Mary Black - Speaking With The Angel SOLD Pure Pleasure -Various Artists - Muzik Wie Von Einem Anderen Stern SOLD Manger -Stazioni Sonore - Who's Got Its Own $25 GN Records (#66) -David Newton - Eye Witness $20 Linn Records 1991
  6. Item: 9 assorted audiophile vinyl records Location: South Yarra Price: see below Item Condition: all are Near Mint (none played more than twice) Reason for selling: culling Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: until 20 September I am making these pick-up from South Yarra only Pictures:
  7. And yet you got away with 'strap' and 'ride'. 😀
  8. Try this link, then click on 'Completed listings' on the left of the page to find ones that have been sold and what price they sold for (in green text). https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=beatles+please+please+me+uk&_sacat=176985&LH_TitleDesc=0&LH_PrefLoc=2&_sop=1&_odkw=tanita+tikaram+in+concert You can save that link and keep checking for new listings, but always best to look at Completed listings as the asking price on the main listing can be unrealistic and never sell. Then try a search on the same thing but with the words 'please please me' replaced with 'lonely hearts club band'. You don't need the full title, and best not to use 'Sgt Pepper' as there are several ways it could have been written. My guess is that your Please Please Me is worth about $50-$70 if in mint condition, and the Sgt Pepper's around $100 because of the imperfections.
  9. Tony Cox

    Mantra Manticore Turntable Club

    Had one for a while. Great involving sound, not unlike the LP12, but felt a bit kit-like in use.
  10. Tony Cox

    Too many records?

    I have just over 2000 records which I keep track of on an Excel sheet with about a dozen columns. I store them by genre, alphabetically by artist. I have a few crates (in addition to the 2000) which are records I've decided to purge. It's well worth the $70 or so for a table at a record fair to have a clearout every so often. As for cleaning... well, if I decided to clean every record I brought home, buying records would become a chore, not the highly pleasurable activity that it is, so I only clean the ones that obviously look as though they need it. But yeah - too many records. Too many for my small flat, anyway, which is the main reason I'm planning on moving. Vinyl rules - and it rules my life!
  11. Very spiffy. Only thing I'd worry about is it looks worth nicking, especially on my travels with all the moped crime in London, for instance!
  12. Tony Cox

    Dartzeel NHB-108 update (Model 2?)

    Hi Alistair - definitely some very temptingly desirable kit! So if I understand you correctly, the NHB-108 Model 2 power amp that now appears listed on their web site is the new/latest one you spoke of at the start of this thread, is that right? Or is there a Model 3 on the way? The listing on the Aussie distributor site refers to a 'Model B'. I'm confused! Any clarification appreciated.
  13. Tony Cox

    Currently Spinning

    Likewise. From my mid- to late-teens I ended up reading just about everything Steinbeck put out and it triggered an obsession with the US which lasts to this day.
  14. Already posted this one (with a different photo) on the main thread but it rightfully belongs here. I've been rediscovering it over the last couple of days thanks to the wonderful 'presence' and intimacy of vinyl. They've done a cracking job with the mastering for this pressing. A must-have for any fan of the genre, if you ask me.
  15. That's right... an alternate version. I like them both. But yes, that Doug Sahm album is my favourite too. I remember seeing it rated only two stars in some record guide - pretty sure it was Rolling Stone - and thinking it was a travesty! I've noticed they sometimes revise their ratings, and in the guide that I now have (the 4th edition) it gets four stars under 'The Best of Doug Sahm and Friends', which includes songs from Texas Tornado, also a good album.