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  1. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    Looks like a fun evening. Great to hear you have a lack of buzz.
  2. My 11 yo bought me this as a birthday present.
  3. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    I looked at these options as well. But couldn’t really get a feel for it via a review? It was definitely the solution for me if William couldn’t sort it out for a better budgetary outcome :-) so at this stage I feel like I am winning. BTW how have you found the Swagman Labs solution? It might help others?
  4. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    Well I now have a spare humming 24V power pack if anyone needs it
  5. Hi, I am wondering if there is anyone in Canberra willing to loan out a good quality turntable protractor so I can set my Rega RP6 up properly and review the value of procuring one myself once funds are saved. Thanks Dan
  6. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    Maybe you could get some images of the inside of the unit once you get it? unless it voids the warranty? You could probably use a multimeter to measure the power pack output from new? just to give you some insight to the potential future of the unit. I thought the marketing for the original TTPSU suggested it was based on the P9 power supply..... but I guess 'based on' leaves a fair bit of room in what is actually delivered particularly when it comes to the quantity and quality of the bits doing all the work. I hope the info has been helpful?
  7. Well, looks like there is not too much SNA action here in the ACT? I am interested to know if there is any appetite at all for a GTG of any sort down here?
  8. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    Soooo, I have now had the chance to sit down and listen to a few sides, "Wish You Were Here" is now spinning The verdict: There is a definite improvement to the sound. It is subtle, but I feel like the low end has had a bit of an upgrade in definition, the base has more definition and the singers that back Paul Simon in "Graceland" sound better than they did the last time I listened. Also the Base and the Kick drums seem to be just plain better! I also feel like there has been some additional benefits added to the 'locations' of instruments and singers, like a little bit more of the veil has been removed, bringing the musicians further into my room. Anyway, I have now justified my purchase and everything should be well in my world as I listen to Pink Floyd for the second time in my life. ** Edit ** Just got goosebumps from Ed Sheran Sheran's "Supermarket Flowers"
  9. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    So my knowledge of all things electronic is pretty weak, so I am trying to parrot what has been explained to me. Forgive me if you know this: The Rega is definitely using the 24v motor, common to most of their TT (RP3, RP6 etc) the TTPSU is the speed and power regulator that is standard on the RP6. The TTPSU is regulating the power down to 20V as per Rega's design. The upgrade has only made the original design more robust, not really re-designed the unit. The Number9 unit looks the goods but luckily for me is well outside the price range I was looking at, particularly as the price of that controller exceeds the price of my TT. Cheers Dan
  10. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    Hey Guys, I am really happy with the turntable, it sounds fantastic even with the buzz. As a purchase from another SNA'r with some basic mods and exact cart already installed, there was few if any comparable quality options in the market. I am sure there are other options, don't get me wrong, and I was tempted to use the buzz as an excuse to continue the upgradeitis, but sanity has prevailed for now…... Out of interest, I just checked the SBooster info. The units are only suitable for gear that is running from DC power, they do not provide a replacement option for gear requiring AC…. so there was no joy to be had there for a rega turntable In better news though, I have received my newly upgraded TTPSU and wall pack and it works great with no buzz. I am yet to really have a good listen as my 4 week old has conveniently fallen asleep in the listening room, and I have orders: NO ONE IS TO WAKE HER! But some of the findings from William in addition to those I posted earlier: The internal capacitors (x4) are rated to 35v each, when measured they were dealing with 36.somthing. William explained this was quite bad, and that the unit was 100% likely to fail in the next few years… He also explained that the original power supply was fairly light weight, and the fact it was generating over 30V meant it was working much harder than it should, and this was contributing to the buzz. The replacement power pack is a much heavier, 16VAC unit outputting 1500 mv or so and designed for quiet operation. The enlarged capacitors are now only dealing with 26V and the voltage regulators are now dealing with much less voltage to achieve the correct 20V output to the TT (and should have a much increased life as a result). The TTPSU now has a grounding terminal on the rear, and a hard-wired power pack delivering quiet power through some additional power spike controlling gizmo, and new massive capacitors. So all in all, I am a happy man….. more happier once I can get some vinyl spinning though William indicated he would be putting up a blog post on his website to explain the situation in more detail and provide suitable pics etc.. and I will link the post here when it goes up.
  11. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    So I have asked for some before and after images and a bit of an explanation. So hopefully I can share them and the education. I am also having a proper grounding lug added to the TTPSU, the wire attached to the screw or facia doesn't fit with my personality and gives me a bit of a tick when I think about how easy a good solution should be from factory. I am somewhat relieved I was not the only one who could hear the buzz of the plug pack, hopefully this solution is a good one!
  12. Sugden vs Rega Aria

    Sorry for off topic recommendation: Try the Graham Slee Loaner program, the Reflex and the Accession are fantastic options to trial and compare against. Even if you don't buy one:)
  13. What do you get for the money?

    So, something I noticed for the first time the other night with my Graham Slee Accession M, the ticks/pops etc now seem to have a place in the soundstage rather than being a blot on the whole thing...... It made listening to the rest of the music much easier and way more enjoyable I can 100% recommend the loaner program as a way to do some comparison work and satiate your need for knowledge!
  14. Hi All, I thought I would post a story about my Rega TTPSU, the wall pack noise and the solution I am embarking on... So after a couple of weeks living with my RP6 at the start of the year, I noticed an audible 'buzz' coming from behind/within the side board I call a stereo cabinet. I did a big search on the web to see what could be causing my issue? The first item of help I located was a way to fix the buzz that a TTPSU causes through the speakers, due to no/poor earthing on the case thing.... Great, a little earthing cable test did reduce the noise floor through the speakers, but this fixed a problem I didnt know I had, and the other buzz continued. Boo! I did some further isolation testing etc.. and determined it is actually the wall wart or plug pack supplied with the TTPSU that was the culprit. Even when removed from the power conditioner and plugged directly into another power point, the buzz was there, it didn't even need to have a load to make it noisy. Oh well, looks like I needed a new wall pack from the local Rega supplier, $55 and a few days later problem solved.............. Nope! The Gotcha moment: plugged the new pack into the wall, had a listen, and boom (or more to the point, Buzzzzzzz) The noise was less, but still there, in a brand new Rega wall pack. It went back to Rega for a refund, and I continued to live with the buzzy cabinet (which of course the cabinet amplifies the buzz) A few months on and many nights researching the options, again and again.... I have determined there are very few replacement 24VAC plug packs available in the market, and none of them appear to be 'low noise' 'Audio friendly' options. Only a couple of places seem to make an audiophile power supply for the humble Rega TTPSU, so I had to work out which one would be the best value for money as I could only do this once. The options I found were all foreign production options, usually made to order and with no real way to test them or review their performance without pulling the purchase trigger. The most comfortable option I could find was a custom PSU from Graham Slee Products, though the price was outside of my resources at the time. Swagman Labs (eBay seller) produces an option, but then recommends the upgraded version for audiophiles, again the price was creeping up there and still no comfort as to the result...... what was the boy to do? the buzz it is loud enough to creep into the Sennheiser HD 650 listening sessions these days. Well the solution. Contact a local Audio Electronics specialist and get him to test the power supply and the TTPSU to see what could be done as a local manufacture, thats what! So I had a chat with William from The Factory Audio, here in Canberra, and after testing he has recommended an upgrade to the internals of the TTPSU and make some electrical modifications to allow a lower voltage, higher precision , lower noise plug pack to serve up the requisite AC to the turn table. He indicated the TTPSU had only just enough capacitance to do the job, it was taking about 32V from the plug pack and reducing it to closer to 20V for the turntable so was wasting heaps of life on heat etc.. So upgrading the TTPSU and using a better plug pack was a better option than producing a separate PSU with all the requisite conditioning and control, only to use the TTPSU to do the last little bit. The best part: The price was within my tolerance, and is produced by a Canberra local!............... So hopefully by the end of the week, I will be able to further report back as to the performance of the upgraded/adjusted TTPSU. I am hoping to be able to report back that the unicorns and fairies have now been released from the RP6 in equal measure and the air and space around instruments and singers is life changing............ but if not, that the Buzz has gone and I am listening to vinyl with reduced noise. Thanks for reading this long post, enjoy the rest of your night Dan
  15. Some new vinyl for the collection, even though it's sideways