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  1. So I have recently joined the revolution [emoji106] I managed to pick up a Primaluna Dialogue Premium KT88 at a steal from the local dealer [emoji16] and so far I am really enjoying it. I also picked up a set of KT77 and Gold Lion 12au7 that I am comparing with the PL tubes.... this far I am preferring the KT88?
  2. Come on team, please buy these so I can get to sleep tonight....... it’s an unbearable thing, you can never un-see something! GLWTS
  3. I really enjoy a good harmony and a good concert.
  4. Great tip! I only spotted them the other day and thought..... maybe those work for Audio.... I currently have the Acoustic solid sitting on the spike shoes, on a the thin Ikea bamboo board, isolated by 4 vibrapods on cork coasters...... seems to sound pretty good, but am yet to have a play with it. Might be interesting to see how the bumming pads go when replacing the vibrapods?
  5. Hey, I tried the NAD C388 150w class D with my MA gold series floor standers.... it was anemic, washed out, Grey, flat.... any other words you might use... My current SGR EL15s on the other hand is fantastic... solid, clean, powerful... it’s AB, with possibly some class A in the first few Watts. The SGR also sounded great with the Paradigm Signature bookshelves I was using before the MA beauties. Your speakers will appreciate good amplification.....
  6. You are half right , the board has the grub screw as one method of adjusting VTA, additionally the OL zephyr has onboard adjustable VTA via a threaded ring/nut arrangement, much like the options available for the older Rega arms RB300 and co. Andy is obviously more than correct in the statements around weight and compliance etc... and in my way over-simplified statement I was just trying to highlight a fairly universal sentiment that the 10x5 seems to match well with Rega and its familial arm spin offs. My next two carts should be interesting as well .... Benz Glider SL and a Supex 900 [emoji106]
  7. I have finally got the Acoustic Solid and Origin Live tonearm setup and playing tunes [emoji16] A few months without vinyl has been tough, but hopefully a fading memory! I chose to start off with the Dynavector 10x5, it’s a really trusty little beast and seems to love a Rega geometry arm!
  8. Some shots of it in anger, well at least simmering tension [emoji16]
  9. I should add, this is possibly the best value, high performance offer that could be found.... but I am biased [emoji12]
  10. So my understanding is that this churns out 80w per channel. It has amazing control (visa v great damping) signal to noise ratio: what noise? It has been a bit difficult to get the specs, as SGR upgraded their site, and this bit of info was the bit that was lost
  11. Item: SGR Audio - EL15s Power Amplifier Location: ACT Price: $1300 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Integrated Valves - My journey must continue Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, Or shipping can be negotiated Extra Info: This is an amazing little amplifier. 80 conservative watts per channel, easily bettering 150W Class D in my system. I bought this about 18 months ago from a member here, and it has worked flawlessly ever since. The unit has the choice of balanced XLR or normal RCA inputs, has a VU meter, auto-power-off and some sort of stealth mode . I have never seen it get to three bars on the VU before it was uncomfortable to listen to, and it was driving some Monitor Audio GS 60 floor standers.... so no issues with power. It has a fantastic, spacious sound, but is fast, clean and keeps a great grip on the bass. Before I bought it, it had been recently re-capped by SGR and brought back to original spec. This unit is a well built little tank, with ginormous heat sinks to ensure it barely gets warm to the touch. This amp is the real deal, and I believe it is one of the foundations for the amazing amplifiers in SGR Audio's active speaker range. Pictures:
  12. Well, I have an SGR Power amp that would give you a pretty big boost in performance, but you would still be using the pre-outs on the HK (if it has them) so the sound is likely to keep some of its ‘flavor’... It then gives you a chance to play with various pre-amps or bi-amping as your upgradeitis kicks in :-)
  13. Wow. I am really surprised this has not generated any interest[emoji15] I am pretty keen to move it along so I can bring in a new integrated amp. So I can go as low as $1500 for a fellow SNA member, otherwise it might just go to a trade-in option?
  14. Hey Mods, can you please withdraw and lock the post. These items have now been delivered to the op shop to find a new home. Thanks PS I can’t seem to edit the title from Tapatalk?
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