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  1. Hello gamers, What are your favourite games with the best sound design or soundtracks? Normally, I find games to have fairly lacklustre audio but every now and then some games really knock the chair from under me. Some of my favourites are: Total War: Warhammer (PC) - This games sound design is awesome... During battles, thunder clouds rumble in the distance, arrows and cannon fire whizzes past the camera, lumbering giants stomp the ground with huge thuds, flying monsters terrorise the skies and swoop down on your troops. Overall it makes the experience very immersive. Creative Assembly put extra effort into making this game sound as good as it looks in my opinion (Although the soundtrack is a little average). even on Youtube it sounds pretty great: Crysis 3 - Not my favourite game of all time but the soundtrack is impactful and well recorded. Sound effects are also top notch. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - Awesome soundtrack and probably my favourite RPG (with the witcher 3 a close second). The soundtrack perfectly fits the setting and really makes adventuring through Tamriel a joy. I never really loved Skyrim, but Oblivion will always have a special place in my gaming collection, (and the soundtrack probably plays a big role in that!). The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Great sound design, great soundtrack, great voice acting, great game. A true triple A title worthy of your time. The music really has a way of adding intensity to battles although, after 50 hours of playtime, being yelled at by the Slavic medieval choir wears thin and you will probably be reaching for the volume knob to turn it down during battles. Anyway, that is a few of my faves... What are yours?
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