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  1. Further information: Up for sale is my Anthem AVM60 processor. Unit is approx 11-12 months old and is in excellent condition. Includes ARC kit and all original accessories, manuals. Full product details and specs available from Anthem - https://www.anthemav.com/products-archived/model=avm-60/page=overview Dolby Atmos® DTS:X™ ARC™ Anthem Room Correction 4 Speaker Profile Memories Quad Core Digital Signal Processing Two Sub Out Jacks (parallel) Premium 32-bit / 768 kHz Differential-Output D/A Converters Wir
  2. HI Spizz oh they are so good, i honesty thought that these panels were only going to make a 2 -4% difference. its the best and most necessary upgrade. if you spend say $3 -5 k on up grading to new speaker you will hear a difference in loudness and more punch but everything that is wrong with that room is unknown to you and in way blocks you from hearing the true sound track. If you then clean up the sound with these panels. you will hear things in the movie or song you did not know were even there. in my experience these panels clean up the sound on a 2
  3. Further information: glass tv and av cabinet, top shelf holds 45kg the other 27kg thats a lot. 2300mm width and 550 high
  4. Further information: this table is fantastic for home cinema rooms or to put by your seat in living room . the bottom shelf lights up and can be dim. we are in liverpool
  5. Further information: i have 9 Vicoustic round which is 1 more than you get new in box in black Note : i moved form one house with home theater to another house and have left over Vicoustic cinema round and bass traps (2) and wavewood (6) left over. obviously these panels dont ever wear out performance wise , so works like new and are in a like new condition. no need to buy the whole box ,you can buy in amounts of 2 , Here is what i have at the moment. if you never used acoustic panel before your in for a treat, If you dont know how or where to put them i can give you a ha
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