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  1. Hi, Very interested in both. Will send PM. Thanks.
  2. Don't want to hijack your thread but here a few bits and pieces. Clearly taking some inspiration from the ATC SCM50. This is my second build. Some quick thoughts. Thinking about decreasing the port from 4" to 3" (should be a few more low Hz and will look better), will upgrade mid caps to silver or superior z-caps (need to tune crossover first (LR2 approx 280 and 2800 with no true resistors yet), will pay someone to cut baffle, need more power (thinking Vincent SP 331MK to go with my SA-31MK).
  3. Wow, just wow. DIY at its best. Beautiful design to top notch workmanship. You must be extremely satifisfied. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to get back to my 100L 3 way (1", 5", 10") scanspeak revelator/discovery and jantzen project this weekend.
  4. Not sure where to post this. Not mine, but James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) has 11 of these towers doing their thing in a NY warehouse. Friend is there now.
  5. Missed out on the sale but picked up a discounted silver SA-31MK pre. Should arrive before the weekend. I've had a PHO-8 for a while which is great. Its price to performance ratio and the positive reviews and comments about Vincent gear suggests I'm in for a treat. Just need find a SP-331MK power amp, or monos..
  6. I bought one of these about a year ago and I'm quite happy with it. It is my first separate phono stage (was using a mixer) and for the money it would be hard to go past. Good clarity, tight bass and crisp highs but it lacks warmth and can be a little forward and analytical at times. To address this I run a Yaqin CD3 tube buffer after it which results in a very pleasant all round sound. To my ears the MM section is much better than the MC (no loading options). I was running a 2M Silver cart through the MM section, then got DL-301 MK2 for the MC. The improvement was about 10% which I was a bit disappointed with. I put a Little Bear head amp between the TT and the MM section and the improvement is about 20% compared to the 2M Silver. In hindsight I should of looked for a sub $1k tube phono, but it's been a fun journey and I'm happy with where my setup is at.
  7. Yep, SMSL DACs have a great performance to price ratio. I've been running a Chromecast connected to a SMSL Sanskrit for about 18 months and I'm still happy with it.
  8. Yep. I can't think of a track with more kick slam than this. Definitely not a track to play in the wee hours.
  9. Mos Def - I Against I Massive Attack - Paradise Circus Stavroz - The Finishing Mano La Tough - Everything You've Done Before
  10. First post here apart from the intro section. Put a DL-301 Mk2 on my Pro-Ject Xpression. It replaced a 2m Silver and I'm very happy.
  11. Hi All Long time reader, first time poster. Often find myself reading the classifieds dreaming about future components. I appreciate the quality discussions and insights here. Anyway, my journey started about a year ago when I had to part ways with some big old boomy floorstanders. Replaced them with some bookshelfs, then "needed" a new amp, then a new turntable.. Now I'm DIY'ing interconnects and isolation platforms - you know how it goes! My system is nothing fancy but I'm really happy with it and it's constantly evolving My townhouse setup: KEF Q300, NAD C326BEE Integrated, SVS SB-1000 sub, Pro-ject 1xpression turntable with 2M Silver cartridge, Vincent Pho-8 phono stage, Yaquin tube buffer, SMSL DAC, Chromecast and DIY low cap interconnects. I have a DL-301 Mk2, counterweight and cheapo head amp on the way.. I probably have about 250 records and a Tidal account. I listen to wide range of music and recently I've been enjoying Americana, country and some down tempo electronica. Current test tracks including Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing and Beck - The Golden Age on the turntable, Stavoz - The Finishing and Mano Le Tough - Everything Done Before for digital. - Abstract
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