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  1. The VAS, resonant freq and QTS are quite similar on the Vifa and the Peerless drivers that I linked to which I why I pointed them out. But good luck with your search.
  2. Hi, have you seen a PR used with this kit? Just wondering as generally PR's are used to alleviate issues where very low tuning frequencies are required in smallish boxes. The PR gets around the need for a very long / large area port when a low tuning point and small enclosure are required in a design. Where higher SPL's need to be produced, a larger port gets around issues of turbulence and compression in the port. As a function of increasing the area of the port for a given tuning frequency, the port then needs to be made longer. There are some commercial cases of
  3. Yes and the ones floating around generally hold their value quite well too. Set aside quite a bit of time. Fun reading though.
  4. Or just be done with it and get a Pass Labs XA25............
  5. It's a good idea to look at your system prior to getting a First Watt. Speaker sensitivity and system gain and on the flipside of this, how loud you like to listen to music are the primary considerations when short listing a FW amp. Some First Watt gear is designed with specific speaker matching in mind as well so have a look at the product page linked to below. That's not meant to be a criticism of FW by the way. Just stating was Nelson Pass points out himself on his site; https://www.firstwatt.com/prod.html Mark
  6. Further information: An Isoclean 24K Gold Plated Audio Grade Fuse 6mm x 31.8mm 3Amp- new and in box. NLR as the device I used it in is gone. https://6moons.com/audioreviews/isoclean3/fuses.html Manufacturer's blurb: Improves - Transparency - Details - Airy Spacious Sound Stage - Extends Top and Bottom Octaves Photos:
  7. Worth paying postage I reckon. Assuming you get no local offers to do the same. freightexchange.com.au have always been good for interstate freight for me and well priced
  8. Further information: Up for sale, 1X Synergistic Research Orange Fuse rated at 3.15A Slow Blow large size 6.3 X 32 mm. New in box. Unused as it was not needed in my system. Wil suit most Pass Labs stuff and some Prima Luna, as well as other gear around the 3.15A rating. about $230 from the US shipped. Photos:
  9. Further information: I recently spent some serious coin on high end cables and I need get rid of some. This is an excellent cable with great resolution and is really smooth (forget what you've heard about pure silver). Solid silver conductors, hand wrapped in teflon. Bespoke Pure copper locking connectors. They let the signal through with very little loss and colouration so they won't act a tone-control but they will fit into a high end system. RRP about $900 https://silversonic.com/reviews/revelation-positive-feedback/ http://www.soundstagenetwork.com/revequi
  10. This one might work too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Peerless-830668-10-Paper-Cone-SLS-Subwoofer-/173950850505 In both cases, these woofers are a little bit larger in diameter than the Vifa so if they are recessed into the baffle and there is little or no gap around them then you might have to modify the baffle. Do you have any details of the kit?
  11. Allen, If you have issues finding either of these woofers, which I think will be the case, there are some Scanspeak discovery 10" units that might be worth looking at as possible drop-in replacements. Mark
  12. No jack but it can be done - https://help.devialet.com/hc/en-us/articles/203402451-How-to-connect-headphones-on-an-Expert-
  13. Further information: Just to explain what this is. PS Audio had their LAN Rover USB "extender" which essentially packetised the USB input and sent it via ethernet to an output at the other end. The benefit (apart from being able to send USB over really distances) what there there was galvanic isolation between the source and your DAC. It was widely known at the time that the LAN Rover was out that PS Audio in fact used rebranded version of the Icron USB / Ethernet extender. This unit has some improvements over the LAN Rover and the older Icron unit because it uses Fibr
  14. Well that's a bit Schiit. Talking of Schiit... A tiny bit over your price point. It can be switched from active (Tube) to passive (ultra low distortion in this mode). Has a remote (yeah!) and a stepped resistor system instead of a potentiometer. Only draw back is that you really need an amp' that has 30kohm+ input impedance. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-schiit-saga-tube-pre-amp.6520/
  15. WHITE-ANTING - Members posting nuisance replies (criticism of products or pricing either up or down, off topic discussions etc) will result in their posts being deleted, and possible warnings/suspension. You may not make any post which may potentially undermine the sale, including questioning the price being too cheap or too expensive, starting rumours about the provenance of the unit, adding negative comments to an advertisement in order to prevent it being sold or to create doubt as to the sellers intentions or actions. If you have concerns, either contact the Mod team, or contact the Seller
  16. Found one- https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649641212-rotel-rb-1070-power-amplifier-and-preamp/images/2809323/ https://www.manualslib.com/manual/853127/Rotel-Rc-1070.html?page=9#manual Of course you might be able to do the same in Roon / DIRAC using a very low Q parametric peak. This article talks about "Q" https://www.presonus.com/learn/technical-articles/What-Is-a-Parametric-Eq
  17. I remember that the VAF's were based on a design philosophy of minimal crossover components. The DCX speakers had (from memory) a single capacitor to the tweeter and a smallish inductor to the woofers. As a result the frequency response of the speakers definitely tipped up from the lower to the higher frequency range. As the DCX series evolved, I remember that the designer added a resistor to the tweeter to "pad" the high frequencies a bit. Can't find any freq response graphs on google but I remember reading the tests over the years in Australian HIFI which I read regularly. Anyway, that
  18. Further information: Up for sale, an Atlas Mavros Ultra Grun USB cable with A/B connections. 1 meter length. This cable is in excellent condition and is about 7 months old. I'm the 2nd owner. I bought this to try it against the Wireworld Platinum USB cable, because I have this itch to try things out. It was very close. As with a lot of high end cable comparisons, we start getting into matters of taste rather than absolute performance. This cable has all the detail, bass clarity and dynamics of the WW. It is not etched or glary or over smooth and buttery (a lot of USB cables
  19. Further information: Up for sale, 1X Synergistic Research Orange Fuse rated at 3.15A Slow Blow large size 6.3 X 32 mm. New in box. Unused as it was not needed in my system. Wil suit most Pass Labs stuff and some Prima Luna, as well as other gear around the 3.15A rating. Photos:
  20. The SVS units are operating at the 2.4GHz frequency band so the same range as WIFI. Yes, the Entreq made a difference. Sort of the opposite of the Telos. Added smoothness and more musical coherence. Still lowered the grunge though. A good counter balance to the Telos
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