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  1. Hi what a really nice system, and great to hear so reliable - it doesn't really surprise me - I had a Rotel 970 pre, 970 phono stage, and 970 power amps running in mono in the mid 90's .They are very musical and this vintage Rotel is way underrated gear - I went to audition a Cyrus 6 amplifier and was told by the Cyrus dealer that to improve on my system i would need to hear a Cyrus 8 plus PSX (about 4 times the price); which was what i heard too. cheers
  2. Hi, how interesting, we share similar taste in music genres , and I also have preference for vinyl having owned Linn LP 12's for 14 years and currently having Technics SP10 mk 2 built with an acrylic plinth. I still own my 2017 LP 12 - for me the biggest thing about vinyl is the connection to the songs; I am impressed by digital but once I get started listening to music on the Linn I can't stop until I have to go to sleep. I want to see if the Technics is the same.
  3. Hi, what do think of the RS 2? Not cheap but looks like something built to last, and less likely to have problems in the long term due to the top loading mechanism, hence keen to hear your opinion. Nice system by the way. cheers Cameron
  4. thanks very much Mat-with-one-t, I am corresponding with John Doe as we speak. Appreciate you looking out for us. cheers Cameron
  5. Hi, great - I will PM you. cheers Cameron
  6. Item: Supratek Preamplifier - ideally Cortese or Cabernet Price Range: Market rate Item Condition: Used but prefer recent / current version and must be in very good / mint condition Extra Info: Prefer preamplifier with XLR / balanced output option as well as RCA's outs. Happy to pay for insured postage, eg pack and send, and would prefer payment via paypal (unless item is local to Brisbane area and I can collect)- I will pay the paypal charges
  7. Hi Mike, count me in cheers Cameron
  8. Hi, been reading a lot of positive things about these but almost no reviews- is anyone running them and if so what do you think? I have a Master 1 preamplifier which I am impressed with and could be tempted, but as you have to order direct from Audio GD you can't hear before you buy. cheers
  9. Hi if you were thinking of spending $15 to $20k on a pair of speakers do yourself a massive favour and buy these. In my opinion , and after two years of unsuccessfully trying to find commercially available floor and stand mount speakers that sounded like real music, these were my choice. They sound bigger, more open, more resolved and go DEEPER more clearly (the bass depth and resolution is in a different league to any other speaker I heard regardless of floor or stand mount - unless you hear a Lenehan ML5). These are extremely natural sounding and started me on the trail of finding equipment that is judged on its ability to sound like real instruments and musicians and not like a Hi Fi system at all. I have owned mine for 4 years and am still gobsmacked by the level of involvement that they bring to music - you stop thinking about the fact that they have a huge soundstage, are flat to 30Hz, can resolve the finest detail at the back of the sound stage without any brightness, don't have a sweet spot - they sound great across a wide seating area etc etc. Buy these and it will be a looong time before you have to upgrade your speakers. Did I mention that I think they are good:) GLTWS cheers Cameron
  10. Radio enthusiasts will be foaming at the mouth - these are legendary - reputation as one of the best tuners ever made.
  11. Hi Markm1111, thanks very much for posting and appreciate your offer, but will stick to a matching black cd player. cheers Cameron
  12. Item:Pro-ject Maia, DS or CD Box SE must be BLACK Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Wanted matching Pro-Ject CD player to match Pro-Ject Maia DS amplifier (Dimensions (WxHxD) 206 x 72 x 150 mm) - just needs to match the 206mm width.
  13. Hi Nil, Fantastic to hear how you got on - thanks very much for keeping us al in the loop. I haven't heard a Consonance amplifier yet but they have a great reputation. cheers Cameron
  14. Hi, as someone who bought a pair of valve monoblocs to try to see if I would like them, I agonised over the same question for years as you, until I made the leap. My recommendation is give this a try - there has been some great advice and personal experience above - I owned a Musical Fidelity KW (which the valve monoblocs replaced - I owned them side by side and kept what I preferred) and recently tried a PS Audio BHK Signature 250 stereo power amplifier (a kind local dealer lent me one to try) and my Cymer M160's (now with KT120's) have a better sense of a real musical event happening (it wasn't all one way). Against all normal thinking I find that they have a greater sense of real instruments (great midrange and sweet clear treble, which is expected from valves) with bass that sounds like real bass instruments (tight, clean , textured, natural - which is not - according to common thinking). To me, valve amplifiers don't sound like hi fi, they sound like real instruments and singers. I played bass in bands (hobby / semi professional) for 20 years both live and in studios - to me, and based on what I have heard to date; valves get closer to real music and instruments. Good luck with your search. cheers Cameron
  15. Hi, I have one along with a Linn LP12 (relatively recent build) and a Technics SP 10 mk2 (which is waiting to be built into an acrylic plinth - I bought it as I was so impressed with the sound quality of the SL10), and I think it is a very good turntable with great ease of use and sound quality comparable to a Rega PP3. Mine has the original Technics EPC310MC cartridge, which is very good sounding - the turntable has great clarity and the diction with vocals is especially noteworthy. I would be really interested to hear how you go with Linear DC power supply - I don't know anything about them but keep us updated if you do try one. cheers Cameron
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