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  1. could anyone help me identify this phono amp


    so i found this phono amp in the back room during a clean up

    i believe it may be ex abc radio, there is what looks like jc jacques on the circuit board possibly

    i did use it maybe 15 years ago into various amps but as it has the b (bass) t(treble)and level adjustments i never was sure how to really set it,maybe easier to do now with the available room measuring tools

    there is a mono/stereo switch in the middle of the circuit board

    as i dont have any use for it now i was going to reuse the case and power supply and some of the other parts preamp2.thumb.jpg.d83b796604bf2f854dd08f3788780c48.jpgpreamp4.thumb.jpg.ede9e1e8575dbf2901e250eaa99a5c4c.jpg

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  2. i believe these were also known as Xiang Sheng DAC-01A,

    also known as Grant Fidelity DAC-09 & Maverick Audio Tube Magic DAC

    It has 2x Analog inputs and USB, Optical and Coaxial for digital inputs


    has 2 outputs on the rear 1 tube buffer output and 1 pure solid state output


    the optical toslink is far better than the USB connection. you can switch back and forth and
    hear the difference16/44 thru USB

    i have one here which i was thinking of selling



  3. hi there is/was a Matrix M-stage Headphone Amp for sale in the classifieds yesterday which pairs well with the akg k series ,i have a similar clone using with an akg k701,they are based on the Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear ,really easy to change the sound signature with different op amps

    sorry i dont know how to link to the classies

  4. Item: kef ls 50
    Price Range:depends on condition less than $1600
    Item Condition: New or Used is ok
    Extra Info: decided i need a pair of these for my new year resolution,any colour is good


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  5. hi my name is roy ,i live in melbournes western suburbs,now listening to pink floyd the division bell out of a shanling cd s100 cd player into a xiang shen dac 01a and a pair of beyerdynamic t90,
    i have a half finished diy speaker project on the go,lack of woodworking skills holding me back,nice to meet you all

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