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  1. looking at your photo you are just using your fiio as an amp,you need to connect it to your phone by a usb cable to make it get a digital signal and operate as a dac and amp
  2. thanks audiofeline for that info,yes i will hold off on stripping it down
  3. could anyone help me identify this phono amp so i found this phono amp in the back room during a clean up i believe it may be ex abc radio, there is what looks like jc jacques on the circuit board possibly i did use it maybe 15 years ago into various amps but as it has the b (bass) t(treble)and level adjustments i never was sure how to really set it,maybe easier to do now with the available room measuring tools there is a mono/stereo switch in the middle of the circuit board as i dont have any use for it now i was going to reuse the case and power supply and som
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