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  1. Item: Thorrns TD-160 Turntable Location: Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Price: $800 Item Condition: Very good condition. Reason for selling: Not a heavy vinyl listener Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A truly excellent turntable. Comes with the stock tonearm. No stylus / cartridge is included. Pictures:
  2. Item: Quad 44 Control Amplifier / Pre-Amplifier Location: Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Price: $550 Item Condition: In good working condition, comes with a spare phono card which is untested. Reason for selling: Too many things! Payment Method: Pickup is Cash. Will ship with PayPal friends and family. Extra Info: This is the later version of the Quad 44, which is touted as being the best of them all. Pictures:
  3. Item: Emotiva XPA-5 Gen. 1 Power Amplifier Location: Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Price: $800 Item Condition: In good condition, one small scratch on the front Reason for selling: Too heavy for the stereo setup. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: It's an excellent 5 channel power amplifier, you won't be disappointed. This is too heavy for me to ship. Pictures:
  4. Item: Polk Audio SDA-2 Floorstanding Speakers Location: Sydney - Maroubra Price: $690 Item Condition: In good overall condition, a small amount of wear commensurate with age. Reason for selling: I'm moving to a small setup. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Original Boxes, manuals, and Stereo Dimensional Array interconnect are included. The SDA system makes for a very immersive soundstage. Pictures:
  5. Item: Yamaha PC2602M Power Amplifier (2 x 260W, 1 x 800W in bridged mode as a monoblock). I have an additional one available at the same price, should you wish to have two 800 Watt monoblocks. Location: Maroubra, 2035, Sydney Price: $680 - two available Item Condition: Working well. Some wear to the side of the casing. Reason for selling: I have had my fun with this amplifier, and am moving to a more minimalistic setup. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Fantastic class AB power amplifier. Very transparent, with a high damping factor and excellent stability into low impedance speaker loads. The PC2602M is ideal for electrostatic and magnetic planar speakers - I was using this particular one to run my Martin Logan Sequel II electrostatic hybrid speakers. As monoblocks, they perform stunningly well. The VU Meters are working well, and they look fantastic. You can use the two attenuators on the front of the power amplifier to control the volume of each channel. I found that this offered a great deal of clarity when running a DAC straight into the balanced XLR inputs. https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/yamaha/pc2602m.shtml Pictures:
  6. Happy for you to come by tonight or on the weekend, whichever works well for you. PM me for contact details.
  7. Item: FS: Meridian 508.20 CD Player Location: Sydney, NSW - Maroubra Price: $350 Item Condition: In good working condition Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Cash on pick-up only Extra Info: Pictures:
  8. Item: Copland CSA-14 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Location: Sydney, NSW - Maroubra Price: SOLD Item Condition: In good working condition Reason for selling: No longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup with cash payment Extra Info: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/copland/csa-14.shtml Pictures:
  9. Item: Lexicon MC-4 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Processor / Pre-Amplifier Location: Sydney Price: $750 Item Condition: The main unit is in excellent condition. Original remote included, though it has some wear and intermittency. Reason for selling: Switching to stereo listening for a while. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Extra Info: Specs available online: https://www.lexicon.com/productdetail/~/product/mc-4.html Pictures:
  10. Item: Yamaha Power Amplifier - PC1002 - 100 W x 2 Location: Sydney, NSW. Price: $325 neg. Item Condition: Working well, some cosmetic wear. Formerly used by the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Reason for selling: Too many toys, time to let this one go. Completely passively cooled, which makes for excellent quiet operation. Payment Method: Pickup with cash payment. Extra Info: Power capacity 2x100w into 8Ω, 2x150w into 4Ω Passively cooled, no fans required for totally silent operation db calibrated input attenuators Frequency response 10Hz~50kHz Total harmonic distortion 0.05% Damping factor 70 Signal to noise ratio 110dB Dimensions WxDxH 480x337x140mm Weight 15.5kg Pictures:
  11. Item: Marantz SR-4200 AV Receiver / Integrated Amplifier Location: Eastern Suburbs, Sydney. NSW Price: $90 Item Condition: Great Working Condition. Sounds fantastic in Pure Direct stereo mode. Reason for selling: Clearing a few things out. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only. Extra Info: Pictures:
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