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  1. Don't leave out Danny Kirwan Billy Thorpe almost became a FMer Mick Fleetwood's Zoo with Billy Thorpe (I think the current band is more of a Zoo band than FM)
  2. country music Shirley you cant be serious on a HiFi site..................... My favourite Australian Country Music song is
  3. Gangnam Style - Psy > Stylus- Summer breeze > in the Summertime> Billy Thorpe > Aztecs - Most People I know think I'm crazy > Crazy Horse - Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) > Back In Back- AC/DC> Electric Boogaloo- Soul Train
  4. Yé ké yé ké > Dayo Dayo> Banana Boat (song) > Six Months on a Leaky> Save A drowning Witch> - Zappa
  5. Well you could just adapt the cross overs and made it work. Minus the car speakers
  6. Why not just stack a pair two ways on top some three ways lol Be a hell of a lot easier and you could go Six way with two three ways sets
  7. My first good cart (which I've still got) is a Joe Grado Signature 8m MI (moving Iron) kinda like a MM but different. When new it was a very sweet thing, I've got a new Stylis on it but it doesn't give me the same sound it used too back in the eighties
  8. You are going to re open the "Is this knob to big? " thread again https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/252840-is-this-knob-to-big/
  9. I'll stick to my $50 buck Spey side swill and cheap Cigars- they go hand in hand and I don't want to spoil the balance
  10. Ok I go further, John Farnham Oh and Bobby Brown (made a nice Zappa song thru- maybe that is what he is named after ie the Zappa song lol)
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