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  1. I'm still around for another 2 weeks. That is, if my flight isn't cancelled. @demoiree nah I've been swapping between a yahama b2 power amp and a luxman mq80 tube amp.
  2. Further information: http://www.stealthaudiocables.com/products/power-cables/m7000/ US plug. 1.5m. Photos:
  3. Further information: Serial number 3042. Banana plug. 2 leads (out of 8) were professionally re-terminated. Please refer to photos. Actual measure is ~ 2.8 meters. Audition available on July 31st. Photos:
  4. Further information: Perfect bedroom speaker, matched pair with same serial number. Audition available on July 31st. Will be in storage after that. Photos:
  5. Further information: Almost one year old. Still 9 years warranty left. Audition available on Friday July 31st, after that it'll be in storage. Photos:
  6. Hi. I'm Dan from Sydney. I'm on my journey to find a matching amp for my yamaha ns5000 speaker. Nice to know everybody here.
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