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  1. Does anyone have experience of Bluetooth keyboards that are fully compatible with this Samsung TV. I realise that Samsung advertise their own BT keyboard but I can't find a source here in Melbourne (!) I know there are several Logitech BT options - I just want to be sure it will be functional! I have tried to use a conventional wireless keyboard (Logitech with USB dongle) but this only gives very limited functionality - no characters or numerals!! Any comments or advice would be appreciated
  2. To late i'm afraid.... I went with the samsung. In a side by side comparison, Samsung NU8000 and Hisense P7 with FTA HD I though the Samsung definitely had the edge over the Hisense. A very close call - it could have gome either way...
  3. Hello, Good to get back on topic... I watch mainly FTA HD for news and sport and Netflix for entertainment. I have just purchase the Samsung NU8000 55" with an additional 1 year Warranty for $1783 so hopefully I will be satisfied. I will upgrade my Netflix account to get the higher definition as I have a very fast NBN connection with unlimited download Thanks for all the input - much appreciated Malcolm
  4. I have an urgent need to replace my defunct Panasonic Viera 50" Plasma which has died. I want to replace it with a 55" LED LCD but not going as far as OLED at this point. My current thoughts are: Hisense 55P7 Samsung NU 8000 LG Super 55SK8000PTA The Hisense gets good reviews, has a 3 year Warranty and seems good value but I don't know much about the brand The Samsung seems to have all the "bells and whistles" but is perhaps a little over complex for someone who just wants a conventional TV with a good picture The LG picture quality looks good but the price seems relatively high I am leaning towards the Hisense Any views / comments would be appreciated as I have to have a replacement TV ASAP
  5. Thanks for that..... much useful and potentially relevant information I am about to commence the renovation of a Unit 4 Playmaster amplifier ( I haven't received it yet but have photos) and it has OP412 OPTs. I can deduce the primary connections from the amplifier schematic but I'm interested in knowing what secondary tap has been used. Looking more carefully at the photos I think I have answered my own question as the secondary windings are terminated in solder tags which are hopefully labelled although this is not clear on the photos. Guess I will have to wait until I have the amplifier in my hands - just being impatient as usual Thanks again
  6. I am trying to find the wiring diagram for the subject transformer with no success so far - can anyone help? Cheers,
  7. Very nice Robin. Can you tell me the speed of the motor and how long you rotate the record in the cleaning solution. I certainly plan to build one... Thanks
  8. I realise this is an old thread and I have just joined this forum but is there a reason that I can't find/see any pictures......
  9. I have a Hauppauge Win TV Nova TD 500 tuner card, with WinTV8 software - is this capable of handling the new Channel 9 and Channel 7 HD channels (in Melbourne) which I understand are in H.264 format? I have not been able to find any definitive info on this although from the results (black screen) it seems that the answer is no... Assuming the answer to be no then what cards are available to handle these channels Cheers
  10. Thanks beejay76 and stormAV for your responses. I have done exactly as you suggest. SoundBar is fine with Dolby D, SPDIF set to Auto and Down mix set to 2 channel PCM stereo - there is no Off setting for Down Mix Thanks again Cheers
  11. Hi, I am no expert and need advice on the correct audio set up for my system. I have a Panasonic TH-P50V20A plasma TV which is connected to a Yamaha YAS-101 Soundbar via the optical output of the TV. I have a Panasonic DMP-BDT 220 Blu-Ray Player connected to the TV via HDMI. I am confused by the various settings available for the audio of each unit and want to ensure that I am getting the best possible combination for the Blu-Ray player For the TV I have options for Digital Audio Preference - Dolby D or MPEG; SPDIF Selection - Auto or PCM; and MPEG Optical level The Soundbar basically accepts the optical digital signal output from the TV The Blu-Ray Player audio output is via HDMI to the TV and I have options to control the PCM Down Conversion (?) plus a Downmix option for multi channel to 2 channel sound (?) I don't understand these Downmix settings... Can someone please give me some guidance on how to get the optimum result from this set up Cheers & Thanks
  12. Thanks for all your comments - much appreciated. I think I will go with a a completely new surround sound system to prevent compromising either my present system, which sounds great with stereo audio - vinyl and cd or the "new" surround setup. Thanks again for all your input
  13. Hi, I have a Panasonic Viera THP50V20A TV which has multiple inputs and I currently let it do all the switching of various inputs which include DVD player (HDMI), VCR (Component), WDTV Live Hub (HDMI) and Laser Disc Player (S-Video). I am happy with the performance of all video inputs with the possible exception of the Laser Disc Player which is probably limited by the S-Video connection but alas, there is no alternative. As far as audio is concerned for watching TV I just use the TV sound and for DVD and WDTV Live Hub I use the analogue output of the TV through my stereo system plus the TV sound at a reduced level. The stereo consists of a Luxman L410 amplifier coupled with an original Bose Acoustimas X speaker system which includes the sub-woofer. The sound using the stereo with DVD's is good, primarily because the sub-woofer provides the TV's missing bass. I would like to experiment with 5.1 sound but not particularly keen to buy a new AV Receiver - cost and lack of space are an issue - and I don't need the video switching capacity as the TV together with a Logitech Harmony One remote do this really well. I have many spare speakers - Celestion Ditton 15's and Heybrook Monitors but nothing really suitable as a centre speaker. I also have several spare amplifiers - a monobloc 2 channel 100w and a Leak Stereo 30. I have considered buying a second hand Cyrus AV-5 preamp as the cheapest way forward using my stereo (Luxman plus Bose) as the front left and right speakers as the speakers are unobtrusive and well placed each side of the TV and the monobloc 2 channel plus Heybrook's for the rear left and right. Not sure what to do about the centre channel or the sub-woofer.... as yet Is this a worthwhile plan or should I "bite the bullet" and invest in a separate 5.1 audio system for the TV? I would really appreciate any comments or advice
  14. The first one, which displayed 4:3 was One Foot in the Grave recorded off 7TWO. The second one, which did display "correctly" (16:9) was Mountains with Grif Rhys Jones recorded off ABC 1. However I may have found a partial solution in that the opening Title screen of One Foot in the Grave appears to be displaying in 16:9 and then reverts to 4:3 once the program gets under way. Could this be the reason? Thanks for your interest and comments, much appreciated...
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