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  1. Hi, here is my Linn - it has a few modifications listed below: Plinth / circus / new motor - 2017 vintage Vinyl Passion Unity One subchassis / armboard / brace / top plate SRM tech LP Upgrade kit including acrylic baseboard Mounted on RDC cones / soundeck constrained layer damping plates Origin Live Conqueror Mk2 Audio Technica ART 9 MC cartridge isokinetic Power supplywer Supply
  2. Hi, as new Foilflex RCA owner, I agree wholeheartedly with these comments. I compared them with Osborne Silverlink and Aurealis R1 Dragon Silver /Copper RCA's (both of which I also own) and found that the Foilflex just made the music make sense; they have very strong dynamic ability which means that when there is a solo (guitar / sax / etc) you can hear the notes the instrument is playing as it starts the solo and also the notes at the end of the solo after it finishes - these are the notes that are normally buried under other instruments. It makes the music sound very real and is not a hi fi style of delivery. They have a very natural delivery of detail - it is all there but is delivered in a way that just sounds right - just the way a real instrument sounds. I now have two pairs and I am sure that more will follow. they make it very difficult to use anything else. Vivianbl, I am keen to hear how you get on with the Foilflex as a tonearm cable, as I am now figuring if I can do the same with my Origin Live Conqueror Mk2. I saw your initial thoughts, how is the tonearm cable settling in? One thing that is very important with the Foilflex is running in - the difference between a stone cold Foilflex new out of the box (which sound very good) and a run in cable with 60plus hours on it (which sound amazing) is considerable in my experience. The increase in resolution through the mid and top is significant. These cables just make you want to listen to music - which is what this is all about - a strong a recommendation as you can get. cheers Cammyboy
  3. Item: Musical Fidelity KW 250s all in one Location:Brisbane Price: $2500 - open to sensible offers Item Condition:Very good condition Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Fabulous all in one, Musical Fidelity kW250s unit - Ken Kessler of Hi Fi World described this as a full high end system in a box, which was exactly Musical Fidelity's intent. Very highly reviewed - refer online reviews. Happy to demonstrate for serious buyers. Amplifier: 250W into 8 Ohms; 400W into 4ohms; hybrid valve preamplifier and high quality phono stage (same circuitry and identical sound to the KW 500 amplifier according to Anthony Michaelson of Musical Fidelity) CD player: 24 bit 192k up sampling - jitter < 132pS Tuner: DAB / FM iPod input Pre Amp output Fantastic sound, providing a tight rhythmic dynamic open spacious sound (which you would expect from a hybrid valve preamp) , with a very deep clean controlled bass line. The kW250s handles difficult loads, and can handle low sensitivity speakers with absolute ease. You will not be disappointed with the sound or performance of this Musical Fidelity unit. Remote and owners manual included; and I think I still have the original box. This unit is in very good condition and is 100% functional and is fault free, except from the end of the aerial (aerial still works) - see photos . Any additional information, please e-mail me. Original retailed at AUS $13,000 / £5000. PLEASE note: Shipment is possible but will be expensive and at the buyers expense, this unit is very heavy weighing around 70lbs / 30kg. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Hi I'll take these if they are still available- pm sent. cheers Cameron
  5. hi, are these collection only or would you post / courier to Brisbane ,Qld? cheers Cameron
  6. I may have missed it, but can't discuss top Australian made equipment without mentioning Lenehan Audio speakers; I own ML 2 references plus Foilflex speaker cables and these products are class leading and exceptional. And I am not even Australian!
  7. Hi AJ, yes indeedy - it is pretty difficult to live without them once you have heard them. Mike got them sprayed the same colour as the speakers for me. cheers Cameron
  8. Hi I really enjoyed the GTG yesterday - it was great to meet everyone. The sound was awesome from all the gear including the interconnects (Mike's and Keith's) It was also really interesting to hear the Quad 2912's, which sounded nice on the classical pieces once they had settled down a bit, although I prefer the sound of Mikes speakers overall. I have attached a few pics of the day and of my own set up. cheers Cameron
  9. hi Mike, count me in - looking forward to the "bake off" cheers Cameron
  10. Hi, I have had these in my system for a couple of weeks now; these cables sound wonderful - the difference over the DNM cables is massive with the see through natural clarity from top to bottom being a highlight. Imaging is more spacious, and bass in particular has a power and resolution that is breathtaking. They do what all of Mikes gear does - they draw you into the performance so that you forget about the equipment and get absorbed in the music- pretty much the highest recommendation you can give. Anyone who thinks cables only make a subtle difference needs to hear these. Tremendous value for money and simply a bargain at the price. cheers
  11. HI, just adding to my post above re the Spring isolation system; one thing I found really interesting was that Mike notes that the AMG Toppers still improve the sound on the spring system. I have a pair of Toppers on my ML2's and bought them after Mike lent me them to try - once heard it is very difficult to go back to living without them. It must be that the extra inertia still does its thing, with the springs providing the isolation to the drivers / cabinets. Hi Johannes - I think we met at Mikes a year or two ago; I dropped in for a casual chat and you were there - thanks for supplementing my post and look forward to catching up again at a future GTG. cheers Cameron
  12. Hi, I have been fortunate enough to get a demonstration of the new Foilteks at Mikes factory this weekend. I have owned DMN solid core cable for 30 years, buying them after trying Linn, Naim and QED solid core cables in a back to back shoot out on my own system at home. Fast forward nearly 30 years, and now wishing to upgrade my cables, I have since tried some Atlas hyper something or other ($1500 for 2.5m ) cables in my current system a couple of years ago, and did not find any improvement. Around the same time, Mike lent me a set of Ribbonteks and I much preferred them to my DMN's. The issue was two fold, Mike reckoned the 4m length I needed was starting to push the Ribbontek design, and the other was that he had started to develop a new design that was significantly better than the Ribbontek and would not have issues with the 4m length I need. Fast forward two years and I have placed an order for the Foilteks. What did I hear? A sense of naturalness; that ability for a system to just sound right - tremendous imaging width, depth and focus, the ability to hear all of the instruments all of the time;deep, clear bass, voices that a clear and natural with no sibilance. The DMN's are great for the money, but just sound small and like they are struggling with the detail, voices sound sibilant, bass does not extend as far nor does it have the same clarity. I can't wait until the Foilteks are built and I can get them in my system. Mike also let me hear the new spring isolation concept that he has been working on - THIS IS A GAME CHANGER - it is difficult to describe the improvement - almost surround sound imaging, stunning vocal clarity, details I had never heard before on tracks I have listened to for years. Consider me a confirmed order when the ML2 plus stands version goes into production. My system is Linn Sondek LP 12 (Isokinetik power supply, Vinyl Passion subchassis /armboard, Origin Live Conqueror Mk2 tonearm, AT ART 9 cart), Musical Fidelity KW250S, Lenehan Audio ML2 Reference speakers plus stands, Russ Andrews cables, power blocks, silencers, zapperators, superclamp all on a dedicated power supply with MCRU mains cable - sounds really great. cheers Cammyboy0_0
  13. Hi,same question from me too - could this upgrade be undertaken on ML2 reference? What is the order or cost? cheers
  14. Cammyboy0_0


    On ?10?/?9?/?2016 at 2:58 PM, ljmac said: I was hoping for an ML2 Ltd/Magnesium Ltd/ML5 shoot out - I find it hard to imagine any speaker could be a better all-rounder than the ML2 Ltds - they sound great with everything, and I have a very diverse music collection, both musically and sonically. From your description it sounds like the Magnesium is better hi-fi, while the ML5 is more musical. When your taste is as diverse as mine though, the utter neutrality and very even balance of hi-fi and musicality of the ML2 Ltd is a huge plus. But who knows, I might like one of the others even more when I hear them. It will happen after the capacitor shootout. As well as old ML3.s Thanks Bill HI, I would be interested in attending this GTG when it happens. I own a pair of Maserati blue ML2 refs with Mikes stands and AMG Toppers and like many others on the forum have a very wide taste in music. Mikes speakers work because they sound simply like real instruments and voices (I played in bands for 20years so have spent plenty of time next to real instruments and musicians, both live and in studios), and I spent two years looking for and hearing many different speakers before I bought the ML2's (which stood out as being miles better than any other commercially available speaker that I had heard). I have heard ML2 Limiteds, and ML3T but not the original ML3 or the newer versions / developments, and also really keen to hear the new Foiltek cables. cheers Cameron
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