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  1. Hey SNA, Does anyone have any experience with suitable loading for a Shelter 9000? What would I expect the sound to be like if I am too high/low? I am running through a Brinkmann Fein, which is 600ohm on the two MC settings, so hopefully I can parallel load it to find the correct loading for the Shelter? Any help with the value to try, and any help in calculating the relevant resistor value for the plugs would be greatly appreciated Cheers Dan
  2. There was a Kiseki Blue in the classifieds? Maybe different, different better would be your ears' call I guess
  3. So the Shelter 9000 has made its way onto the TT tonight. Maiden voyage:
  4. What will happen over the next 100 hours or so? It has a crazy staging thing happening and it’s only a side and a half into Lorde [emoji16]
  5. I have an SGR Power Amp sitting in its box waiting for someone to love it? it is the EL15s, which is 75W per channel (150w in total hence the 15 in the name.) It was bought from a member here, and worked wonderfully with the paradigm bookshelves and the Monitor Audio floor standers, both about 90DB efficient. It is a fantastic amp, and I was looking for about $1300 let me know if you are interested at all? Dan
  6. Thanks for all the fantastic options offered by the crew here at SNA! I have managed to orchestrate an amazing trade-in deal on a Shelter 9000, and am now looking at it, with a level of trepidation about installing such a high spec cartridge in my system.
  7. Hey Guys, thanks for all the input. I managed to source the Dragonfly Red in the classifieds to trial my concept.... hopefully its a good fit? Anyway if it doesn't work out, I can move it along and get a bit deeper into the realms of HeadFi and DAC combinations
  8. Thanks for all the feedback At this stage I cant fault the kids, the HiFi is the only thing in the house they seem to respect.... go figure. The Shelter has arrived this afternoon, and it is a good looking cartridge I must say! I am thinking this is my one and only chance to own a cartridge of this quality, whilst still remaining married, as the deal was such a good one. Hopefully the repair of my 10x5 at soundsmith is OK and I will get a secont cart back into the collection that way. My current tonearm isn't a removable head shell type, so the concept of rolling multiple head shells and cartridges is lost to me at the minute..... So I guess, bring on the shelter?
  9. Well after the disappointment of a destroyed Benz Glider, the replacement has arrived.... I am still a bit scared to install such a high-end cartridge on my system[emoji33]
  10. I am interested. Have PM'd to discuss.
  11. How does the OPPO compare to the other options out there? I am trying to avoid the lure of the Mojo.... but it is getting hard to avoid it. [emoji16]
  12. Thanks. I was starting to look at the dragonfly options, or even an older hiface?
  13. Hey Folks, I am looking for some advice to get my office rig set-up/finalised. I currently own some Senn HD650 and a Burson Soloist SL mk2. I am hoping this is a fairly good start? but I have some questions about what I should be using as a source? Notably a DAC or DAC/Streamer. My work laptop is a Dell Latitude, so nothing fancy there, but I am hoping it can stand duty to store the tunes (if nothing else). Anyway, over to the collective brains for some advice, and hopefully experience of the same scenario. Dan
  14. Thanks guys. The rest of the system is as follows: Acoustic Solid TT + Origin Live Zephyr with silver re-wire, Brinkmann Fein into the PrimaLuna Dialogue KT150 and Monitor Audio GS60. I think the rest of the system would be close to good enough...
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